US women turn warmups inside out to protest US Soccer characterizing them as inferior

The U.S. women left no doubt how they feel about U.S. Soccer. 

The women turned their warmup shirts inside out Wednesday night so the four stars that represent their World Cup titles were visible but the U.S. Soccer crest was not. The protest was in response to a U.S. Soccer court filing earlier this week that characterized the women as inferior to male players. 

"Unity. 4 stars only. Who's with us?" the U.S. Women's National Team Players Association said, posting a photo on Twitter of all 23 players on the SheBelieves Cup roster in their inside-out shirts.

The U.S. women have filed a federal gender discrimination lawsuit against U.S. Soccer. In a motion filed Monday night, the federation argued that the women are not entitled to equal pay because they, and their game, are inferior to the U.S. men. 

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