Snoop Dogg Eyeing Death Row Records

The ‘Doggystyle’ rapper hopes to run his former record label and add some new acts from West Coast, years after leaving the music company in 1998 following the release of his two albums.

AceShowbizSnoop Dogg wants to take over his former record label Death Row.

The rapper released his first two albums on Suge Knight‘s label in the mid-1990s before leaving for Master P‘s No Limit Records in 1998.

Now the hitmaker he’d like to start his career as a music mogul there – and that could be a distinct possibility.

“I think all of Death Row should be in my hands,” Snoop told Gillie Da Kid and Wallo on a new episode of “Million Dollaz Worth of Game”. “I should be running that s**t… I helped create that.”

“I think they should give me that and let me run that s**t… (Add) some new west coast acts.”

The label is currently run by bosses at New York-based private equity firm The Blackstone Group, but Snoop has heard through the rap grapevine the company might be available soon.

“It’s just a lot of heat over there and it’s not being handled right, but a little birdie told me it may fly my way and if it do, you’ll get everything that I told you… If I can get Def Jam poppin’, what could I do with Death Row? Just imagine that.”

Snoop was appointed executive creative consultant at Def Jam Recordings in June (21).

Snoop Dogg’s latest studio album is “From tha Streets 2 tha Suites” released earlier this year.

The rapper is also tapped for 50 Cent‘s new series “Black Mafia Family“.

50 Cent recently said he struggled to get Snoop to stop smoking weed on set. “I’d tell him, ‘Don’t smoke,’ and he said, ‘Why do you wanna ruin my day? It’s legal. Why do you come here? Why do you wanna bother me?’ “

“He’s not even getting high – you’ve gotta be sober to get high. He’s just sustaining his feelings… but (he nailed) every line… He said, ‘I’ve been doing this since Jaws was a goldfish!’ “

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