Woman shares kitchen hack to keep her from scooping soggy food out of sink

Clearing out the sink has got to be one of the worst household chores out there.

But thankfully, a woman has shared an easy hack that saves you getting your hands dirty when scooping away food waste.

The TikToker, who goes by the name @ saaamariaa, said the trick is to install a filter bag at the corner of the sink to keep all the food scraps away from the strainer.

She posted a video to show her $3.45 (£2.50) kitchen aid and said: "It’s so nasty having to dig up in the sink. With this I don’t even have to worry about all that. No more touching nasty wet soggy sink food."

The product comes with a square-shaped plastic frame with adhesive tape and a food waste bag that can filter out the liquid.

Samaria attaches the frame onto one corner of the sink and hooks the plastic bag onto the small pegs around the frame – similar to a mini disposal bin.

Then she empties her frying pan and pours the soup and minced pork leftovers into the plastic bag.

It drains out the liquid but traps all the food waste inside, which allows her to throws it away without touching the strainer or the sink to gather them by hand.

"It's from SHEIN 'kitchen sink filter mesh'," she said.

Some said they had the same problem as Samaria – and they think it's a great idea to keep their hands dry.

One wrote: "I can't do soggy food, it ruins my entire mood."

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A second said: "Garbage disposals aren't meant for large food particles! That's how people clog their drains."

But others found it too excessive for clearing the food waste from the sink.

"You don't have basket strainers that sit in the drain? Also there is something called gloves," a viewer asked.

"Yep back to killing the turtles," another penned.

And a third wrote: "That's too unnecessary. Use gloves or a spoon to dig the food out of the drain."

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