Your Sex Horoscope for the Weekend

What’s happening: The Moon is in frisky Leo tonight, and on Saturday, it zooms into Virgo. On Sunday, Venus forms a harsh square to hazy Neptune, and on Monday, there’s a cazimi Mercury—a major astrological event that suggests you’re having significant conversations or receiving important messages. On Thursday, Mercury forms a positive, dreamy sextile to Neptune.

Btw, with all that’s going on rn, remember that you can flirt and sext from a distance—if you’re social distancing solo, now’s the time to get a bit creative.

What that means:


There isn’t a ton going on this weekend until Sunday, when Venus and Neptune square off. This brings a sense of confusion and delirium to your love life, and it feels like nothing is quite as it seems—and that’s because it’s not. Venus square Neptune is a huge red flag suggesting shady behavior like getting ghosted or left on read. If you find yourself getting shut down or ignored by a love interest, don’t badger them with double texts or subtweets. Wait a day or two before reaching out. The best-case scenario is that they were genuinely busy or forgot to reply, and the worst-case scenario is that they’re an inconsiderate douchebag! If they respond, understand that mistakes happen, and carry on with your relationship… and if they don’t, let it go and understand you’re way better off without them. The Scorpio Moon on Wednesday is supes sexy and allows for sensual, intimate connections between you and someone else—if your love life is still in one piece after this somewhat stressful week, expect some hot action!


The Moon enters Virgo on Saturday, where it remains for the rest of the weekend, putting you in a pretty excitable, horned-up mood—a sexing or sexting sesh is defs at the top of your list of priorities. This lunar transit helps you feel more confident and energized, so sending out a hot pic or climbing your boo like a tree the minute you see them is easier and more fun than ever! Sunday’s astro-weather can be either hella exciting or pretty damn dreary. Venus square Neptune allows for very intimate moments, helping you let down your walls and truly connect both in and out of the bedroom—but only if you make sure you’re very clearly communicating your intentions. If you’re having a flirtatious little fling and don’t want anything serious, tell them. If you actually see this going somewhere, let them know. It’s not the easiest type of conversation to have, but it’ll save you both a ton of stress and potential heartbreak in the future.


This week’s astro-weather is basically the same as the past few weeks—dull. Venus is in your sign, which mitigates some of the staleness in your love life, but it’s not making any promises about your sex life. It’s also worth mentioning that Venus is in its pre-retrograde shadow, meaning that the precursors of Venus Retrograde (which, BTW, starts on May 13) are trickling down into your life now. This can be anything from libido issues, to feeling down about yourself (especially re: your appearance), to struggling to connect with your S.O. Another huge Venus Retrograde problem is that an ex-flame (or several) is making a surprise reappearance in your life. On one hand, this could be a great opportunity to rekindle your relationship if you’re interested, but on the other hand, getting a surprise text can be a HUGE stressor if you broke up on bad terms. Monday’s the day an ex is most likely to pop up, so watch out!


Tonight’s astro-weather is nothing to write home about, but things pick up the pace come Saturday, with the Virgo Moon making you feel peppy, talkative, and ready to connect with others. Venus’ square to foggy Neptune on Sunday can be a tad precarious. Since Venus is in your chart’s twelfth house, which governs hidden things, you may be tempted to start a secret love affair with someone this weekend—uh oh! If you find yourself feeling thirsty and looking for a hookup, make sure you’re not being shady about it. If there’s any possibility of infidelity or betraying a friend by flirting with their ex, avoid it. If you’re feeling tempted to leave the house to get it on with someone even though you know you should really stay home, show some restraint and stay put! It’s exciting to “break the rules” sometimes, sure, but not like this! Even if it means you’ve got to take care of your own sexual needs, don’t do anything risky this weekend, Cancer—trust me.


