Meghan Markle compared to Emirates air hostess while others call Duchess ‘green goddess’

Meghan Markle wore a green look by Emilia Wickstead today, walking into church hand in hand with Prince Harry. The garment was a bespoke piece from the brand, and featured a bold asymmetrical cape.


  • Meghan ‘deliberately coordinating’ with Harry ‘symbolises power’

She paired the look with a matching fascinator and carried a Gabriela Hearst bag, which costs £1,518.22.

Her nude patent heels were from Aquazzura and fascinator was from William Chambers.

The emerald green dress followed a pattern of bright garments worn by Meghan on her last trip to the UK using her HRH title.

What did fans make of her show-stopping final look of the tour?

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One compared the look the Emirates air hostess uniform, writing: “Definitely like a Dubai air hostesses.”

They were likely referring to the round hats and asymmetrical neck scarves worn by women who work for the airline.

Another commented on the fit of the garment, which suffered from some bunching at the back.

They said: “For the love of god, can someone please get Meghan Markle a tailor.”

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However, many others were in awe of the Duchess of Sussex’s emerald look.

One wrote: “#MeghanMarkle looks absolutely gorgeous.”

Another said of both Harry and Meghan: “They have both very clearly dressed for the history books.”

“Isn’t she lovely! Isn’t she beautiful! Isn’t she gorgeous! Duchess Meghan rocking that green with class and elegance,” another gushed.

One called Meghan “the green goddess” while another said, “she’s so gorgeous I can’t.”


  • Meghan Markle already operating a ‘Sussex Global’ Instagram account?

Posting an image of Meghan alongside an image of Kate from an event in Ireland last week when the Duchess of Cambridge wore green, another said: “Meghan showing how you really wear green…”

Kate Middleton wore cherry red for the Commonwealth service today.

The Duchess wore a SADA felt saucer hat, £460, from Sally Ann Provan.

The coat, with velvet on the cuff and collars, was from a favourite brand of Kate’s, Catherine Walker.

She has worn the garment before on Christmas Day 2018 for the church service. 

A picture of Meghan and Harry recently shocked a number of Twitter users who remarked the pair looked uncharacteristically unhappy.

“He does not look like a happy man,” one Twitter user wrote.

Another said, “He’s not Harry anymore that’s for sure,” adding a sad face to the sentiment.

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Led Zeppelin wins ‘Stairway to Heaven’ copyright case

Led Zeppelin scored a major win on Monday in the copyright battle over “Stairway to Heaven,” as the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a jury verdict finding the song did not infringe on the 1968 song “Taurus.”

The ruling is also a significant win for the music industry, which has felt itself fighting a losing battle against frivolous copyright suits since the “Blurred Lines” trial in 2015. The court overturned the so-called “inverse ratio rule,” a precedent that has governed copyright cases in the 9th Circuit for the last 43 years.

To prove copyright infringement, a plaintiff must show that the alleged infringer had access to the plaintiff’s work, and that the two works are “substantially similar.” The inverse ratio rule — which had not been adopted in other circuits — held that the more access was shown, the less similarity was required to establish infringement. The rule has been a thorn in the side of defendants — including record labels and major artists — for decades.

In overturning the rule, the appeals court noted that the idea of “access” has become diluted in the digital age, as millions of works are readily available on Netflix, YouTube, and Spotify. The court also held that the rule has the effect of establishing a lower burden of proof for infringement of popular works.

“It was a terrible rule,” said Ed McPherson, an attorney who filed an amicus brief in support of Led Zeppelin, on behalf of songwriters, producers and musicians. “If you have a lot of access, that shouldn’t mean there should be a lesser standard to prove copyright infringement. It’s never made sense to me.”

The court also pushed back on the claims of similarity in the Led Zeppelin case, in an opinion that should hearten critics of the “Blurred Lines” decision.

“We have never extended copyright protection to just a few notes,” the court held. “Instead we have held that ‘a four-note sequence common in the music field’ is not the copyrightable expression in a song.”

The Zeppelin case began in 2014, when journalist Michael Skidmore filed suit on behalf of the estate of Randy Wolfe, the late frontman of the band “Spirit.” The lawsuit alleged that the iconic opening instrumental riff in “Stairway to Heaven” was lifted from Spirit’s 1968 song “Taurus.”

