Spoilers: Mark and Lucy shock proposal after secret sex romp in Neighbours

There are wedding bells all over the shop in Ramsay Street at the moment, but this latest couple are two Neighbours legends rekindling their love from Erinsborough’s past. N’awww.

Mark (Bruce Samazan) and Lucy (Melissa Bell) have been enjoying reigniting their passion, but getting a bit carried away at the hotel leads them to make a huge life decision. The couple go at it in the Lassiters Office (thank goodness there aren’t any of those secret cameras around these days, eh?) and Lucy is absolutely thrilled she and Mark have taken that next step.

She’s ecstatic to fill Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) in on the gossip, but Terese is quick to kill her buzz as she points out it’s just sex until the two have the talk. Does this even have anywhere to go? Or is it just a fling? Lucy realises the same question has been bugging her too, but it’s way too soon for that kind of chat. They haven’t even had a first date.

But with it swimming round her mind, she knows she has to bring it up. And she’s surprised when he doesn’t shoot her down. In fact, he’s pretty receptive, and starts treating her like a queen, showering her with touching gestures, as he should. She’s on a total high.

So she has an even bigger question, how will they make things work when they live in different countries?

But Mark has the very answer for that, in the form of his own question – he pops the question to Lucy and asks her to be his wife.

Delighted, she accepts. Paul is shocked but happy for her. And Mark seals the deal by offering to move to New York to be with her. He’s ready for a new life.

Are these two going to be one of the couples set to get hitched during the big Neighbours special?

Scenes air from Monday 9th March at 1.45pm and 5.30pm on Channel 5.

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