The makers of Killing Eve are back with another crime thriller and it could be the year’s grisliest

Ragdoll is based on the novel of the same name by Daniel Cole and is now coming to our screens with the help of Killing Eve’s producers. Sign us up.

Crime thrillers set our hearts racing and that’s part of the reason why we love them but this new release, from the makers of Killing Eve, is likely to bring new meaning to the feeling.

Ragdoll, based on the novel of the same name by Daniel Cole, has already been dubbed as this year’s “goriest murder drama” and we can see why. 

It follows a group of London-based police officers who are tasked with solving the gruesome case of the “Ragdoll” – a cadaver made from the sewn up body parts of six different people. You know, much like one of your childhood ragdolls, except in a wholly unnatural and disturbing way.

What unfolds is a cat-and-mouse chase (much like the sinister nature of Killing Eve that we’ve come to love) that sees one of their very own police officers being included on the perpetrator’s kill list. It’s not for the faint-hearted but if the trailer is anything to go by, it’s sure to be one of the standout crime dramas of the year.

Here’s everything you need to know about the new drama. 

Lucy Hale as DC Lake Edmunds in Ragdoll.

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What is Ragdoll about?

Investigating some of the worst serial killers in Britain is no mean feat for DS Rose, DI Baxter and DC Edmunds but the shocking new case, nicknamed ‘The Ragdoll’, is one for the books.

The case sees multiple body parts stitched together to form one gruesome cadaver, and as the team searches for the ‘Ragdoll Killer’, they get sent a list from the perpetrator himself. Containing names of his next victims, DS Rose’s name is at the very end. As well as uncovering the mystery of the murderer, eyes are on Rose as he battles with demons from his past.

“A gruesomely imaginative serial killer thriller,” the synopsis reads, “Ragdoll captures the fascinating but flawed friends struggling with the consequences of institutionalisation and trauma.”

While it’s a heavy plotline, it’s clear that this dark comedy thriller will emulate much of the same things we know and love about Killing Eve – namely, its ability to offset the macabre with humour. 

Thalissa Teixeira as DI Emily Baxter in Ragdoll.

Who stars in Ragdoll?

The three main detectives on the case are eager American rookie officer DC Lake Edmunds who is played by Lucy Hale (Pretty Little Liars); DS Nathan Rose, the complicated central figure, is played by Henry-Lloyd Hughes (The Inbetweeners); while newly promoted DI Emily Baxter is played by Thalissa Teixeira (Too Close).

Also joining the cast are Michael Smiley (Black Mirror) as DS Finlay, Ali Cook (The Cunning Man) as DCI Simmons, Clive Mendus (The Emperor’s New Clothes) as Dr. Adrian Thompson, Natasha Little (Vanity Fair) as Andrea Wyld, Kobna Holdbrook-Smith (Mary Poppins Returns) as Joel Shepton and Perry Jacques (Doctors) as Robert Maloney.

Henry-Lloyd Hughes as DS Nathan Rose in Ragdoll.

Is there a trailer for Ragdoll?

There certainly is and it’s equal parts suspense and dark humour, which we love: 

When and where will Ragdoll be available to watch?

Ragdoll’s first episode premiered on Monday 6 December on Alibi at 9pm. 

Each episode in the six-part series will then air weekly every Monday and Tuesday on the channel before Christmas. Ragdoll is also available to watch via Sky Box Sets and will soon be available to stream via NOW TV.

Ragdoll is available to watch via Alibi and Sky Box Sets now. 

Images: Luke Varley/AMC

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