These are the Best Gadget Wipes for Tech-Friendly Cleaning

We try not to think too hard about it, but your trusted cell phone, headphones, and other tech devices carry a lot of germs on them, but you can easily manage the grime with easy-to-use cleaning wipes. While a regular disinfectant wipe might work to clean your cell phone, screens, and remotes, it’s important to check that the wipes are made with tech-safe ingredients. Instead of having to look through the long list of ingredients, it’s probably easier to buy a cleaning product specifically made to clean your beloved (and very pricey) devices so they don’t get ruined. It turns out that there are plenty of gadget wipes on the market to make removing bacteria easy.

One of the main reasons you should be cleaning your electronics is to remove dirt, debris, and bacteria so you’re not spreading germs around, but using a gadget wipe will also take care of smudges and those pesky fingerprints. Some may also reduce the amount of dust buildup too, so they’ll make future cleans a lot easier. Check out our top picks for the best gadget wipes you can find so you can have germ-free and clean devices!

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1. Weiman Electronic Wipes

Keep your electronics looking new with these anti-static gadget wipes by Weiman. You won’t need to wait in between cleaning thanks to the quick-drying formula, which also eliminates static on your screen and offers a streak-free shine (bye, bye, glare!). You can use these wipes on just about any electronic device, so no need to question if it will be safe to use on your expensive tech devices. With these wipes, you can remove dirt, debris, and annoying fingerprints from mobile devices, tablets, and TVs.


2. MiracleWipes

If you need a miracle to clean up your streaky, dusty, germy devices, these MiracleWipes will make your cleaning dreams come true. This handy pack of 30 gadget wipes are just what you need for quick clean ups that also effectively clean with little to no effort on your part. The gentle formula will easily remove debris, dust, food particles, skin oil, and more. The professional-grade formula is safe to use in the classroom, homes, and work areas without damaging surfaces or screens. Because it dries quickly, you can immediately start using your gadgets after cleaning.


3. Zeiss Mobile Screen Wipes

You never know when you’re going to need a gadget wipe to touch up lenses while you’re out and about, and these Zeiss mobile screen wipes will make that problem a thing of the past. The box is packed with 120 individual size wipes, so they’ll stay fresh until you open them. The tiny size is perfect so you can pop some in a few of your bags so you’re never without a wipe. Safe for all mobile devices (phones, tablets, and laptops, you can have peace of mind that the wipes won’t damage the screen. They’ll leave a streak-free shine thanks to the quick-drying formula, so you’ll always have a clear screen that you can actually see.


4. XHL Monitor Wipes

For maximum protection and safety, you’ll want these FDA-approved monitor wipes. With 100 wipes in the container, you won’t have to restock as often, so you’ll never be left without a wipe when you need it most. From dirt and debris to fingerprints and smudges, these heavy-duty gadget wipes are just what you need to tackle all kinds of germs and messes. No matter what you need to get clean — remotes, TVs, monitors, or your cell phone, these advanced wipes will handle them with care (and without leaving streaks or lint behind). If you want to take your cleaning game to the next level, the wipes come with a handy microfiber cloth that you can run over your device after using the wipe for a streak-free finish.


5. Care Check Lens Wipes

If you have an anti-reflective lens on a tech device (or your eye glasses), these Care Check lens wipes will leave your device streak-free and won’t scratch the surface. The high-tech formula also doesn’t leave residue and effectively removes germs, debris, dust, and dirt. These little wipes are made from a gentle alcohol solution that’s ammonia-free, so there won’t be a strong smell that would be unsafe for you and your family. Since these small, but mighty, gadget wipes are wrapped individually, they’ll always stay fresh and moist so you’ll never open a sad, dried wipe again. Keep them in your pocket, purse, camera bag, or at work so they’re always handy.


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