Watch Blackpink Make Their Return With 'How You Like That' Video

South Korean quartet Blackpink have returned with a new single, “How You Like That,” combining their signature sound of hip-hop and EDM-inspired pop with an uplifting message.

Their new track comes with a music video with all the Blackpink hallmarks: elaborate and colorful sets, a lot of impressive wigs, Lisa strutting down a catwalk while delivering her rap verse, and an ensemble dance number at the end. It’ll look familiar to fans of prior Blackpink videos like “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du” or “Kill This Love,” but it’s a winning formula that works.

“How You Like That” is Blackpink’s first solo single since the group released “Kill This Love” in April of 2019. More recently, the quartet was featured on Lady Gaga’s “Sour Candy,” a track from the pop star’s latest album Chromatica.

“I wanted to celebrate them because they love powerful women like us, and they also wanted to celebrate me, and we had a great time together with this song,” Gaga told Japanese outlet TV Groove of the collaboration. “I was excited to hear them interpret the song in Korean, and told them that the part was so creative and fun.”

On Friday night, Blackpink will perform “How You Like That” on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, marking their debut on the program.


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