White Motorcycle Concepts' WMC250EV Is a 250 MPH+ Aerodynamic Marvel

UK-based White Motorcycle Concepts has revealed the WMC250EV — a new, all-electric motorbike that aims to claim an EV land speed record by hitting 250 MPH with ease.

Its creator, Robert White, thinks it’ll hit 250 MPH because of some very clever aerodynamic attributes, namely the huge gaping hole that falls right in the center of the bike. Looking like an air tunnel, the “V-Air” duct encourages air to be pushed through the gap rather than around the bike like conventional motors. Taking inspiration from the world of Formula 1, this design reduces drag by up to 70 percent which, again, makes the bike incredibly slippery so that it can pierce through the air at speed.

Power comes from a unique electric layout and supply, which sees the battery pack sit at the underbelly of the bike for a better center of gravity and good weight distribution. “D-Drive” powers the front wheels using two 20kWh batteries, while regenerative braking has also been incorporated to preserve wasted power from braking and using it to recharge the batteries.

As for the rear wheel, it’s powered by two 30kWh batteries, which means in total the bike has 100kWh of power — or around 134 BHP if we convert that to normal figures. Weighing just 300kg thanks to a host of lightweight components and carbon fiber elements being used for the bike and its motor, the WMC250EV now aims to take on the British and world electric land speed records — and win them.

Currently, the flying mile record is set at 228 MPH, but White Motorcycle Concepts thinks it’ll smash 250 MPH easily with the aerodynamic WMC250EV. Take a closer look at the wild machine above, and find more about the bike on White Motorcycle Concepts’ website.

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