A jury ruled against the plaintiffs in 2016, but a three-judge panel of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals revived the case in September 2018. The panel held that Judge Gary Klausner had given the wrong jury instructions, and ordered a new trial.

Led Zeppelin’s attorneys appealed to the full circuit, which heard the case last September.

McPherson said he was not sure whether the court would take the opportunity to overturn the inverse ratio rule, as the subject hardly came up at oral argument.

“I’m thrilled they did do it,” he said. “It’s a terrific decision. I have renewed faith in the 9th Circuit.”

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'I Am Jazz': Jazz's Mom Thinks Jazz Is Sending Out a 'Cry For Help'

When Jazz Jennings of TLC’s I Am Jazz prepared to apply for and head to college, her parents, Greg and Jeanette Jennings, were proud and overjoyed.

But they were also concerned, given their daughter’s history of anxiety, depression, and binge eating disorder, all of which are triggered by stress. When Jazz chose Harvard University over her other top choice, Pomona College, Jeanette and Greg worried that the academic pressure might affect Jazz’s mental health.

On the Mar. 3 episode of I Am Jazz, “Dragilicious,” Jazz opened up to her parents about her growing anxiety about college and the changes in her life in general. Jeanette said it seemed like Jazz was sending out a “cry for help” amid the mounting pressures in her life.

Jazz reflected on the recent changes and frustrations in her life

During the latest episode, Jazz opened up about recent changes in her life and personal journey. As she prepared to head off to college and finished up the last of her gender confirmation surgery touch-ups, the I Am Jazz star hoped to become the best version of herself and make some major internal paradigm shifts.

“I have been doing a lot of meditation lately, just to helpme, you know, be more deliberate about what I think about,” the 19-year-oldtold producers.

Jazz wondered why her plans for the drag show fundraiser she hosted to raise money for her friend Noelle’s bottom surgery had gotten so out of hand. She had planned to perform an original song with her friend, songwriter Michaela Paige, but realized she had to back out due to stress and anxiety.

The trans rights advocate said this was a pattern for her, and one she wanted to curb before heading to Harvard. “My parents have always emphasized the importance of following through with your commitments and obligations,” Jazz said, adding that she often had “super, super huge ideas.”

“But then when it’s time to finally create them into reality, I usually fall short,” Jazz lamented.

The ‘I Am Jazz’ star told her parents she wouldn’t be performing an original song at the drag show

After she decided not to go forward with the musical performance, Jazz sat down for a heart-to-heart with her parents.

“I’m not performing the song,” Jazz announced. “We didn’treally have much time to work on it, and the show is just so fast approaching,and emotionally, I’m just kind of all over the place right now with everythinggoing on.”

Greg told I Am Jazz producers he thought his daughtermade the right decision about the song. “I’m actually a bit relieved,” he confessed.

But Jazz’s palpable anxiety was still a major concern for Jeanette and Greg. “During the past few weeks, we’ve all noticed that Jazz’s stress levels have increased,” Jazz’s mom said. “She is visibly upset, sometimes even crying, and I know she’s been binge eating. Her anxiety is probably the most I’ve ever seen it.”

Jazz’s parents worried that she wasn’t mentally ready for Harvard

In particular, Jazz’s parents worried that she might have abreakdown when she headed off to Harvard.

Jazz shared that fear, especially as the academic pressurebegan to mount as her college career loomed closer. “I feel like, with Harvard,I have a lot of mental and physical preparation to do,” the I Am Jazzstar said nervously. “And if I don’t start really putting in the effort, then I’mnot gonna make it.”

Jeanette told TLC producers she was deeply concerned aboutJazz’s well-being and mental health. “If she doesn’t think she can handleliving outside the home, it’s truly upsetting,” she said. “It’s almost like acry for help.”

Still, Jazz’s dad hoped that her openness about her mental health symptoms would allow them to help her before she finally ventured out on her own. “But I also think that, if she’s saying it now, at least we have an opportunity to work on things,” he said.

Jeanette wasn’t convinced, especially when it came to Jazz’s binge eating disorder. “I’m just concerned about her because I don’t think her coping mechanisms for anxiety are the greatest,” the I Am Jazz star’s mom worried.

To producers, Jeanette added that she sometimes felt alonewhen it came to helping Jazz with her anxiety. She hinted that her husband wasn’tnecessarily aware of just how serious the problem was. “When Jazz is in emotionalpain, struggling with her anxiety, usually we’re alone and Greg is working,”she explained. “And I don’t think that he appreciates how bad Jazz’s coping skillsare.”

