The Holiday Guru answers questions on coronavirus travel rights

Can I postpone my flights to Kenya due to the coronavirus? And what about a refund on travel insurance? The Holiday Guru solves traveller queries

  • Here’s how to help people impacted by Covid-19

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This week British Airways’ rebooking policy, claiming money back on travel insurance and rights surrounding a ‘non-refundable’ deposit on a holiday lodge in Scotland are also on the agenda…

Q. Is it legal for a travel firm to say in its terms and conditions that it will not abide by the Package Travel Regulations during a ‘force majeure’?

Andy Brockhurst, via email.

A. The Package Travel Regulations (PTRs) still legally apply, says the consumer group Which? So refunds should be made within 14 days of a cancellation.

Q. We have paid for a trip to Kenya in July, booking hotels and British Airways flights separately. The hotel says we can go in 2021 instead. Can we change flights?

Karen Grace, via email.

A reader asks the Holiday Guru for advice on how to postpone their BA flights to Kenya

A. BA is offering customers online vouchers for flights before July 31. You may then rebook up to 355 days in advance for up to two years. For a refund, wait until your flight is cancelled, then call 0800 727 800.

Q. I cannot get a refund for my cancelled Ryanair flight. Any advice?

Tracey Snell, via email.

A. Ryanair says customers ‘will be refunded once this crisis is over’, despite EU law stating customers are entitled to refunds within seven days. Either wait, or accept a voucher (if you use Ryanair often).

Q. I paid a £100 ‘non-refundable’ deposit on a holiday lodge in Scotland. Can I now get this back?

Lorraine Hastie, via email.

The Holiday Guru helps another reader with a query about a ‘non-refundable’ deposit on a holiday lodge in Scotland (stock image)

A. Yes. The Consumer Contracts Regulations (2013) say you are due a refund within 14 days.

Q. What about my travel insurance — can I get money back?

Barbara Unsworth, via email.

A. Yes you should be able to get a refund, provided the insurance was bought before travel restrictions came into effect.


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