The Simpsons celebrates its 750th episode with record 750 characters

The Simpsons features a staggering 750 characters in the opening sequence for its 750th episode – including Dolly Parton, the Queen and the Rolling Stones… who else can you spot?

  • John Lennon, The Who and Michelle Obama are among the other famous faces spotted in the opening sequence to the show which aired on Sunday
  • More unusual figures include the devil in the form of Ned Flanders, and Homer in the form of King Kong

The Simpsons has aired its milestone 750th episode and marked the occasion by cramming 750 iconic characters into the opening sequence, including Dolly Parton and even the late Queen of England. 

The special opening sequence to Sunday night’s show started as usual at Springfield Elementary School with Bart writing lines on a blackboard, but this time he chalks out: ‘I will not try to cram 750 characters into the opening credits…’

A whole host of celebrities then make blink-and-you’ll-miss-it appearances, including the Rolling Stones, John Lennon and The Who, who are pictured alongside country music legend Dolly Parton in the back of Lisa’s orchestra practice.

More unusual figures also pop up briefly as the familiar sequence plays out, including the devil in the form of Ned Flanders, and Homer in the form of King Kong by the side of the road as Maggie appears to drive the family’s red car.

Each of the 750 characters have made appearances in the show’s long run since it debuted in 1989. 

The familiar opening sequence was taken over by a medley of 750 characters. Some of the famous faces packed into the Simpsons’ living room include Willy Wonka and Stampy the Elephant

The late Queen is also honored with an appearance, as is Elton John, Frank Grimes and John Madden. 

Other figures included in the medley are Lard Lad, Cheech and Chong, Frank Grimes, John Madden, Ron Howard and Stampy the Elephant.  

Plenty of other references are made to the landmark number, such as when Maggie is scanned through the checkout at the supermarket, her prices appears to be $750. 

The episode capped the end of Season 34, titled ‘Homer’s Adventures Through the Windshield Glass’ which featured Lizzo and Tim Robinson as guests.

Lizzo voiced a cartoon version of herself and a children’s doll named Goobie Woo for the season finale episode. 

‘I don’t know a world without The Simpsons. It is just synonymous with living,’ Lizzo told USA TODAY about her experience performing on the episode. 

‘The Simpsons are in my DNA,’ said the singer, who was born just a year before the show’s premiere. 

The episode revolves around a car accident Homer suffers, flying through the windshield with the Goobie Woo doll, that acts as a spirit guide throughout the adventure. 

 ‘I was basically able to play with Homer for the entire episode,’ Lizzo explained. 

Iconic rock band the Rolling Stones are pictured alongside country music legend Dolly Parton in the back of the children’s music class

Bart is seen chalking out: ‘I will not try to cram 750 characters into the opening credits…’

 The Who and John Lennon  also make an appearance in the music room 

The late Queen and Michelle Obama are honored with an appearance outside the Simpson family home 

Maggie is scanned through the checkout at the supermarket for the price of $750

The illuminati triangle makes an appearance, hovering above the crowd 

Regular fan favorites including Chief Clancy Wiggum feature prominently 

Even the smallest characters get a cameo, such as Homer’s lobster, Mr Pinchy

Lizzo’s famed instrument Sasha Flute also accompanied her on screen character. 

‘I love that ‘The Simpsons’ allowed as much flute as possible,’ Lizzo says. ‘Even Goobie Woo gets to play, and she twerks a little bit around Homer. That was so great.’

Despite the show’s longevity it is expected to be around for a while longer, with season 35 and 36 already in the works, which is expected to take the sitcom past its 800th episode.

The Simpsons ran into controversy earlier this month when it was revealed that one of its stars, Nancy cartwright who voices Bart, has donated more than $21 million to the Church of Scientology.

Cartwright, 65, was awarded a trophy for reaching ‘Patron Excalibur With Honors’ level status late last year.

She had previously defended the Church, which she converted to in 1991, after an HBO documentary about Scientology, titled ‘Going Clear’, was released in 2015. 

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