Tom Jones children: Does Tom Jones have children?

Sir Tom Jones married his high school sweetheart Linda Trenchard at just 16-years-old. The couple stayed together for decades until her death in 2016, but the Welsh singer also had a number of high-profile dalliances.

Did Tom Jones have children?

Sir Tom Jones has two children – one of them with wife Linda.

Mark Jones, Sir Tom’s first son, was born in April 1957, a month after Tom had married Linda.

For the first years of Mark’s life, his dad was working in various jobs to keep the family afloat in their small home in Pontypridd, South Wales.

However, in 1965 Sir Tom had great success with his second single, It’s Not Unusual, at which point Linda and Mark’s lives changed forever.

Soon, the family had moved to the USA with Tom going out on tour.

In 1986, Mark became Tom’s manager after the singer’s original manager Gordon Mills died of cancer on July 29 that year.

Mark has in his time as Tom’s manager had quite an effect on his father, as he told the Daily Express in 2010.

He said: “I’m always on about his drinking. He knows I mean well and I know what it means to him.

“So he can do it but I say, ‘Don’t kill yourself doing it.’ I’m very persistent.

“That’s the one way in which we are very similar. It’s very Welsh. We’re like nanny goats.”

Mark is not an only child, as Sir Tom is also the father of Jonathan Berkery, whom he had with model Katherine Berkery during one of his affairs.


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In 1987, Tom had a brief relationship with Katherine while he was on tour in the USA, after which she discovered she was pregnant.

In 1989, there was a fierce legal battle between the two, but after DNA testing a court ruled Tom was Jonathan’s father.

Since then it has been reported Sir Tom refuses to have a relationship with Jonathan, now 32, despite the boy calling on his father to reach out.

In 2008, Sir Tom spoke about Jonathan, and it is the only time he has spoken about it.

At the time, he said: “It wasn’t something I had planned.


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“If I had planned it, I would have done something more than just financially.

“But it wasn’t. I just fell for it. I just fell for the seduction.”

Jonathan, some time later, told the Daily Mail: “I do not want help with my career or anything like that. I just want to meet my father before it’s too late.

“As we both know, life is too short to let the important things pass by, so let me know when you get a chance.”

His plea came after his father hospitalised due to a bacterial infection.

Jonathan also spoke out on Sir Tom’s 2008 interview, where he believed the singer implied Katherine “tricked him.”

In response to this, he said: “In 2008 he finally gave an interview acknowledging me but said my mother had tricked him. It wasn’t true and it really hurt.

“I got into drugs – cocaine and ecstasy. I was trying to numb the pain…

“I’ve straightened myself out now and mellowed. I just want to see my father before it is too late.”

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