There’s a girl I like but I fear she doesn’t feel the same way about me – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: THERE’S a girl I like but she’s giving me mixed signals.

She says she just wants to be friends but it feels like more than friendship when we start flirting and teasing.

We’re both 22 and there’s great chemistry between us.

When I brought up the subject of dating, she said she can see we could be good together.

A lot of our friends think we’re dating already but she says she’s not looking for a relationship because of how her exes treated her.

Does she mean that she doesn’t want to date anyone? Or is it just me?

Should I move on or is it worth hanging around?

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DEIDRE SAYS: You get on so well that I doubt it is just you, so why not give this friendship more time?

Show her you are happy to listen to her when she is ready to talk.

If she feels she can trust you she may change her mind.

If not, then you will still have a friend and that is surely worth having in life.

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