Video shows auctioneers chanting to practice their speed

Going…going…up! Trainee auctioneers wow TikTok users with incredible chants as they practice their calling speed in unison

  • David Whitaker, from Montana, shared clip of Western College of Auctioneering
  •  TikTok video shows students gathered in circle and chanting numbers at a pace 
  • Others were amazed by the video and said they didn’t know people had to learn 

A video showing trainee auctioneers chanting numbers at a rapid pace in unison has gone viral after wowing TikTok users.

David Whitaker, from Montana, shared the clip of Western College of Auctioneering on the social media platform earlier this month.

In the clip, students can be seen standing in a circle as they practiced gesturing and counting numbers in unison, counting forwards and backwards in amounts of $2.50.  

Users were quick to comment on the video, as many didn’t realise that this was a job you needed training for, with one commenting: Sounds like they’re summoning something.’ 

A hilarious video showing auctioneers chanting to practice their speed has people in stitches as they joke it’s what they imagine goes on behind the screens on eBay

People couldn’t believe that auctioneers needed to learn how to call prices out, as many joked they believed they were ‘born doing it’. 

In the clip, the practicing future bid callers could be seen chanting numbers and decreasing from ’32 and a half’ all the way down to one. 

Their instructor encouraged them by leading from the centre of the circle and clapped along to keep the rhythm. 

Meanwhile the students could be seen moving their hands in time with the numbers, with David, who goes by the username @farmlandguy, explaining: ‘It helps them assign what bidder they were with on the last number.’

Taking to TikTok, user David Whitaker (pictured right) shared the clip, taken in the Western College of Auctioneering in Bozeman, Montana, of people practicing for their role

Their instructor leads them from the middle of the circle and the people all keep their chanting in time with his clapping 

The video was quick to go viral online, quickly wracking up 556k likes on the platform.  

One user said: ‘I thought people were just born auctioneers,’ and another added: ‘School??? Why did I think y’all were born doing that.’  

A few others made jokes about the sessions, with one writing: ‘Sounds like they’re summoning something.’

Another penned: ‘Me when the security guard asks how many drinks I’ve had,’ and another said: ‘Where can I sign up so I can get more words in during a fight.’ 



Users were quick to comment on the video, with many explaining they didn’t realise becomign an auctioneer was a job where training was required 

Another asked if the sessions ‘were a thing’, and David replied: ‘It’s definitely a profession, and there are about 15 schools across the country, and yes you can make quite a living at it.’ 

The college offers seminars on bid calling and gives people the opportunity to train and learn with many high flyers in the industry to ‘take their chant to the next level’. 

The auction chant is the rhythmic repetition of numbers and ‘filler words’ spoken by auctioneers when taking bids at an auction. 

It consists of at least the current price, the asking price to outbid and words to keep the audience engaged. 

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