Stacey Solomon creates a very patriotic salad in celebration of VE Day

The Friday bank holiday falls on VE Day, and it is the 75th anniversary of the end of the fight against Nazi Germany and its allies in Europe.

It was on 8 May, 1945 at 3pm that a radio announcement was made by Prime Minister Winston Churchill that the war in Europe had come to an end, following the fact that Germany had surrendered the day before.

It is cause for much celebration and Loose Women star Stacey Solomon made sure to mark the occasion in an extremely creative way.

The mother of three honoured the historic day in a rather unique way; by creating a very patriotic-looking salad.

Stacey took to her Instagram to showcase her offering which is made out chopped cherry tomatoes, cauliflower and black olives.

It was laid out in such a way that it resembles the Union Jack flag.

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This is very appropriate because on VE Day 75 years ago people flooded the streets of London wearing red, blue and white clothing to dance and celebrate, including a young Queen Elizabeth who snuck out to join in the revelry after her father King George VI greeted the nation.

The snack Stacey made was for her children as she was teaching them about the historic day and she said she “had to try and make an appropriate snack”.

However, then she told the camera: “This took me so long to put together I actually don’t want to give it to them”.

This is not the first creative snack Stacey has made during lockdown, in fact the star has made a whole host of different edible artwork.

Recently Stacey took to Instagram to share her ‘pear hedgehogs’ which are easy enough to make and all you need is a pear, some cocktail sticks and some grapes.

In the video Stacey says into the camera: “Me and the boys pear grape hedgehogs. Just need pears grapes and cocktails sticks and you’re on your way.

Her son Zachary, in the background, can be heard shouting "cocktail sticks" so Stacey captioned the video: “we are making som pear hedgehogs just to pass the time. Zach is enjoy the fact he can say COCKtail sticks without getting in trouble” [sic].

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Stacey showcased how to make the cute hedgehogs with her famed ‘tap to tidy’ method, and it looks easy enough.

All you have to do is stick the grapes onto the pear using the cocktail sticks, which she also recommends breaking in half, and then draw some eyes on. Voila!

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