The ultimate in fruity beauty? WATERMELON

The ultimate in fruity beauty? WATERMELON: It’s the Korean skin secret that’s finally made its way to the UK

  • Watermelon has become a must-have ingredient in beauty products in Korea
  • Fruit contains vitamins A, B, C and E, essential fatty acids and lycopene
  • Victoria Woodhall gives verdict on a selection of products that contain the fruit

Few summer treats are as refreshing as a big, juicy slice of watermelon — no surprise, since it’s 96 per cent water.

But now beauty experts are paying attention to the other things crammed into the fruit, too.

With vitamins A, B, C and E, essential fatty acids and the antioxidant lycopene, it turns out watermelon is as welcome in your moisturiser as it is in your daiquiri.

Korean brand Glow Recipe hand cuts 50 watermelons a day, using every part of the fruit in its Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask (£41

Victoria Woodhall gives her verdict on a selection of products that contain watermelon. Pictured: St Tropez Self Tan Watermelon Infusion

Oil pressed from the seeds is a powerhouse for mature skin, making it ‘a potent restorer of suppleness and elasticity’, according to acupuncturist and skincare formulator Annee de Mamiel, who uses it in her Salvation Body Oil, (£85

So, as summer starts to sizzle, we test the hottest products that make use of this beauty super fruit . . .


St Tropez Self Tan Watermelon Infusion 200ml £14.49

HOW IT WORKS: The brand’s best-selling tanning mousse has had a fruity update with moisturising watermelon extract. Squeeze the tinted foam into your palm or tanning mitt and sweep over pre-moisturised skin for a tan that claims to last up to ten days.

THE VERDICT: This light bronzing mousse, with its delicate scent, sinks in immediately and the subtle tint makes it easy to see where you’ve applied. Four hours later, my South of France glow looked so natural!


Revolution Skincare X Jake Jamie Feed Your Face Watermelon Hydrating Face Mask, 50ml £8

Victoria said Revolution Skincare X Jake Jamie Feed Your Face Watermelon Hydrating Face Mask (pictured) left her skin feeling bouncy 

HOW IT WORKS: This budget-friendly face mask has kiwi seeds suspended in a red jelly to make it look like you’re wearing a watermelon. But does it work?

THE VERDICT: Sticky, slimy, and a little greasy, it heats up on the skin and feels like everything a watermelon isn’t, apart from the smell. I washed clean after ten minutes, and my skin felt bouncy thanks to moisturising glycerin, castor oil and watermelon extract. Fun and cheap, your teen will bite your hand off for this.


Glow Recipe PHA + BHA Pore-Tight Toner 150ml £31

Victoria claims Glow Recipe PHA + BHA Pore-Tight Toner (pictured) made her skin look a little brighter 

HOW IT WORKS: Two gentle exfoliating acids, polyhydroxy acid and beta hydroxy acid, remove dead skin cells and decongest pores while hyaluronic acid adds moisture and watermelon extract soothes and nourishes.

THE VERDICT: Acid toners are great for brightening, but so many leave you with a horrible, dry squeaky face feeling. This soothing jelly-like toner feels more like a hydrating skin essence. It made my skin look a little brighter and when I’m back on my commute I’ll be relying on this to dissolve city grime. The fresh green scent of watermelon rind is a joy.


Milk Makeup Watermelon Brightening Serum, 34g £34

Victoria said Milk Makeup Watermelon Brightening Serum (pictured) is best as a mid-day top-up, rather than a replacement for a daily serum 

HOW IT WORKS: Swipe this cooling serum stick with watermelon extract like a crayon over your face. It’s spill-proof and waterless and is perfect for popping in your handbag.

THE VERDICT: Cool to the touch and not at all greasy, this solid gel was not rich enough to replace my daily serum, but as a mid-day top-up it soothed my hot and bothered face and screen-strained eyes.


Odacite All Embracing Serum Watermelon and Hibiscus, 50ml £95

Victoria said Odacite All Embracing Serum Watermelon and Hibiscus (pictured) smells heavenly and absorbs quickly 

HOW IT WORKS: Watermelon seed oil claims to deal with many skin concerns. Hibiscus has natural acids to clear skin.

THE VERDICT: Like a multi-vitamin for the face. Smells heavenly, absorbs quickly. If you are in the market for a nutrient-rich super oil — with funds to spare — this is up there with the best.


Sanctuary Spa Wet Skin Radiance Jelly 200ml, £10,

Victoria said she ended up wiping a lot of Sanctuary Spa Wet Skin Radiance Jelly (pictured) onto her towel 

HOW IT WORKS: An in-shower body moisturiser applied to drip-drying skin — the idea is that it locks in moisture from the water. Towel dry as normal.

THE VERDICT: It felt odd to put something that feels like shower gel on my skin and then not wash it off — I ended up wiping a lot of it onto my towel. It smells strongly of watermelon and does have some of the fruit juice in it. But I’ll stick to my moisturiser, thanks.

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