Spoilers: 8 questions we have after Part 3 of Neighbours' 35th anniversary

Neighbours’ 35th anniversary is well underway, and the third day of celebrations — which also happens to be the Channel 5 soap’s actual anniversary — was it’s most explosive yet, as the wedding expo at Lassiters provided for several more surprises, while the late-night instalment featured the first tragic demise.

Today’s afternoon visit to Ramsay Street saw Mark Brennan (Scott McGregor) tie the knot with Paige Smith (Olympia Valance) — not to mention a series of other surprises, including Sky Mangel (Stephanie McIntosh) revealing that she’s tying the knot with Lana Crawford (Bridget Neval).

Meanwhile, on the island, villainous Finn Kelly (Rob Mills) manipulated the situation to his advantage once more, while Gary (Damien Richardson) arrived ashore, as poor Prue (Denise Van Outen) died as her car exploded as a result of Finn’s wedding expo bomb.

As the third day of the celebrations comes to a close, here’s all the questions we’re left with.

Is Toadie alive?

While Prue was seemingly the first of three characters to meet a tragic end amid the celebratory week, one can’t help but wonder about Toadie’s fate.

The character was last seen at the end of last night’s episode when Finn pummelled him over the head with a boulder, before setting him out to sea in a dingy that had a hole in it, and — during tonight’s episode — the villainous man texted those back in Ramsay Street from his alleged victim’s phone in an effort to cover his tracks.

Is Toadie alive? Or has Finn actually succeeded in killing him?

Will Finn and Elly leave the island?

Finn promised Elly that he’d go with her to Sydney in an effort to track down Bea, but the pair learned that nobody would be setting sail today as a result of dangerous winds, so the question is: will he succeed in isolating Elly from her friends and thus take her off the island?

It’s certainly a possibility — that is, if somebody doesn’t discover what Finn’s up to first.

Is Des okay?

Jane (Annie Jones) ended up causing quite the scene at the Lassiter’s expo — pulling the display down on top of old flame Des Clarke (Paul Keane), and he seemigly lost consciousness as a result.

Is he okay? Or will this accident prove fatal?

Will Harlow and Bea be rescued?

Harlow stumbled upon Bea trapped down the mine and attempted to rescue her. However, she ultimately fell into the mine herself, and both she and Bea tried to come up with various ways to escape — but nothing proved successful.

Will they manage to get to safety? It’s possible — especially if Hendrix goes out looking for his missing girlfriend.

Will Gary learn about Prue’s demise?

Poor Prue poured her heart out to both Gary and Harlow during her final moments, before she opened the honeymoon box she nicked from the wedding expo in search of the champagne — having no idea that Finn had planted a bomb in it.

With Gary on the island — and Prue having not quite made it that far — will he discover what’s happened to his former fiancee?

Are Kyle and Roxy an item?

The chemistry between Kyle and Roxy has been incredibly evident ever since the pair arrived on the island — some would argue that it was even apparent prior to this — and in tonight’s episode, they finally succumbed to their desires and slept together, before promising that it was a one-time thing.

However, with such strong chemistry, will they be able to resist one another moving forward?

How will Dylan take Sky’s news?

Sky revealed to all that her secret fiancee is none other than Lana — something which came as a shock to several Ramsay Street residents. However, it’s no doubt also going to come as a shock to Dylan (Damien Bodie) — whom Sky is planning on telling in the next daytime instalment.

With Shane (Nicholas Coghlan) evidently worried — and Toadie nowhere to be found — it’s likely going to a tough pill for Dylan to swallow.

Will Gary work out what Finn is up to?

Within seconds of arriving on the island, Gary appeared to have clocked that something’s not quite right with Finn, and the subtext in each and every one of their dialogue exchanges that followed indicated that he has reason to think there’s something afoot in regards to the evil man.

As a result, could he perhaps be the one to figure out Finn’s masterplan?

Neighbours Late: Endgame continues Wednesday 18 March at 10pm on Channel 5.

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