The best love match for YOUR star sign

The best match for YOUR star sign: Astrologer reveals the most compatible pairings for building a happy home – and the ones you should avoid

  • UK-based Francesca Oddie shared the most compatible star signs at home
  • Explained the knowledge could help you enjoy a more peaceful relationship
  • She also highlighted the ‘most challenging’ combinations that are best avoided 

An astrologer has revealed the most compatible star sign pairings – and the ones that are best avoided. 

British astrologer Francesca Oddie, in collaboration with UK firm Worcester Bosch, explained how choosing a partner, friend or flatmate with the ‘right’ star sign can help to create a happy living environment. 

She argued that a failing to understand how these signs work together can lead to unwanted tension at home.  

Francesca said: ‘There are four elements in western astrology; fire, earth, air and water. The fire signs are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. Earth are Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. Air are Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Water are Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio.    

‘The rule of thumb is that people of the same element work very well together and “get” each other. Fire signs love action, drama and seek to entertain and be entertained. Earth signs tend to value security, routine and ownership of quality things. Air signs love to talk, think, read and discuss. Water signs are emotional, sensitive and nurturing. However some of the perfect pairings are sometimes from different signs too…’

British astrologer Francesca Oddie, explained how choosing a partner, friend or flatmate with the ‘right’ star sign can help to create a happy living environment. Stock image


Aries + Libra

Although they are not from the same element, this duo are a dream team for many reasons. As a dynamic energy with lots of get up and go, Aries needs a clutter free space where they can get on with their projects. This works perfectly with Libra, who is the sign of interior design, balance and harmony and can’t cope with things not put back in their place!

Sagittarius + Leo 

Both fiery to the core, while they are more up for an argument, this means that they appreciate each other’s needs and, with time, create the perfect space for both parties. Sagittarius and Leo both love action and adventure, which means that when it comes to putting on the TV in the evening, they both want to watch similar shows – reducing potential squabbles over the remote!

Virgo + Pisces 

It might seem like a strange pairing, but it is true that opposites attract, especially for these two. The chaos of a Pisces just gives Virgo even more reason to get organising. Although, you should be careful about telling your Pisces children this – they don’t need another reason to leave the washing up! If a Pisces can learn how to tone-down their erratic lifestyle, this duo creates the perfect harmony of respect and fun.

Taurus + Scorpio 

The earth and water come together to create the perfect home life. Both of these signs appreciate having their own space. In fact, the ultimate Scorpio home accessory would be a lock on the bedroom. As the ‘earthiest’ of all signs, a Taurus needs calm, comfort and peace in the home. These two will live in harmony simply by being relaxed and respecting each other’s privacy. 

Failing to understand how these signs work together can lead to unwanted tension at home. Stock image


These sign pairings generally get on fine but, before long, expect minor irritations to become bigger problems. The lockdown will have been a challenge for these teams!

Aries + Leo 

You have so much chemistry and can have bundles of fun within the walls of your home, but all of the drama you both get involved in could get exhausting. Make sure to give each other time to unwind – we all need a breather, after all.

Taurus + Sagittarius 

Both of you love the great outdoors, but Sagittarius loves space to do what they want, and Taurus wants to be together all the time. Make plans together and enjoy them – but a little independence is also much needed!

Gemini + Aquarius 

Lots of chatting, socialising and fun, but who will do the chores? Both of these signs will leave the washing up in the sink in the hope that the other will snap first. It’s okay to pick up those marigolds first, especially if it avoids a domestic.

Cancer + Capricorn 

These signs are always attracted to each other, but Capricorn’s ambition can leave Cancer longing at home. Capricorns will have started to appreciate their Cancer house mate’s love of the home over this period!

Libra + Scorpio 

This duo will have begun lockdown as the best of friends, with extra time together great at first. But by now, they will really be pressing each other’s buttons! Libra will be found sneaking around their Scorpio partners to turn the temperature up in the home on colder days.


There are some signs that will have faced the ultimate challenge over the past three months. From being too similar, to being opposite ends of the spectrum, these duos will have a tough time sharing a pad.

Aries + Virgo 

These two are a disaster waiting to happen! Of all the pairings, these two are the furthest that you could possibly get from similar home-life styles. Aries make mess everywhere they go, whereas Virgos love to be organised, arrange things and stay healthy. Virgos are known for the polite ‘nothing is too much trouble’ mannerisms, however an Aries will really put that to the test.

Taurus + Libra 

As mentioned, Taurus loves calm, comfort and peace. Whilst with a desire to be loved by everyone, a Libra will invite their extended friendship groups over for parties in the garden in the hope of being as popular as possible. The difference in lifestyles will cause home clashes that no-one ever wants! These two are the most likely to get into arguments over the thermostat on a regular basis.

Gemini + Pisces 

Geminis love to host. From parties to intimate gatherings, these air signs love to be with others and know what they are thinking. For their Pisces counterparts, this can be very disruptive to their desire for a soothing and safe feeling of comfort at home. This clash could result in very stressful weekends.

Cancer + Leo 

For Cancer and Leo, the saying ‘opposites attract’ couldn’t be further from the truth. Cancers want to look after people and nurture them, which is taken advantage of by a Leo who wants to look good, be entertained and entertain others. A Cancer may allow a Leo to have it their way at first, but the exaggerated differences in these signs can only be kept at bay for so long. Lockdown is a true test of their patience…

Aquarius + Capricorn 

Capricorns are hard workers, so want their home to be somewhere they can relax and unwind after a hard day. Aquarius are inquisitive by nature, so will be curious to hear all of the ins and outs of their housemates’ day. This will wear down a Capricorn, who simply wants to switch off when they return home. Aquarius’ shouldn’t be disheartened by the seeming lack of interest from a Capricorn… they just want to chill out! 

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