What to unwrap at Cozy Lodge in the Fortnite Winterfest presents 2021

Fortnite's annual Winterfest 2021 is finally here, bringing some great new festive additions to the Battle Royale game.

This year's haul includes everything from Matrix-themed gliders to Spider-Man web shooters and unlockable skins.

So, if you've avoided spending money on Battle Pass, it could be your chance to spruce up your character's look for free.

Getting hold of Fortnite's winter presents is easy enough. All you have to do is log into Fortnite and, from the main lobby screen, scroll to the snowflake icon. Hit 'Visit Lodge'.

You'll be taken to the Cozy Lodge, where Sgt. Winter will be sat around 14 different presents.

Once a day until January 6th, 2022, you'll be able to open one of the gifts, which will drop a new unlockable skin, weapon wrap, spray, or other goodies into your inventory.

The fact there's only 14 presents over such a long period means that, even if you miss a couple of days, you'll still be able to get your hands on most of the goodies.

But what does each wrapped present contain? Read on for our full guide to this year's Fortnite Winterfest 2021, where we'll also look at where to find Sgt. Winter's train of presents.

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What skins and unlocks are in the presents at the Winterfest Cosy Lodge?

There are a range of presents available at the lodge, ranging from Spider Man-themed skins to snowy weapon wraps.

Here's the full list of what each present contains and where it's from:


Biggest orange present (Fresh Aura)

Krisabelle skin

Long orange present (Gumbo)

Banner icon

Frozen blue present (Fresh Aura)

Polar Peely skin

Glitchy black and green present

Matrix Sentinel glider

Small green present (book case)

Loot in the Mountains music

Long silver present (Fishstick)

Twinkly weapon wrap

Medium square purple present (Sgt. Winter)

Bombastic Winterfest spray

Square red present (Fresh Aura)

Choice knit emote

Tall orange present (Fresh Aura)

It's Perfect emoticon

Tall red present (Gumbo)

Snowplower pickaxe

Small square purple present (Sgt. Winter)Aurora Arc contrail
Square green and yellow present (Gumbo)You Better Watch Out! loading screen
Square purple present (Hanging on the crane)Holly Hatchets Pickaxe
Square silver present (Fishstick)Wooly weapon wrap
Tall red present (Gumbo)Snowplower pickaxe

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One long-awaited annual addition to Winterfest is Sgt. Winter, who not only minds the Cozy Lodge, but also roams the map in a big train and hands out loot including an Epic Stinger SMG, Legendary Striker Shotgun, and an Epic MK-Seven assault rifle.

His train starts around the southern area near Sleepy Sound then heads to Logjam Lumberyard and Shifty Shafts.

Just be warned: the festive NPC is armed, so don't shoot him, otherwise you'll get a fight instead of presents.

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