This weekend, you’re spending most of your time laying low and just doing you. Your love life isn’t really that bumpin’ until Sunday, when Venus squares off with Neptune. This allows for surprisingly deep connections with others, in and out of the bedroom. Sounds great, right? Well… there’s a catch, especially if you’re single. Since Neptune is the planet of mysteries and illusions, if you’re flirting with someone new, you might be super into them and delude yourself into thinking they’re just as interested, only to find out that they’re just looking for a fling. Even worse, they might string you along and say they’re looking for something serious, but end up ghosting you! Another possible outcome of this transit is making a romantic or sexual connection with a friend, which can either be splendid or sh*tty depending on how you play your cards. If you just dive into romance without talking things out, someone’s gonna end up hurt. If you’re insistent on being upfront and honest about what you want out of them, whether it’s a LTR or a fun sexting sesh, you can prevent a ton of drama in the future. Mercury’s gentle connection with Neptune on Thursday is your opportunity to reconnect, talk things out, and decide what the next step in your relationship is, whether it’s deciding to keep it platonic, starting a FWB situation, or talking about seeing each other on a more serious level.


Tonight’s a dud, but the Moon entering your sign on Saturday puts some pep in your step and helps make you feel better. Sunday’s Venus/Neptune square can stir up a little drama in your love life, unfortunately. Deceptive Neptune in your chart’s relationships zone, combined with an almost-retrograde Venus in your chart’s zone of status/reputation can cause issues, whether you’re single, boo’d up, or involved in a complicated situationship. Venus wants you to clearly know your relationship status, but Neptune is the planet of illusions. You may discover that your perspective on your relationship and the other person’s aren’t totally in alignment. You might think everything is running smoothly, only to find out that the other person is finding tons of issues in the relationship, or vice versa. Instead of entering panic-mode and overthinking everything like you normally do, use the productive astrology happening this week (specifically on Monday and Thursday) to talk things out. You’re prone to be very cut-and-dried with how you speak to others, and it can comes off as harsh, but Neptune’s influence is helping you be softer and more sensitive this week. That way, you can be open and honest with your emotions, actively listen to the other person’s perspective, and find a solution without hurting anyone’s feelings in the process.


There’s really not a ton happening this weekend until Sunday, when Venus and Neptune get into a tiff. This rough transit urges you to look at the day-to-day habits and behaviors in your relationship. If you’re single, you’re being pushed to look at the types of people you’re interested in, the way you approach hooking up an d dating, and whether your habits are helpful or harmful. If you’re boo’d up, you’re taking a closer look at how you and your partner treat each other on a daily basis, and whether you both support and uplift each other equally. If (when?) you pinpoint issues in how you and your partner contribute to the relationship, Neptune’s influence may make you want to just shrug it off and say, “Things aren’t really that bad,” but lemme tell you, Libra, that’s not the best way to handle this transit! Monday’s cazimi Mercury in your chart’s zone of intimacy allows you to start a conversation (even if it’s a tough conversation) with the other person about what is and isn’t working. Then, it helps you collaborate and find a solution—even if that solution is to cut things off. You’re all about balance and harmony, and often elect to not speak your mind in an attempt to avoid drama, but listen, Libra—in order for you to find true balance in a relationship, you simply must start those tough conversations. By doing that, you’re able to find an actual sense of equilibrium and achieve the balance that you need.


Take a peek at the other signs’ horoscopes, Scorpio—things are looking a little rough for most of ‘em, right? Well, lucky you, you’re not having too much of a hard time this week! The Virgo Moon this weekend provides a real boost to your mood and allows you to connect with others in a platonic or romantic sense. Sunday’s tough astro actually carries a decent amount of positive potential, too! Sunday’s Venus/Neptune square activates two zones of your chart: the zone of intimacy, and the zone of romance/sex/fun. You’re capable of finding a ton of romance or having an extremely hot experience this weekend. Just be careful about rushing into anything. Maybe your latest Tinder match is like, the most gorgeous person you’ve ever seen in your life, and they invite you over to hook up––do you really want to just head over to a their place when you should be staying at home? Maybe you’re feeling especially lusty and just want to bone your boo as much as possible this weekend, but in your rush to get it on you neglect (or genuinely forget) to use protection—Neptune is the planet of dissolving boundaries, emotional and physical, after all. Be mindful and think things through before having fun this weekend, Scorpio. Instead of running over to your hookup’s house, sext them or send them a risqué pic or two! Basically all of the astro-weather from Monday until Thursday helps you think clearly, focus on your relationship/situationship, and communicate effectively, so it’s a spectacular week for bonding and spending quality time with someone you like a lot. Have fun!