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Pearl Jam Combine Fury and Maturity on 'Gigaton'

One of Eddie Vedder’s idols, Roger Daltrey of the Who, once said that the secret to keeping “My Generation” fresh onstage half a century after it was written isn’t nailing the song’s stutter, but believably channeling its anger. It’s a sentiment Vedder would definitely endorse; the Pearl Jam frontman’s rage has always burned bright (this is a guy who once sounded super pissed-off singing about how people should play more vinyl). But as he’s matured, the youthful fury that fueled PJ’s golden-age grunge has grown with him, turning into a finely burnished middle-age indignation.

Now, on Gigaton, the first record Pearl Jam has mustered during the Trump administration, the group has blended the miasmic angst of “Jeremy” and “Alive” with a sense of tenderness and even flashes of hope. Although Trump is not the sole focus of the record, Vedder gives the president (“a tragedy of errors,” in EdVed’s words) plenty of airtime. On “Quick Escape,” a chunky anthem with an echoey, U2-like riff, Vedder details his journey “to find a place Trump hadn’t fucked up yet.” On the surprisingly Springsteen-y standout “Seven O’clock,” he name-checks indigenous leaders Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse, mythic insurgents who stood up to the U.S. government, and calls the president “Sitting Bullshit.” He praises the titular character from Sean Penn’s Trump-inspired satirical novel Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff between avalanche riffs in “Never Destination” and paints a bleak picture on the gospel-tinged closing track, “River Cross,” describing how “the government thrives on discontent . . . proselytizing and profitizing as our will all but disappears.” 

Yet, where the Vedder of 20 years ago might have hollered (or hooted) his blues, he mostly keeps his cool on Gigaton. Album opener “Who Ever Said” doubles as Vedder’s mantra for hope, as he sings, “Whoever said, ‘It’s all been said,’ gave up on satisfaction,” between Pete Townshend-inspired licks and a New Wave-style guitar solo. The music itself can be surprisingly upbeat — from the danceable electro-tinged curveball “Dance of the Clairvoyants” to the Soundgarden-size grunge-hulk “Take the Long Way,” penned by drummer Matt Cameron, to “Superblood Wolfmoon,” fun frat-party garage rock with “Louie Louie”-esque nonsense lyrics. 

As the band’s first LP since 2013’s Lightning Bolt, there’s an attention to sonic and emotional detail, a focus on musical light and shade, which reflects the album’s lengthy gestation. The record is sequenced with the rockers upfront and slower, more meditative songs at the back, as if the band is exhaling. “Come Then Goes” is a poignant acoustic eulogy for a fallen friend (perhaps the late Chris Cornell), and on “River Cross” Vedder begs us all to “share the light” over his own pump-organ line. Gigaton is a testament to how Pearl Jam’s own deeply held dissatisfaction still burns brighter than ever. 

Popular on Rolling Stone

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The Sussexes & Cambridges arrived at the Abbey for Commonwealth Day

Embed from Getty Images

Here are some photos from today’s Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey. We will absolutely have full coverage tomorrow, when more photos (and better photos) come in. As it is, we won’t have the same quality photos of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge interacting with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex inside Westminster, which is what we got last year, when Meghan was pregnant. Those interactions were supposed to happen this year and they would have been “the money shots” the British tabloids were counting on for weeks/months of body-language analysis and stories about the “war” between William, Harry, Kate and Meghan.

We won’t get those photos because Harry and Meghan pulled out of the “Queen’s procession” part of the appearance, and then Will and Kate quickly followed suit and pulled out as well. The procession part would have been where we would have seen the two couples interacting as they awaited the Queen’s arrival, then they would walk behind the Queen. Now Meghan and Harry will be “conducted” to their seats instead of waiting around. Will and Kate will do the same. This is a very last-minute change, because the old Order of Service was confirmed and agreed upon (and put in print) just yesterday. So… take that as you will. I take it as neither couple was eager to A) see each other, B) pose together and C) pretend like they’re okay with each other.

