With So Many Hoaxes Over the Years, No One Will Believe It When Prince Philip Really Dies

PrincePhilip has died more than 15 times in the last year.

At least, that’s what certain news outlets would have youbelieve. It seems like every week there’s a new story insisting that the 98-year-oldDuke of Edinburgh is “secretly” deceased and that Buckingham Palace is keeping hisdeath a secret for one reason or another.

It’s true that no one lives forever and that soon enough, bothQueen Elizabeth and Prince Philip will die. But with so many hoaxesabout Philip’s death, it will be hard to convince the public of the truthwhen it inevitably does happen.

The latest rumors of Prince Philip’s death cropped up amidthe coronavirus panic

The most recent Prince Philip death hoax is, predictably, linked to coronavirus. Fans on social media are claiming that the British royal family is keeping the Duke of Edinburgh’s death a secret until a full-scale lockdown happens. It’s all an effort to keep citizens from congregating outside Buckingham Palace, which they’ll undoubtedly do when Philip really does die.

This is only one in a long line of predictions that Prince Philipwas secretly dead. So far, none of them have been factual.

People can’t seem to accept the truth that Prince Philip isstill alive

The rumors about Prince Philip’s death began in force afterhe retired from royal duties in Aug. 2017. Ever since, the public hasn’t seenhim as much, which has just fueled the gossip mill even more. For everymonthlong stretch that goes by without seeing the Duke of Edinburgh, more andmore people startspreading lies about his secret death.

It’s not that people want Prince Philip to die — they justwant to be the first to know. But why?

Prince Philip’s death will be different from Queen Elizabeth’s

When Prince Philip does die — for real — a carefully orchestratedseries of events will be set into motion. This plan even has a nickname. It’scalled Operation Forth Bridge.

The British news outlet BBC will likely be the first ones notified, though they won’t make a formal announcement until 8 a.m. the morning after Philip dies. Before then, there is a good chance that the news could leak to social media.

But like the boy who cried wolf, no one will believe Philip is truly dead when it happens after so many false alarms.

Prince Philip doesn’t want anyone to make a fuss over hisdeath

For his entire life, the Duke of Edinburgh has had a reputationas a stern father and an unabashed truth-teller. His one-liners are legendary —this is a man who will say whatever is on his mind, regardless of consequences.One thing he’s never made a secret of is how he wants his death handled.

Prince Philip is entitled to a fullstate funeral as the husband of the reigning monarch. However, he’s said inthe past that he doesn’t want “all the fuss” and would prefer his funeral to bea more “low-key affair.” Whether that happens or not remains to be seen.

For now, it’s best to ignore the rumors. When Prince Philipdies, you’ll hear about it from a reputable news outlet like BBC and will seean official statement from Buckingham Palace. Until that day, it’s all justhearsay.

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