Woman posts ‘amazing’ cleaning hack which eliminates dirt from bathroom tiles

Now that we’ve got all the time in the world, it’s impossible to avoid all the household tasks that need to be completed.

So if you’re looking for cleaning hacks on tackling your bathroom tiles then here’s a trick that will totally transform your floors.

A woman shared the tip on a Facebook group dedicated to Mrs Hinch herself, along with before and after shots of the incredible transformation.

Posting on the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips page, the anonymous user said: “Before and after on our bathroom! This took nearly 3 grout pens but looks a lot better.”

Although she didn’t go into much detail about the cleaning hack, she did tell Facebook members that she used a grout pen to tackle the dirt.

Since she shared the tip, her post garnered more than 300 likes and a few dozen comments from users.

One praised: “Looks fab well done.”

Another commented: “Really does look nice and fresh well done.”

A third wrote: “That’s lovely. Makes a massive difference. The original colour probably was very clean just dark grout.

“It’s amazing the difference white grout and dark. Looks like a new floor.”

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Previously, a woman shared an easy cleaning hack to tackle shower glass limescale without any effort.

The Facebook user told how she used the lime away toilet bowl cleaner where she wiped and then rinsed the glass.

Previously, a member of the same Facebook group shared an “awesome” trick to tackling dirty toilet bowls.

In the first photo, it shows a very nasty brown – almost black – bowl and in the last snap, it’s completely clean.

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