Spoilers: Neighbours' Chloe to cheat on Pierce with Naomi?

Could this be a total curve ball, that Naomi (Morgana O’Reilly) succeeds in getting between Pierce (Timothy Robards) and Chloe’s (April Rose Pengilly) marriage in Neighbours by encouraging Chloe to be the one to cheat? Plot twist.

Naomi finally comes clean to Pierce about her feelings for him, despite trying to keep them to herself. Namely because she can barely stop herself ripping his clothes off every time she sees him. She promises him she’ll try and move past them so that they can all still work together without any problems, which he’s not convinced of and when Chloe finds out she is left completely perturbed by it all. But in a bid to prove Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) wrong about the whole thing, she ends up inviting Naomi over for dinner. Could that move be the start of a new flurry of feelings for Naomi and Chloe?

Naomi and Chloe have been working pretty closely together too, having been pulling together the project for the Cancer Council Morning Tea. The breast cast auction is set to be a huge draw with Ned (Ben Hall) working hard to hit the deadline. He pulls in all the help he can get, and that involves getting Chloe to do Naomi’s breast cast. Paul is chuffed by this, it’s just the ammo he needs to get at Pierce.

Frustratingly for Paul, Pierce seems unaffected when he tries to get at him with it, but little does he know, his little jibes are finding their way under Pierce’s skin.

The event hits and goes off without a hitch and everyone absolutely loves it. Chloe, Pierce and Naomi are proud of themselves.

The casts sell like hot cakes, giving the trio cause to celebrate and they end up having a few drinks in the spa. Paul takes the opportunity to tell Chloe this is what Naomi does as part of her seduction technique, and Pierce snaps.

Pierce can’t shake the feeling Paul is actually right – what if Chloe is attracted to Naomi? Naomi overhears everything and finds it a very intriguing – maybe Chloe is attracted to her after all. Could Naomi be about to use this to her advantage to break up this marriage by reeling Chloe in?

Scenes air from Monday 22nd June on Channel 5.

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