Woman says mum, 88, died days after testing positive for coronavirus

Heartbroken woman reveals her ‘warrior’ mother, 88, died just days after testing positive for coronavirus – and says she could ‘only hold her hand while dressed in a bio-hazard suit’

  • Siobhán, from Dublin, took to Twitter to share heartbreak after losing mother, 88
  • Told she already suffered with asthma and a chronic inflammatory lung disease 
  • Tested positive for coronavirus on Sunday and tragically lost life on Wednesday
  • Siobhán has urged her followers to take pandemic seriously and to self-isolate
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A heartbroken woman has revealed her devastation at having to say goodbye to her ‘warrior’ mother just days after she tested positive for coronavirus.

Siobhán, from Dublin, took to Twitter, to document the moment she found out her 88-year-old mother, who also suffered with asthma and Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease – a chronic inflammatory lung disease that causes obstructed airflow from the lungs – had tested positive for coronavirus.

And in a devastating post shared yesterday, she revealed her worst nightmares had come true as she emotionally penned: ‘At 15.20 today I said goodbye to a warrior.’

‘I could only hold her hand while dressed in a bio-hazard suit with double gloves, and double face shields. She struggled almost to the very end.’

Siobhán (pictured), from Ireland, told of her devastation after she tragically lost her mother, 88, just days after she tested positive for coronavirus

Taking to Twitter on Wednesday, Siobhán (pictured) emotionally penned: ‘At 15.20 today I said goodbye to a warrior’

In her heartfelt posts, Siobhán warned her followers of the serious nature of the coronavirus pandemic (pictured)

On Friday, Siobhán told how her mother had been taken to hospital in an ambulance – adding she was finding it hard to get any information, and no visitors were allowed.

She then proceeded to explain how her elderly mother had been moved into an isolation ward in St. Vincent’s University Hospital in Dublin, where she was treated for severe infection as she awaited her test results.

On Sunday, two days following her mother’s admission to hospital, Siobhán added that staff were ‘run off their feet’ and that she had finally managed to get hold of a doctor – but it was during that call, she received the news she had been dreading.

She penned: ‘Mother VERY poorly. Tested positive. I’m waiting for call re advice on what to do. I’m just so upset. Want to cry but can’t. Need to stay strong.’ 

On Sunday, Siobhán revealed her mother had tested positive for coronavirus and was feeling ‘VERY poorly’ (pictured)

‘Folks this IS NOT FUNNY. Self-isolate. PLEASE. Don’t want to see anyone in same position as me.’

Siobhán went on to warn her followers of how serious the coronavirus pandemic is – adding her mum tested positive despite being totally immobile, hadn’t left the house in weeks and had only been in contact with her, her brother, his wife, and two carers. 

She added: ‘Hardest part of this is knowing how poorly and vulnerable she is but not being able to see her or hold her hand so difficult to get info.’

And in a series of further heartfelt posts as her mother’s condition deteriorated, Siobhán admitted she knew it wasn’t good when her mum was moved to nearer nurse’s stations so they could watch her more closely.

I’m frozen. Can’t stop shaking. Think I’m in shock,’ she wrote, before later adding: ‘I’m with her holding her hand. She’s really struggling. Please pray that she goes soon & peacefully.’

And on Wednesday, Siobhán revealed the devastating news that her mother had tragically lost her battle.

She penned: ‘Thankfully mum is a peace now but #COVID19 #REALITY means funeral arrangements are pretty much outside our control. No one can pay their respects. Never ever in a million years did I dream a nightmare worse than this.’

After her mother was taken into self-isolation at the hospital in Dublin, Siobhán told how she was ‘frozen, shaking’ and in ‘shock’ (pictured)

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