Stacey Solomon raves about washing her sons’ clothes with ‘really cheap’ soap nuts to reduce eczema

Stacey Solomon has another nifty hack up her sleeve which, she believes, is a great way to prevent eczema.

The Loose Women star and mum-of-three has revealed that her top tip for laundry is actually to use reusable soap nuts which, if you didn’t already know, are shells which contain a cleaning agent which works like detergent.

Soap nuts are from the Soap Berry tree in the Himalayas and, it turns out, are a favourite of X-Factor finalist Stacey.

The nuts, which are actually berries, contain ‘Mother Nature’s detergent’ saponin and create a foam which removes dirt and keeps colours bright.

The star, 30, says the eco-friendly nuts, which cost £5.99 for a 300 gram bag, are a favourite of hers.

You can purchase them from Lakeland for £5.99, however they're currently unavailable.

With the bag you can do 100 washes and Stacey was quick to rave about this to her three million Instagram followers, after spending her first weekend in ten weeks with partner Joe Swash.

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Stacey wrote: “LOADS of you asking me about my soap nuts – they're just a natural version of liquid tabs I think.

“I started using them because the boys have such sensitive skin I can only use really sensitive things to wash their clothes or they get eczema or rashes…

“But they work really well and they're really cheap (works out about 5p per wash) because they're re usable,” she continued.

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Stacey, who recently shared her top-picks for Mother’s Day gifts, has become known for her love a cheap and easy cleaning hack.

Recently, the star showed off her super-organised re-fill cupboard she stores her household bulk buys.

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The brunette beauty filled up giant jars with the likes of fabric softener and anti-bacterial spray and the Loose Women panellist penned: “Filling up giant jars with taps (I have no idea what these are called) I know they’re for drinks but I’m using mine for…”

Stacey then labelled what each jar was used for, with one being filled with anti-bacterial spray, one with washing up soap and one with fabric softener.

Stacey also shared that she “buys all [her] cleaning bits in bulk because is waaaay cheaper and less trips to the shop so win win” [sic] .

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