Spoilers: The truth about Robbo’s death is revealed in Home and Away

Jasmine (Sam Frost) has been going through the worst time of her life after losing her husband in a car crash which left him with fatal injuries. The funeral left her in pieces, causing her to scream at his casket that he’s a liar because he promised he would never leave her. 

Knowing how many scrapes Robbo (Jake Ryan) has gotten himself out of, Jasmine finds it hard to believe it was a car crash which killed him. She also begins questioning why nobody has talked about Scott (Trent Baines) since the accident.

Jasmine doesn’t know that Robbo’s dying wish to Colby (Tim Franklin) was that he look after her. As part of the wish, he said he didn’t want her to know it was Scott who caused the accident, due to being the AFP mole.

However, she begins to be suspicious about why Scott hasn’t been mentioned since the accident. When Lance’s (Angus McLaren) parents show up at the funeral, and Wendy (Amanda Muggleton) and Ian (Frankie J Holden) say they are going to his in a show of AFP solidarity, she wonders why Scott isn’t included.

At the wake, Jasmine goes to the balcony on Salt to have time alone. Colby goes to her and tries to calm her suspicions, but Jasmine won’t listen and knows Colby is keeping something from her. Eventually, he tells her the truth – Scott betrayed Robbo and is responsible for his death. How will Jasmine react?

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