WWE legend Kurt Angle worked as security for Jerry Springer and featured on episode with Ant and Dec

WWE legend Kurt Angle once featured as security for Jerry Springer on Ant and Dec's Saturday morning show SMTV.

The former WWE champion and Olympic wrestling gold medallist was in the background for a'Chums' sketch .

The regular feature parodied 'Friends' and saw Ant and Dec play fictionalised versions of themselves along with Cat Deeley.

In one episode, they called upon the help of Springer, who hosted his own hit tabloid talk show.

Angle was a fake security guard in the episode and at one point threatened to throw Ant out.

Sharing a throwback picture, he posted: "It's true! I was security for Jerry Springer. Gotta start somewhere."

Angle went on to become one of the biggest WWE headliners.

He joined the wrestling stable in 1998, two years after his Olympic gold medal in Atlanta.

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Now, over 20 years on and Gable Steveson, 21, has made the same move, having won gold in the delayed summer Tokyo games.

Angle, 53, said on his podcast: “Gable Steveson is a phenomenal athlete, especially for his size.

“The kid is a super athlete, I think he’s going to adapt well to pro wrestling. The only issue is I don’t know his personality.

"I don’t know how open he is, if he’s able to come up with a great character that people will relate to or that people will absolutely hate.

“You can be a great wrestler but if you don’t have the character and the promo skills, you’re going to be stuck in the mud.

"Someone like Gable Steveson, who is an Olympic gold medalist, they’re going to bring him in larger than life.

"A lot of pressure is going to be put on him just like it was for me.

"I think Gable is going to do a good job, I think he’s going to adapt very well and I think he’s going to have a lot of success in WWE.”

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