The Giada De Laurentiis Dish You Should Make, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Sometimes coming up with your weekly meal plan can be, as my grandpa would put it, tougher than a $2 steak. That’s why sometimes it’s just easier (and more fun) to let the stars choose our meals for us. Your zodiac sign can supposedly determine all kinds of things like personality traits, love matches, career paths and even health ailments so who’s to say it can’t predict the perfect meal too? After all, we looked to the stars to determine the perfect Ina Garten dish for each zodiac sign back in January and the results could not have been more accurate.

This time, we’re looking to the stars and another one of our culinary heroes to provide the perfect meal idea: Giada De Laurentiis. De Laurentiis is known for her delicious pasta recipes and simple, yet delicious Italian dishes. Everything she makes is full of bold and bright flavors that are guaranteed to not disappoint. To choose the perfect Giada De Laurentiis dish for every sign, we took into consideration each sign’s type (earth, water, fire, air), strengths and weaknesses and mined De Laurentiis’ blog, The Giadzy to find a recipe that paired perfectly with each sign’s unique characteristics. So if you’re in a bit of cooking rut and are looking for a fun new recipe to try this week, why not try one of these Giada De Laurentiis recipes recommended based on your zodiac sign.

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