Spoilers: Elly loses her baby battle, Toadie's kiss and more in Neighbours

Well, what a week it is in Neighbours. Highs and lows all over the shop. From Toadie (Ryan Moloney) playing tonsil tennis with his former love, to Elly Conway (Jodi Anasta) having to say goodbye to her sweet baby.

It’s a roller coaster of emotions. Toadie will be questioning whether he’s ready to move on when he and Dee (Madeleine West) end up locking lips after a day out. But perhaps he should be a bit more wary of her than he’s being, given how close she’s becoming to her sister Andrea.

Elly faces the lowest low of anyone this week when she’s hit with a custody battle courtesy of Claudia (Kate Raison) and to her horror, she loses. Has she lost Aster forever?

Sheila (Colette Mann) is finally finding some comfort in the wake of Gary’s (Damien Richardson) death, but when Roxy (Zima Anderson) learns she’s talking to a pigeon, she might not be able to hold her tongue.

And Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) is on a mission to save her family as the rift between Harlow (Jemma Donovan) and Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) widens. Can she do it?

Here’s what’s ahead on Neighbours.

Can Terese save her family?

Things have been fraught between Paul and Harlow for weeks now and with Harlow having left the family home, Paul needs someone to make him see he needs to back down off his high horse if he has any chance of rescuing things with his granddaughter. She’s already lost so many people already. Terese decides she needs to get involved and tries to encourage Harlow to hear her out, explaining Paul didn’t bring her the assignment like he’d promised because he’d been helping a struggling Susan. Will Harlow listen and forgive?

Elly hit with devastating custody battle

Claudia has been gaining ammunition and is ready to fire – she wants to fight the Kennedys for custody of Aster and they are not ready for it when she hits them with her case. Toadie is convinced she doesn’t stand a chance, but when he goes up against her lawyer, Sam Fitzgerald, he quickly realises he’s in deep do do. Toadie is caught so off guard by their arguments that he can barely do battle against them. The court gives their decision, Claudia is awarded custody, leaving imprisoned Elly devastated. And worse, Claudia blocks the Kennedys’ visitation rights, just for good measure. Now we see where Finn’s crazy came from.

Is Dee turning to the dark side?

Having met with her sister, Dee has begun to feel some empathy for her. Andrea is missing her son Hugo, and when she asks Dee to try and get her a picture for her, she’s only too willing to help. But when the outcome of the custody hearing works against Elly and enrages Toadie, Dee realises he won’t just hand over a photo now, and so she considers resorting to alternative methods. Is she being pulled into the dark world of her sister?

Mackenzie tries to get Susan to accept help

Susan is struggling. She has been struggling to look after Aster but refuses to tell anyone. She’s feeling low and lost, and when Mackenzie catches her at the wrong moment Susan unleashes all of her bad feelings on the school girl. Susan becomes even more fragile and tries to open up to Terese, who finds it hard to comfort her friend. But when Mackenzie overhears, she approaches Susan and offers her some wise words, that she should never be ashamed to ask for and accept help. Will this be the push she needs?

Toadie and Dee kiss – but what is she up to?

Dee decides to cheer Toadie up by arranging a day out for him to take his mind off things, but the sparks start flying between the two. Before they know it, they’re locking lips, just like old times. Dee later brings up the idea of her staying more permanently in Erinsborough leaving Toadie to have to consider whether he’s ready to move on. Dipi isn’t convinced he is. But is Dee really having feelings for Toadie, or is she being dragged into something by her sister?

Sheila finds comfort in a pigeon

Like Susan, Sheila has been struggling too. She still hasn’t come to terms with Gary’s death and is trying to find her own way to cope. Roxy notices she’s developed quite an obsession with Gary the pigeon and tells Kyle of her worries, but Kyle dismisses her concerns in favour of taking the advice of his most recent fling to let Sheila grieve in her own way. Roxy can’t keep things to herself and confronts Sheila, badly upsetting her. Kyle is furious and lets rip. Is that the final nail in the coffin for these two?

Scenes air from Monday 18th May on Channel 5.

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