Zoe Kravitz Shuts Down Fan Who Asks If She's Lightening Her Skin

Zoë Kravitz may be a world famous celebrity, but, like the rest of us, she’s practicing social distancing in the time of the coronavirus, a.k.a. COVID-19.

Hence, the reason why her skin may be looking a bit lighter than usual. 

This topic came up after the star shared a “self(ie) quarantine” with her dog. One person commented, “Am I wrong or she is looking so white in this picture, please don’t tell me you are getting ready of your melanin, you are so beautiful with your natural color.”

“Jesus. no girl. This is what happens to some of us mixed us mixed kids when we can’t go outside lol,” the 31-year-old retorted. 

Fair skin aside, the actress isn’t upset about the lack of vitamin D. Instead, she’s encouraging her followers to do the same in order to maintain their health as the virus spreads across the country. She captioned her selfie, “stay inside kids. one day at a time.”

Luckily for fans, Zoe’s new show High Fidelity is on Hulu for all their entertainment needs. 


She previously told E! News the series is perfect for all generations and is an interesting look at times are changing, whether people like it or not. “I think there’s an interesting thing going on right now with our generation and nostalgia, and someone who owns a record store in this day and age is holding onto something that is kind of a dying thing. Record stores don’t really exist the way they used to anymore, and I think that’s an interesting thing to explore, someone who’s lost or stuck in the past emotionally,” she shared. 

Speaking of nostalgia, her mother, Lisa Bonet, starred in the movie version of High Fidelity in 2000. It only makes sense for Zoe to star in the same series 20-years later. 

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