Study finds spring cleaning can help to tackle anxiety – here is how to start

The coronavirus pandemic is upon us, and many of us are having to work from home or, at the very least, spend a little more time behind closed doors. If there is one positive that can be drawn from self isolation it is that its come at a time that it is traditionally associated with spring cleaning.

Yep, that’s right the ‘keep calm and carry on’ mentality of British folk will mean the upcoming weeks will still be a time when the marigolds go on, the elbow grease comes out and we all do our best to make our homes sparkle.

However, making your kitchen floor good enough to eat off is about more than just cleaning, its about decluttering and tidying your personal space.

Just type in ‘spring clean’ online and you’ll be inundated with thousands of articles about how the phrase is synonymous with ‘fresh start’. This doesn’t just mean getting ready for the new seasonal beginning of spring, but also new start for your mindset; tidy house, tidy mind and all that…

New research, conducted by top cleaning company Molly Maid, reveals that 60% of us awaken feeling stressed and anxious to some degree and this is exacerbated by a messy house.

However, 70% of adults feel less stressed or anxious after their home has been cleaned, therefore, although it could not be thought of as a miracle cure, tidying and cleaning can definitely serve to eliminate stress.

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Julie Beckham, Molly Maid Franchise Owner, said: “Many times over the years we have seen the difference our cleaning services make in people's lives, we truly believe it can make a big difference with their all-round well-being.

"A customer once told me that we provide much more than house cleaning and that she found the benefits of our help nourishing. Coming home to a clean and tidy home, results in a calmer, happier environment. And I couldn’t think of a more rewarding job.”

Due to the fact that we are all aware of the impact stress and anxiety can have on our overall wellbeing, Molly Maid has devised a list of tips to cleaning and de-cluttering one’s home that are quick and effective because, as Julie says: "My years of experience proved to me that bringing order to the outside, can definitely calm the inside."


It can be overwhelming to think that you need to de-clutter your entire home. Create a priority list and think does the spare room or dining room need to be sparkling right now? If not, then focus on the high traffic areas: the kitchen, living room and hallway are great places to start.

Work top to bottom, left to right, cleanest to dirtiest

It’s a system that has been perfected over 35 years and is quicker and ensures you don’t forget areas. A microfibre mitt is a great way to dust at speed, and with a rubbish bag in your other hand you can clean surfaces in seconds. Let dust and debris fall to the floor, as the last thing you’ll do is zip around with the hoover.

Apply the same system to the kitchen – sweep breadcrumbs to the floor as you are wiping the surfaces then follow with the hoover or brush. Unless there is a serious spill skip the mop for now.

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Don’t do it all yourself

We have a tendency to take on more than we have time to handle. This can result in unfinished tasks which can result in further stress. Get the entire family involved to divide and conquer. However, if possible you should delegate with specific instructions and assign each family member a corner or area of the home.

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All that glitters

Gleaming mirrors or metallic surfaces can make everything seem sparkly clean – even if it isn’t! So, take a moment to wipe away streaks or marks on those. Wipe away any product horizontally and then look at the mirror from a different angle – this will help to see any annoying streaks.

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