The Darkness Justin Hawkins ditches wild drug habits for Swiss vegan lifestyle

The Darkness star Justin Hawkins has opened up on his new lifestyle, after shunning drugs for a healthier way of life on the Continent.

Now, the 47-year-old resides in rural Switzerland with his wife and his eight-year-old daughter, whose name they have never revealed.

During his career, Justin famously spent around £150,000 of his £6 million fortune on cocaine which eventually saw him leave the rock group in 2006 to get help.

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Now, his life couldn't be further from his rock and roll days as he lives on a green diet in the countryside.

Speaking about his life, Justin explained that his wife and daughter are why he moved abroad.

He told the MailOnline: "They're the reason I live there, I live in quite a rural part so the only time I am in contact with anyone English-speaking folk is when I see my daughter."

Justin later explained that each year he ensures he is off to celebrate his daughter's birthday and was thankful after he was booted off The Masked Singer back in 2020.

After taking on the role of Chameleon, Justin was sent home after just two weeks but it meant he could be home with his daughter for her birthday.

Having a dad in a famous rock band seems to be working for Justin's daughter, as the singer revealed she thinks he's "cool" but he reckons he's encouraged his daughter to have a "rebellious" phase.

The Darkness recently announced a co-headline tour with none other than Black Stone Cherry with the two groups planning to wow audiences.

In a statement, Justin Hawkins said: "Legend tells of a night, some 10 or more years ago, upon which The Darkness and Black Stone Cherry serenaded the nocturnal creatures of Thetford Forest, receiving generally favourable reviews in the woodland press.

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"Like the owls and squirrels of that fabled evening, we give to you an opportunity to stand beaks and mouths agape in awe and wonder at the awesome power of power chords played by the very same fingers, but within the convenient shelter of an arena instead of in a moon-dappled forest clearing."

He added: "There may be some seating so you won’t have to sit on toadstools. Also, modern flushing toilet facilities, not just tree trunks and bushes."

"Remember what the Thetford fauna say – 'The music of Black Stone Cherry and The Darkness is TREEmendous, and Never LEAVES you'."


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