Top tips to help your food last longer … start freezing meals for the family – The Sun

INSTEAD of panic-buying food, you can make what you do have go further.

Today we look at how to use your freezer, and other crafty planning, to make sure the family does not go hungry . . .

Milk it: Savvy shopper Julie Sumner says: “If you want to save wasting semi-skimmed milk, freeze it. It will go slightly yellow but will revert to normal when thawed — and will be great for cups of tea.”

Get a fuller freezer: At the moment, your fridge freezer may need a little more organising if you are going to fit in the essentials.

Reader Pauline Thompson says: “To make extra room, take items out of boxes. If the items are covered in wrapping, tape cooking instructions to the wrapping — then put the loose items into freezer bags.”

Use your loaf: Bread has been scarce of late. So if you are trying to make your loaf or other baked goods last, the freezer is your best friend.

Sun Savers fan Karen Smith says: “Pop into the freezer any bread, rolls or crumpets that are not going to be used quickly enough. Try to make sure you slice any bread before freezing — and most toasters have a defrost function so you can toast from frozen.”

Seasoned advice: You don’t have to scrimp on flavour.

Savvy Deborah Keegan says: “You can freeze many herbs before using, in an ice tray. Pop water in the tray — this stops the herbs drying out when freezing — and drop in your herb of choice. You’ll have super-fresh flavours ready in an instant.”

Make meat go further: Blogger mum Lorna Cooper says: “You can bulk out mince with vegetables and lentils. I used to use 500g of mince for bolognese — and my daughter did not realise when I took out 300g of the meat and instead used 100g of lentils.”

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