Who'll find love on our blind date? This week it's Chris and Amber

Who’ll find love on our blind date? This week it’s Amber, 41, and Chris, 40, but will romance be on the cards?

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  • Amber, 41, and Chris, 40, who live in the UK, shared their experience  
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AMBER, 41 

Dating past? 

I’ve received a few marriage proposals. The timing wasn’t right with one, and I’d be divorced by now if I’d accepted the other. My longest relationship was four years — I’ve put my career first and travelled with my job.

Pre-Date Nerves?

In all honesty, no. As a head hunter I’m used to meeting people I don’t know. And as an old soul and a healer I had sensed it would be a good day.

Amber, 41, (pictured) has been single for six months and works as a head hunter and energy healer

Vital statistics  

Single for six months, no children.

Current role

Head hunter and energy healer. 

Would like to meet

Someone financially secure, charismatic and loving. I’m very spiritual, so he’ll need to be open-minded. 

First Impressions?

I arrived slightly early, and when Chris was shown to our table I realised I’d already passed him and checked him out, thinking he was cute. He was wearing jeans, a white shirt and deck shoes, and was really sweet and open.

Easy To Talk To?

We were at our table for more than three hours, so I’d say so. We’d both taken a day off work for our lunch date. I couldn’t match Chris on the drinking front, but I still had a few of glasses of white wine.

Chris shares custody of his son, and I admire that he’s rejected a high-flying career as an investment banker to focus on his little boy. I have no issues dating men who are fathers — I still might want children myself, though.

Chris said he’s an old soul too, which I liked. We’re the kind of people others refer to as their rock and like to confide in. That was a huge tick for me.

Embarrassing Moments?

Well, I managed to slosh my first glass of wine on the table within 15 minutes. We both thought it was funny and Chris gave me his napkin.

Amber’s Verdict: 9/10 

Liked? He’s easy to talk to.

Regrets? The hangover from hell.

Coffee or cab? Coffee

Did Sparks Fly?

Yes, although I drank more than I usually would and everyone seems wonderful after you’ve had a drink.

We both had back-up plans in case the date fell flat and fortunately we didn’t need them. We went on for drinks afterwards and parted ways at 8pm.

See him again?

Chris has invited me to his sister’s next singing performance and to Bournemouth Pride this summer. I will take him up on the invites. We’re also social media friends now.

What do you think he thought of you?

Chris made me laugh when he said that after finding out about my marriage proposals he’d concluded that I’m attractive but fussy. I like to think I proved him wrong.

Would your family like him?

Yes — Chris can get along with anyone, and our backgrounds are similar. My stepfather is a GP, and so is Chris’s dad, while our mothers are nurses. They’d like that he messaged me to ensure I got home safely.   

CHRIS, 40 

Chris, 40, has been single for three years with one son, aged five, and works as an investment broker

Vital statistics  

Single for three years with one son, aged five. 

Current role

Investment broker. 

Would like to meet

A woman who is as happy at a festival in a tent as she is on a spa weekend. 

Dating past? 

I had a few relationships in my early 20s, but then I focused on my career until my mid-30s.

It took a while to recover when my most recent relationship ended after seven years. Then, just as I was feeling ready to date again, the pandemic arrived — so my sister put me forward for a blind date. My son has mentioned it’s time we got a mummy for our home. While he already has a mummy, I think he’d like a female influence around my place.

Pre-Date Nerves?

Yes, as I’m so out of practice.

First Impressions?

I arrived at the restaurant on time and Amber was at our table. I recognised her as we’d passed each other near the loos. She is very pretty and was wearing a beautiful dress.

Easy To Talk To?

Yes, because we’re very similar in so many ways. We’re both into cars —Amber drives a Porsche and I used to own a Lotus until I had to swap it for a family-friendly estate car.

Had I not put my career on pause, we’d both be at the same place in our professional lives. But I’m more focused on being a parent right now. I showed Amber a picture of my son — she explained that she’s good with children, and said she’d look forward to meeting him in the future.

I appreciate being a parent may put some people off, and it was nice that Amber was so positive about it.

Chris’s Verdict: 10/10 

Liked? The company, of course.

Regrets? None.

Coffee or cab? Coffee

Embarrassing Moments?

There weren’t any, but it didn’t help that we went out on the hottest day of the year in London. I wore a long-sleeved shirt and was very warm.

Did Sparks Fly?

Yes, there was chemistry. We laughed about the fact we both had a plan B in case the date didn’t work out.

Our phones kept buzzing — no doubt our friends checking up on us — so we put them away. We enjoyed a three-hour lunch and then went on to a wine bar. Before I put Amber in a cab that evening we had a little kiss.

See her again?

We both said we’d like to do so. We’ve talked about Amber coming to Bournemouth, where I live, and we’ve been messaging one another since, so hopefully we’ll meet again.

What do you think she thought of you?

Amber likes me — I hope.

Would your family like her?

Very much so. Amber is different to romantic choices I’ve made in the past — my parents would be relieved and delighted to meet her. 

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