As for these photos of the Sussexes and Cambridges entering Westminster Abbey… oh my good lord Beyonce, look at Meghan trolling the f–k out of Kate. Kate did Keen In Green looks all over Ireland last week, so excuse me if I believe that Meghan was like “girl, this is how you’re supposed to wear green.” This is so striking! And clearly, Meghan no longer feels the need to dim her sparkle to appease these dusty old farts. Speaking of, Kate wore… a coatdress. It looks new. It’s old. It’s red, obviously. It has velvet details and buttons. She easily has ten versions of this coatdress in different colors.

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Photos courtesy of Getty.

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Like the Love Is Blind contestants, I ignored the red flags in my relationships

One night, a man I once dated got drunk and called me a slut in front of all my friends – and a bouncer, who promptly removed him from the bar. 

I had been celebrating a personal success but the entire night had revolved around my ex’s worsening mood and increasing inebriation instead of my accomplishment: he didn’t respond well when I had cause to feel good about myself. 

In spite of this, I went back to his that night and attempted to patch things up. To this day, I see that moment as my opportunity to have left him, but I didn’t. And I’m still not sure why.

I’d also love to say that the final tipping point was when he told me that guns should be legal because he’d studied karate once and technically, his hands were ‘lethal weapons’, but no one was ‘outlawing those’.

Or perhaps it should have been when we had a raging argument because he tried to convince me that there hasn’t been homophobia in America since the 60s and dismissed me when I reminded him of historical events like the Stonewall riots in 1969 or Harvey Milk’s assassination in 1978. 

I wish I could say it was when he cheated on me with an ex and proceeded to wake his mother up at 2am demanding she get him a bottle of wine after I’d confronted him about it. But it wasn’t any of these times. 

Honestly, I hated him. He cheated on me, regularly dismissed my experiences with misogyny and gaslit me when I pulled him up on anything. He made stupid remarks about pretty much every topic going, made a point of fantasising about other women in front of me and more than once got so drunk he almost pissed himself. No matter, I rationalised everything and reasoned away stunningly appalling behaviour. 

Like everyone else in modern society, I have recently finished watching Love is Blind – an aggressively archaic and hetronormative dating show where men and women, just desperate enough to marry, get engaged to someone they’ve never seen. 

After feverishly consuming too many episodes back-to-back and finding myself dreaming that I’m suddenly in isolation – unrelated to coronavirus – talking to a plasma-blue wall, I’ve found myself compelled by the unrelenting perseverance of these couples, despite being very clearly miserable with each other. 

There are no real stakes, besides perhaps a societal pressure to be settled down by 30 and a #sponcon deal at the the end of the aisle for motivation, yet everyone last one of them is dripping with sincerity when they say they want to make things work. 

Jessica, slurring and containing multitudes, nails bottle after bottle of Merlot in an attempt to catch feelings. Mark, her fiancé, vows to ‘fight’ for her on multiple occasions – even after she drunkenly declares her feelings for another man – despite knowing her for roughly eight days.

Giannina repeatedly confuses furious arguments for passion while her fiancé, Damian, looks like he’s just trying to keep up while fighting off the effects of a sleeping pill.

How Lauren endured the constant pawing of her fiance with a smile, I will never know.

There are a few success stories, with at least three of the couples still dating or married, and any reality TV has to be taken with a pinch of salt. Did they really fight that much? Or does the edit shoulder some of the blame? 

But from what I saw these relationships look truly horrible and they should leave immediately. 

Yet, when you’re inside one, it’s harder to be so cut and dry. After you’ve invested so much time in a relationship, it’s hard to accept that it may have been a waste. 

I recognise this behaviour, it kept me trapped in my own personal nightmare. Fewer plasma-blue walls but still an isolation of kinds, as I was too humiliated to tell anyone the truth about how my boyfriend treated me. Who lets someone call them a slut? I had invested too much time to risk looking like a fool. The truth was, I already looked like one. 

Love is Blind has been touted as an experiment, to determine if love truly is blind. I say yes, it is. Love blinds us to behaviour we would never tolerate from a stranger, let alone someone tasked with loving us back.

When I eventually left my ex, there was no final explosion or tearful confession at an unforgivingly lit wedding altar. I just stopped being blind.

Do you have a story you’d like to share? Get in touch by emailing [email protected]

Share your views in the comments below.

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Parking spot beef leads to deadly Atlanta mall shooting

A man was killed after a parking dispute at an upscale Atlanta mall, police said.

