Story behind bespoke deep ruby red lipstick Queen had custom made for Coronation

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 70 years since a young Princess Elizabeth first became Queen Elizabeth II in 1952. Following the death of her father, King George IV, her Coronation took place over a year later in June 1953.

And while most details surrounding Her Majesty’s hair, skin and makeup routines have been kept closely under wraps over the years, we do know that she commissioned Clarins to create a lipstick that matched her ceremonial robes for the big day.

As first reported by the Daily Express, Her Majesty requested that the lipstick be “pink to red” or a “deep, ruby red with soft undertones”.

And in the official portraits of the newly-crowned Queen, she can indeed be seen wearing a rich ruby red lipstick shade. It doesn’t get much more bespoke than that, does it?

A spokesperson for Clarins declined to comment on the matter, but we do know it is one of a handful of brands that holds a Royal Warrant – a mark of official recognition that a company or brand supplies goods or services to either the Queen or Prince Charles (and formerly the late Duke of Edinburgh), and has done so for a minimum of five years.

It’s no secret that Queen Elizabeth loves wearing lipstick, and has been spotted reapplying hers in public several times over the years.

Numerous outlets have reported that Her Majesty is partial to Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Colour Moisturising Lipsticks, £22 here, another beauty brand to hold a Royal Warrant and one that has done so for more than 50 years.

While there’s no word on her favourite shade of said lipsticks, we do know that the Queen is no stranger to a pop of pink or red lipstick, so we would hazard a guess that shades like Wild Berry and Rosy Shimmer could possibly feature in her collection.

We can’t help but wonder if Her Majesty has kept the original coronation lipstick as a souvenir from the big day all those years ago. Maybe she’ll be wearing a similar shade for her Platinum Jubilee celebrations this weekend?

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