Thousands of pubs to turn into local shops where you can buy food and essentials – and you can order online – The Sun

A new online shop set up through each pub will allow them to list items which customers can then order online.

Launched by StarStock, they explained that people would be able to pick up their essentials such as eggs and milk without needing to go to the supermarket.

Companies which have already signed up include Greene King Pub, Admiral Taverns and St Austell Brewery, with more than 2,000 locations across the UK.

Greene King and Admiral Taverns will allow the service to run at 1,000 of their pubs each, while St Austell Brewery will launch the initiative at 170 of their own.

According to The Grocer, StarStock founder & CEO Sam Ulph explained it would allow pubs to "stay connected [and] offer an essential service and secure an income stream."

Pubs have been forced to close due to the lockdown, following the announcement by the government that only essential stops stay open.

At the same time, supermarkets are facing pressure due to stockpilers and social distancing rules, resulting in long queues and items running out.

Other partners of the new scheme include Coca-Cola, Red Bull, Brakes, Budweiser Brewing Group and Use Your Local.

There will be a 2 per cent fee for each transaction on the not-for-profit website, but any surplus revenue will be given to the NHS.

You can sign up to be alerted for the launch date here.

Morrisons have launched a £30 essentials box for NHS staff, which includes beans, pasta and bread along with toilet roll.

British Gas is also chipping in – engineers will now be sent out to deliver food parcels to vulnerable people.

The new scheme hopes to help the thousands of food banks struggling to cope with the increased demand during the coronavirus pandemic.

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