The Romantic Song Lyrics To Send Your Partner, Based On Their Zodiac Sign

When it comes to romantic songs, couples have come a long way from writing sonnets with feathered quills and softy strumming lyres for their lovers. They’ve upgraded from mix CDs and homemade cassette tapes to sliding their crush a lovelorn link to a Spotify playlist. Even as an exclusive couple, you probably still keep an ear out for songs you think they’ll enjoy. Maybe you find a song to call "yours," and if it’s in the cards, one day you’ll settle on a first dance song. And so it follows that texting your partner some romantic song lyrics, particularly based on their zodiac sign, is yet another way to keep that romantic passion ablaze.

Whether your partner checks their Co-Star on the daily or is just getting into astrology, bringing their zodiac sign into the (musical) mix can help you craft the perfect text for them. An earth sign’s idea of romance is far more practical than that of a brash fire sign. Likewise, an air sign’s vision of romance is so much more carefree than the water signs who love so fiercely. And so, here are the perfect song lyrics to text your partner, based on their zodiac sign.

Pisces: "Falling" by Trevor Daniel

A song about a love that’s destined, even when you thought all was lost? Sign a Pisces up.

Aries: "Shameless" by Camila Cabello

These Camila Cabello lyrics about being absolutely "shameless" when it comes to love will get your unabashed Aries lover fired up.

Taurus: "Surrender" by Jhené Aiko

Just like the rest of "Surrender" by Jhené Aiko, these lyrics are both sensual and intense — which pretty much describes your Taurus boo to a T.

Gemini: "Golf On TV" by Lennon Stella

"Golf On TV" touches on the kind of the wonder your (possibly flighty) Gemini boo experienced while falling in love and actually entering a committed relationship. Send these lyrics to revel in the beauty of that experience.

Cancer: "SUGAR" by Brockhampton, Dua Lipa & Ryan Beatty

Cozy naps and vulnerability are literally in the Cancer starter pack. If you and your soft-hearted Cancer boo weren’t already obsessed with "Sugar" by Brockhampton, get into the 2020 remix with Ryan Beatty and Dua Lipa.

Leo: "To Die For" by Sam Smith

When it’s all said and done, Leos will trade their love of drama and mess for nurturing companionships in a heartbeat. Sam Smith’s "To Die For" lyrics will truly hit home.

Virgo: "Say So" by Doja Cat

Virgos can have a hard time letting loose. But once they know their partner is all in and has their back? It’s a done deal.

Libra: "Nobody Else But You" by Laica

These tender, honest lyrics from Laica’s "Nobody Else But You" is a Libra’s dream — literally.

Scorpio: "Blinding Lights" by The Weeknd

This verse from "Blinding Lights" by The Weeknd is a little bit sexy and definitely devoted, which is 100% a Scorpio’s vibe.

Sagittarius: "Finally // beautiful stranger" by Halsey

Chances are, you and your Sag partner have had a conversation or two about commitment, as Sags are notoriously allergic to it. So of course, reminding them that it’s "finally, finally, finally, finally, finally safe" for them to fall in love will make them melt.

Capricorn: "Sunflower Vol. 6" by Harry Styles

What gets a Capricorn going more than the thought of being head-over-heels in love, in the home they worked hard to build with their partner? So of course, text your Cap lover these Harry Styles lyrics from "Sunflower Vol. 6."

Aquarius: "everything i wanted" by Billie Eilish

Aquarians are known for doing their own thing and sometimes getting weird looks for it. This lyric from "everything i wanted" by Billie Eilish is sweet reminder that you’ll stay by your partner’s side.

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