These Are Ina Garten's Pantry Staples For Cooking During the COVID-19 Outbreak

If you’re running out of meal ideas that don’t involve a trip to the grocery store and want to know what some of your favorite chefs are keeping in their pantry, just head on over to Instagram. Giada de Laurentiis just shared some of her favorite pantry staple recipes, and now,  it’s where Ina Garten is giving us a peek into her cupboards, sharing some of the staple ingredients she’s keeping on hand to cook with while she and her hubby are sheltered in place.

“I know so many of you are very anxious about what’s to come because I am, too. The one thing we CAN do, though, is cook for the people we love who are sheltered in place with us,” she wrote on Instagram, and we’re more than happy to follow in Ina’s footsteps! She’ll be sharing her favorite pantry and fridge staple recipes over the next few days, along with ideas of how to make substitutions for certain ingredients.

If you’re anxious to get your pantry in order so you can follow along with Ina, these are just a few of her essential pantry ingredients that you can stock up on for yourself.

Nielsen-Massey Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract

You know Ina likes the good vanilla, and she stocks her cupboard with this fragrant extract from Nielsen-Massey.

Clabber Girl Baking Powder

Ina uses Davis baking powder, which is made by Clabber Girl. Either brand will churn out high-quality baked goods.

Rao’s Homemade Marinara Sauce

It’s easy to make tomato sauce from scratch, but when you don’t have time, Rao’s is one of the best brand of jarred sauces around – at least, Ina thinks so!

De Cecco Spaghetti

De Cecco’s spaghetti is slow dried and has a slightly rough texture, perfect for soaking up sauce, thanks to the bronze-drawing process they use to shape their noodles.

Barilla Pasta Thin Spaghetti

Barilla’s non-GMO spaghetti and pasta make putting together quick recipes a cinch.


Ina gets her farro from Citarella, a shop that has locations in New York City and the Hamptons, where she lives. If you can’t make it there, try this farro from Bob’s Red Mill.


There are so many uses for gelatine. You can make desserts like cheesecake, sweet treats like gummies and even Jello shots. 

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