Teen’s piano practice interrupted by ghost ‘pulling up a chair to sit down’

A girl's piano practice was interrupted "by a fan from beyond the grave", she has claimed.

Ellie Keenan was tickling the ivories at her home in Keady, Northern Ireland, when she says an empty chair moved twice by itself.

The 16-year-old is the daughter of a paranormal investigator and learned from her mum to set the camera rolling if spooked by an unexpected noise.

She said: "I heard something and I can remember mum saying 'if you ever hear anything, just video it in case you do catch something'.

"So I just started recording and then that happened.

"I saw it out of the corner of my eye: the chair moved and I just jumped up in shock. I was startled and frightened."

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In pictures from the moment, Ellie can be seen at the piano starting her recital when the chair suddenly shifts.

Then she cautiously begins playing again, keeping an eye on the chair.

But when she settles into the piece and turns her attention to the keys, the chair moves once more, causing the teenager to leap up in fright.

Mum Sharon Moen, 43, is 100% convinced that something supernatural is to blame.

After sharing the videos with other ghost believers, she thinks a spirit may have been drawn there by the music.

She said: "Some people think it's somebody pulling up a chair just to sit down and other people have said 'it's somebody trying to get your attention'.

"A lot of the time, it's somebody like a family member who's passed on just calling in.

"But here there's no real reason for any of that unless it's somebody just welcoming us to the house or they liked her music."

She continued: "People can say there's somebody pulling a string or hiding across the room, or whatever, but there definitely was not – 100%, on my children's lives.

"I'm sceptical when I see things like this. I try to debunk everything.

"But I know my daughter and I know she couldn't have done that with two hands on the piano, and nobody else was there – it was, for me, definitely paranormal."

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The spooky goings-on are particularly surprising since the mother and daughter have only been in their home for a few weeks.

But they'd already experienced some unexplained bumps in the night before the latest encounter.

Ellie said: "There were nights where I'd hear stuff downstairs and I'd ring mum and say 'is that you?'"

Sharon added: "I actually have messages from her saying 'mum is that you downstairs I can hear? I can hear stuff moving in the kitchen'.

"And I was like 'no' because I sleep downstairs and I couldn't hear anything.

"But she insists that she could hear things going on downstairs.

"Other times I've been working and she'd ring me and say 'mum, there's somebody in the house,' and I'll be like 'there's nobody in the house, the door is locked, there's an alarm system'.

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"So there must be something moving about."

Last year, Sharon captured the public imagination with a chilling picture she took at "the world's most haunted castle".

In the image from Leap Castle in Coolderry, Ireland, a shadowy figure can be seen watching her and her fellow ghost hunters.

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