Special needs puppy will be put to sleep if charity can't raise money for vet

A tiny pug puppy with special needs is at risk of being put to sleep if a charity can’t raise enough money to cover the vet bills.

Reggie and his brother Ronnie were handed over to animal charity Breeds In Need within 24 hours of being born. Both have cleft palates and Reggie also has a misshapen head and a suspected hiatal hernia.

The siblings, now 11 weeks old, need a raft of expensive veterinary procedures if they are to survive and thrive. Ruth Sanderson, 30, and Sally Turzanski 28, the co-founders of Breeds In Need, are now pleading for donations to help save their lives.

‘Reggie especially wasn’t quite right and was regurgitating, something dangerous in cleft puppies,’ says Ruth.

‘Our vets tried a variety of medications but decided that further tests were needed and suspected a type of hernia where the abdomen organs move into the chest.’

X-rays showed that Reggie had a hiatal hernia, which is the abnormal movement of part of the stomach from its normal position in the abdomen into the chest.
A vet suggested that he should be put to sleep to avoid the high costs of treatment.

‘He was not and is not in any pain so we felt that to put him to sleep for the sake of money would be unethical and something we could never do,’ added Ruth.

A GoFundMe page for the dogs has so far raised £1,200 of the £3,500 target.

‘The current theory is that his parathyroid glands aren’t working properly and he will need an operation to sort this,’ explains Ruth.

‘He is going in to the vets on Wednesday 29 July for more blood tests including specialist ones to check the growth hormones and for hyperparathyroidism – which is an expensive one that has to go to a lab in Cambridge; just his last visit was over £800.

‘Some people say that they’re not worth it, but we couldn’t disagree more.’

Ronnie and Reggie both have cleft palpates, which cost £1,000 to treat each.

‘We have two choices,’ reads the fundraising page. ‘We either put Reggie to sleep now and don’t give him a chance, or we pay £1000s for a specialist vet to help him and do further investigations and operations.

‘We simply cannot end his life without doing absolutely everything that we can to save him and help him like a happy and healthy life.’

You can donate to help Reggie and Ronnie on the charity’s fundraising page.

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