Woman branded a**hole for inviting male pal to wedding when he has girlfriend

Weddings can be expensive and not every celebration will allow you to take a plus one.

But when you've been given an invite with more than just one name on it, traditionally you'd take your partner.

Now one woman decided to take her best mate Michael to an upcoming wedding, but his girlfriend won't allow him.

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She was supposed to attend with her partner, but after a "pretty tough break-up", she thought to ask her close male pal instead.

And the invite certainly ruffled a few feathers as the boyfriend's girlfriend has been left upset.

Now in a post on Reddit, she told people all about the situation with her best mate Michael and his girlfriend Laura.

She said: "I am best friends with Michael. He lives with his girlfriend Laura and they have been together for about four years.

"I've never been a big fan of Laura. A few years ago, Michael went through a pretty traumatic break-up and I always felt like Laura swooped in without giving him the time he needed to heal. But she makes Michael happy and that's all that matters.

"I recently went through a pretty tough break-up and as luck would have it, I am going to a wedding next week. As my ex will no longer be joining me, I figured I'd ask Michael if he'd like to be my date.

"Apparently, this made Laura kind of upset. My relationship with Michael has always been platonic."

She added: "Full disclosure: there was a moment (when he and Laura were first seeing each other but not dating exclusively) where I thought I might have had feelings for Michael and expressed this to him, but he didn't feel the same way and we all moved on!

"I really just want a buddy to goof around with at this wedding, and was kind of annoyed that Laura got upset.

"My roommate said it's kind of frowned upon to ask someone else's boyfriend to a wedding, but I feel like that's a rule straight out of the 1950s."

And people on Reddit can certainly relate to Laura's rage as they can't understand why she'd invite someone's boyfriend.

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One wrote: "1950 or 2022, imagine your significant other going to a wedding to 'goof around' with a 'platonic' long-term female friend who may or may not have feelings for him right after she's recently single."

Another added: "You're not the a**hole for asking, but you would be the a**hole if you get upset if he won't come. I can see why his girlfriend won't agree, though."

A third commented: "It's not a matter of what is frowned upon by society, it's a matter of each couple's boundaries.

"Laura has every right to be upset about the idea of her boyfriend of four years being another woman's plus one at a wedding."

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