The victim, believed to be about 25 years old, was found lifeless with a gunshot wound to the head late Sunday outside Lenox Square mall in the city’s Buckhead section, Atlanta police said.

The unidentified man, who lived out of state, had argued with four suspects in the parking lot earlier in the afternoon, but eventually went inside the mall. He was shot when he returned to his car, according to a preliminary police report.

“At one point one of the suspects pulled a firearm and shot the victim at least once,” the report reads.

The four assailants then hopped into a car and tried to drive off, but crashed before getting out of the parking lot. They tried to run off, but an off-duty Cobb County police officer managed to grab one suspect, police said.

That suspect was later released without charges, police spokesman Anthony Grant told The Post early Monday.

“At this time, investigators are seeking four persons involved in the incident,” Grant wrote in an email. “The investigation remains ongoing.”

Detectives are still working to determine whether the victim was alone in his car at the time of the slaying, Grant said.

The incident marked the fourth shooting at the mall in as many months, WGCL reports.

“This is a premier retail space for people to go from all over the metropolitan Atlanta area,” Atlanta police Maj. Andrew Senzer told the station. “This is a prime concern for us. We have dedicated a tremendous amount of [police resources] to this area and we will continue to do so until we can take back this space.”

One witness, meanwhile, said he saw the entire ordeal unfold after having dinner at the popular mall.

“We saw a gentleman standing with a gun, and then shots fired,” Gino Vowin told WSB-TV. “And then it kind of went hectic. We were just having dinner at the Cheesecake Factory and all you see are cop cars pulling up.”

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Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Reunite With Royal Fam During Final Pre-Megxit Appearance

Reunited! And it feels so awkward?

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry‘s final official royal engagement before Megxit becomes official took place early Monday morning in the UK, and we FINALLY got to see the twosome interact with members of the royal family for the first time since their bombshell announcement was made two months ago.

Clad in bright green (Harry’s was in the lining of his suit), the pair arrived at Westminster Abbey ahead of fellow royals as they were not taking part in Her Majesty’s official procession. Prince William and Kate Middleton did not take part in the procession either, and were also escorted separately to their seats shortly after their in-laws.

Brief hellos were exchanged as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrived at their front row seats while Meg and Harry sat behind them next to Prince Edward and his wife Sophie, Countess of Wessex. It’s the first time we’ve seen the fab four together since November 2019! Not that we were expecting a brawl or anything, but they barely spoke. Boo!!

With the spread of Coronavirus on everyone’s mind, there were no handshakes exchanged as royals greeted politicians and church leaders as they entered the service. Though many just nodded or smiled at each other, Prince Charles took a different approach and offered “namaste,” instead.

As Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall arrived to their seats with Queen Elizabeth II, the fab four and surrounding family bowed and curtsied in respect.

Ch-ch-check out the full celebration (below):

Monday’s service wrapped up several days of events in the UK for the Duke and Duchess before they head back across the pond to Canada to be reunited with their son Archie Harrison. Though Megxit is rapidly approaching, we’re sure we’ll be hearing and seeing from them again soon! Even if the royal fam doesn’t…

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Harry Redknapp 'feels deceived' being filmed charging charities £20k in sting

Harry Redknapp has broken his silence to say he was ‘misled’ by a Channel 4 documentary where he’s seen charging £20,000 to support a charity online.

TheI’m A Celebrity star, alongside Caitlyn Jenner, becomes the unwittingcentre-piece in Dispatches new expose special Celebs For Sale: The GreatCharity Scandal, where his reps are seen asking for a £20k fee to back acharity.

Charging£15,000 for one Instagram post and a further £5,000 for a photoshoot, the dealis made and the star is soon seen holding the ‘charity’s’ merch on social media,backing fake cause CUPPA – which ‘aims to stop plastic pollution in Africa’.

Butfollowing the news breaking of his involvement in the sting, Harry’s reps havenow released a statement condemning the series for being misleading.

Aspokesperson for Harry Redknapp said: ‘As everyone knows, Harry does a massiveamount of work for Charities big and small, and has done for many years, whichhe doesn’t charge for.  

‘He is disappointed that he was deceived into believing that private investors wanted to engage his services, and would not have accepted payment if he had been told this was being paid for by the charity in question.’

‘Harry’s 2019 theatre tours raised over £160,000 for charity, and is doing the same again this year,’ they continued.

‘Harryis shocked and upset that he was misled in this way and is donating the moneyhe was paid to the charities he works with so that it can be put to good use.’

