Spider-Man fan who says film was ruined by baby calls for cinema child ban

Spider-Man: No Way Home is currently getting rave reviews by cinema-goers.

However, one fan said they didn't get the experience they were hoping for, as the film was "ruined" by a crying baby.

The unnamed man from the US has now called for a ban on young children in the cinema – and some parents have even agreed with him.

The man took to Reddit to explain that he was sitting just a few seats away from a couple who came to watch the new Spider-Man film at the cinema with their baby.

He said the child was constantly making noise throughout the film and claimed the mother of the baby only left the screening once, after the infant had been 'shrieking for five straight minutes'.

The man suggested that cinemas should ban babies – and this notion was surprisingly popular with parents agreeing that it's inappropriate to bring young children.

However, others argued teenagers can be just as disruptive when watching a film.

Here in the UK, many cinemas offer film screenings specifically for parents to bring their young children which have soft lighting, lower volume and free movement around the auditorium.

However the films shown are usually not rated above U or PG, with 12A films such as Spider-Man: No Way Home only available as a general screening.

The man said that parents shouldn't come to the cinema if they are unable to find a babysitter to look after their child.

Venting his annoyance, he wrote: "Just got back from seeing the new Spider-Man movie (no spoilers but it was pretty good) and maybe six seats to my left was a mother and father who had come with their baby.

"Throughout every emotional and major scene in the movie the baby was crying or screaming and frankly made the movie significantly less enjoyable.

"The mother took the baby out only once after it had been shrieking for five straight minutes, despite it constantly making noise for about 1/3 of the movie, and once she came back it started to work itself up again."

He added: "I don’t understand why you can’t get a baby sitter for your baby for the three hours you’re going to be at the movies, but instead have to bring the baby to the theatres and actively make everyone’s viewing experience worse.

"I don’t mind babies in other settings, but a f****** movie??? Let alone a loud, action movie??? Come on! Theatres really need to ban babies."

Most people seemed to agree, as one person wrote: "Why would parents want their child to be in a dark movie theatre where there is loud talking, yelling, fighting and God knows what else coming off the screen? Any baby would be terrified. "

While another added: "Some people probably highly disagree but as a mother of three, I highly agree. Young children with no patience should NOT be in a movie theatre. Especially with how much it costs people."

Despite this, one person defended parents bringing their children, writing: "Honestly. I'll take the baby over the teenagers. Baby can't help it. Parent are the a******. Not the baby. The teenagers though? They know how to f****** behave."

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