I have good news and bad news, Sagittarius. I’ll start with the bad. First, Venus, planet of love, is in your chart’s relationships zone, but it’s in its pre-retrograde shadow, meaning that some kind of drama is beginning to get stirred up. Second (and this isn’t really bad news, but it is a real killjoy), this week’s astro-weather is focusing a ton on your work and other responsibilities. Now that that’s out of the way, time for the good news! First, despite being in its retroshade, Venus chilling in your chart’s relationships zone is almost always great for connecting with others, whether it’s in a romantic or sexual context. Venus’ harsh connection with hazy Neptune on Sunday can be mega confusing, but there’s a silver lining—Neptune has such a foggy influence because it’s an extremely emotional planet. It makes thinking and communicating clearly difficult, but it allows you to form deep, meaningful connections—which means that the potential for romance is sky-high this weekend! If you’re talking to with someone new, be clear about what you’re looking for so you can avoid any potential drama from this transit. If you’re having fun with your S.O., however, expect a very intimate, romantic time with them. Second, even if this week’s relatively dry astro-weather is making you put your love/sex life on the back burner, you can still have a ton of fun by yourself. Since this week’s transits primarily focus on your chart’s sixth house, which rules responsibilities, work will be emphasized. However, the sixth house also rules your health and your physical body, so you can spend any downtime you have getting to know what turns you on and off—try out some new sex toys, fantasies, or self-love techniques, and develop a more comprehensive understanding of what makes you feel good.


Sorry, bb, but this weekend’s astro-weather isn’t even the slightest bit sexy––in fact, it’s pulling your focus towards work more than anything else! Power through the weekend and get all your sh*t done, because the cazimi Mercury on Monday is making your chart’s fifth house—the house of good fortune, which governs love, sex, and fun—undergo a complete glow-up! This exciting transit suggests that you’re having significant connections revolving around your love life. You might match with a total dreamboat on your fav dating app, have a mind-blowing phone sex sesh with yoru FWB, or create a remarkably romantic, intimate connection with your S.O. Better yet, the Scorpio Moon on Wednesday is giving you a tremendous boost to your mood and making you even more eager to connect with others. Finally, on Thursday, Mercury’s gentle connection with dreamy Neptune is helping you accomplish something you rarely do—let your walls down and share your feelings. So if you’re looking for any kind of romance, Thursday’s your time to shine and go out and get it!


Things are getting pretty steamy this weekend, Aquarius! The Virgo Moon activating your chart’s zone of intimacy, combined with the Venus/Neptune square on Sunday, provides the perfect astrological atmosphere for electrifying sex and abundant romance. But as tempted as you may be to jump into bed with someone sexy on a whim, try to practice patience and mindfulness this weekend. First of all, be sure that the other person knows what you want out of things––a fling, a FWB-type situationship, or a potential LTR. Second, make sure that you know what you want out of this, too! Venus in Gemini is urging you to have fun, but before you make your move, take five and use Taurus season’s earthy, stable influence to make sure you’re confident that you know what you’re getting yourself into. Periodic self check-ins like this go a long way this week. Remember that you don’t have to get ready if you stay ready, and you can have a fun, action-packed week.


The Virgo Moon on Saturday activates your chart’s relationships zone, so any kind of one-on-one connection with a friend (with or without benefits) or lover is a perfect way to spend this weekend. In the realm of love and sex, Sunday’s astro-weather suggests possible difficulties. Neptune is receiving a harsh square from Venus, indicating that there’s something fishy (pun intended––get it? Because you’re a Pisces?) going on! Since Neptune rules illusions and deceit, and it’s in your sign, the shady behavior might actually be coming from you, whether it’s intentional or not. Are you being clear and honest with your intentions? Maybe you’re stringing someone along, or just saying what you think you “should” say, because you want to avoid hurting their feelings? Even worse––are you planning on ghosting someone? Don’t be shady, Pisces. Be open and honest with the person you’re talking to, or just leave them alone. You’re not always the best at finding the right words to say, because as an emotional water sign, you tend to connect with others on an intuitive level. But this week’s transits (specifically the ones occurring Monday and Thursday) are helping you communicate your feelings clearly. That way, you can still have fun without anyone feeling hurt in the process.

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