Spoilers: Dean and Ziggy on the rocks after explosive fight in Home and Away

The Astoni family has been left reeling after Maggie’s (Kestie Morassi) devastating news about Marco (Tim Walter), which has left Ben (Rohan Nichol) and Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) feeling like they can’t be around her. While Ziggy lives with Dean (Patrick O’Connor), Ben struggles to be in the family home with his wife.

When Maggie tries to get through to him, it soon becomes clear to her that he can’t see a way through it. In desperation, she offers him a hall pass, and he is disgusted – is that what she thinks of him?

After becoming sick of dealing with Maggie constantly attempting to reconcile with him, Ben snaps and tells her that he will need to move out if she keeps trying to push him. Maggie is left realising that this might be the one time their marriage can’t survive an obstacle.

Meanwhile, Ziggy is stubbornly refusing to answer her mother’s calls, and the situation only gets worse when Ben takes some time out up the coast. Feeling that Maggie has torn her family apart, Ziggy refuses to engage with her.

Dean keeps trying to persuade her not to give up on her relationship with her mum, but it’s clear Ziggy doesn’t want to hear it. After a few attempts to talk to her about it, Ziggy eventually snaps and tells Dean he isn’t part of the family – he should mind his own business…

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