‘sMothered’ exclusive: Meet the adorable baby that surprised one family

Warning: This story contains spoilers from Sunday’s Season 2 finale of “sMothered.”

TLC’s hit reality series “sMothered,” co-produced by The Post, follows mother-and-daughter duos with outrageously tight bonds.

The Season 2 finale, which aired Sunday night, came with a surprise development for Las Vegas pair Sunhe, 52, and Angelica, 32: Angelica announced that she had a baby on the way.

The baby has since been born — on June 10. The verdict? It’s a girl, named Amara.

“It was actually my mom who named Amara,” Angelica told The Post exclusively. “I know she wanted to have an A for me — Angelica — and a J for [the baby’s father] Jason. We were just going through names and she liked Amara. We didn’t want something that was too common or too unique so it would be too weird. It means eternal or shooting star in Arabic.”

The baby’s middle name is Jael, a Biblical figure who is a “warrior — she killed a king to deliver Israel,” Angelica said. “So the name itself is very strong. We wanted my daughter to grow up to be a strong woman.”

Sunhe and Angelica, who also appeared in Season 1, still live together, talk constantly, frequently sleep in the same bed and sometimes share bathwater. Sunhe also often joins in on Angelica’s dates with her fiancé, Jason, and joined the couple to oversee Jason’s divorce from his ex-wife.

Angelica said that Sunhe — who as grandmother wants to be called Gamma — already has a close bond with baby Amara.

“When the baby starts crying in the night, [Sunhe is with her] before I even get out of bed. By the time I’m in the room trying to nurse her or change her diaper, my mom is already there,” Angelica said. “My mom has been such a tremendous help during this whole process. I couldn’t even picture what it would be like now without my mom’s help. I feel like it has brought us closer, if that was even possible, just seeing how she loves my baby so much.

“I can see how her and I have developed over the years. Watching her with my daughter is simply amazing.”

“sMothered” will air two special episodes, titled “sMothered Knows Best,” following up on Season 2 at 10 p.m. Aug. 2 and 9 on TLC.

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