Woman calls out creepy neighbour for peering into her home

A woman on TikTok has shared the reason she has to keep the curtains closed at her house.

User @Lucy.2481 told her story after followers continuously asked about the hidden windows.

‘People always ask me why my curtains are always closed,’ she captioned the clip.

Next Lucy simply wrote ‘my neighbour’ while the camera panned to the outside of her house filled with greenery.

A man can then be seen peeking through the trees. It appears he climbed a shrub to get a view over the separating gate.

When he noticed the camera, he swiftly moved out of sight.

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Those in the comments were horrified at his actions.

‘Straight to the police with that. Put a stop to it,’ urged one viewer.

‘Not even a joke, you need to take this to the police along with any other recordings. This isn’t ok,’ said another.

More shared their stories and experiences.

‘I have a neighbour just like this! I can’t even go outside without him staring at me and watching me,’ wrote one user.

A second added: ‘At least I’m not the only one. My neighbour pops her head out the window or looks through our gate. She even has a camera to look into our garden.’

Other advised Lucy to place mirror film on her windows which would allow natural light inside but block the outside view.

Although she didn’t elaborate further, the TikTok user said she may upload more videos that delve deeper into the story.

For now, however, the curtains will remain closed.

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