Thedocumentary will air on Channel 4 tonight and will see both Harry and Caitlyn’speople set up lucrative deals for single Instagram posts to promote charitiesonline.

Caitlyn’speople also stated that she felt ‘taken advantage of’ and it overlooks theother charity work that she does.

‘Theclaims by Channel 4 that Caitlyn Jenner is non- charitable are false,defamatory, and hurtful. In general terms, the allegations are false becauseCaitlyn is a strong believer in the spirit of charitable giving.  

‘Shewas taken advantage of and exploited by a secret camera crew pretending to be acharity – her only intention was to promote the “charity”.’

‘Shehas worked tirelessly to raise money for and to promote many charitable causes,’they added.

‘In2016, she set up her own charity, The Caitlyn Jenner Foundation, whose missionis to promote equality and combat discrimination by providing grants toorganizations that empower and improve the lives of transgender people(including youth), provide support to bullying victims, help to preventsuicide, and provide healthcare, housing and employment support.’

Theyadded that the money she earned from her Instagram post – which could have costup to £60,000 – has also been donated to her foundation.

Dispatches – Celebs For Sale: The Great Charity Scandal airs Monday at 8pm on Channel 4.

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GAA talking points: New Galway, woes continue for Offaly

Following another round of National League action, we review the major talking points from the GAA weekend.

A new Galway emerging?

The Tribesmen’s comeback win over Tipperary will have delighted new boss Shane O’Neill on several levels.

Not only did his side show the required grit and determination to overcome the All-Ireland champions, but they also bullied the Premier in tough conditions.

However, undoubtedly the most pleasing aspect from a Galway point of view was the fact it wasn’t spearheaded by the usual suspects.

Brian Concannon provided a significant threat in the forwards. After scoring a brace of goals in his championship debut against Offaly in 2018, the Killimordaly man struggled to break into Micheál Donoghue’s plans for the remainder of that season. He eventually nailed down a starting berth last year, but his progress was stemmed by the side’s inability to progress from the Leinster Championship.

Now in his third season in the side, he looked right at home in the Galway forward line on Sunday, scoring four impressive points and turning provider for Conor Whelan’s first goal.

Meanwhile, Evan Niland displayed deadly accuracy from frees, and was lively in open play.

The fact that names other than Joe Canning, Cathal Mannion and Co. are helping to carry the burden in the Galway attack is a major boost for the westerners.

Offaly woes continue

2019 was cast as Offaly hurling’s lowest ebb. The Faithful County suffered relegation in both league and championship – and Michael Fennelly’s 2020 brief was likely to secure promotion in both competitions.

On Sunday afternoon, the first of those objectives failed.

Two late, late Antrim goals rescued a draw for the Ulser side, meaning Kerry progress to the Division 2A final at Offaly’s expense.

While there were grievances with the referee over the amount of added time played in Tullamore – the fact remains that they only picked up one point from a possible four in games against the Kingdom and the Saffrons.

They are now facing a lay-off period until their Christy Ring Cup campaign, but Sunday’s slip-up won’t affect their summer ambitions.

Nonetheless, there’s no doubting that this weekend represented another setback for the small ball in Offaly.

Lower tier hurling getting moment in the sun

It was confirmed on Monday that the Division 2A final will be held in Croke Park.

In recent years, all four National Football League finals have been played at the Jones’ Road stadium, but the same courtesy hasn’t been afforded to hurling.

After calls for the tie to be brought to HQ, the fixture-makers decided to pair it as a double-header with the meeting of the Dublin and Meath footballers.

Will this set a precedent for lower tier National Hurling League finals in the future? Or was Croker merely a geographically convenient location for two counties at opposite ends of the country?

Armagh rising from the chaos of Division 2

Division 2 is notoriously difficult to predict, with form counting for little from week-to-week.

The cluster in the table paints the picture, and with two rounds to go there are a host of teams who remain in both the promotion and relegation frames simultaneously.

Division 2 table

But one side who are going about their business in an efficient manner are Armagh. Kieran McGeeney’s charges saw off Fermanagh 3-14 to 0-10 in Brewster Park on Saturday, moving to the top of the table in the process.

The Orchard County boast a range of scorers in the side, with Jamie Clarke, Rian O’Neill, Oisin O’Neill, Aidan Forker, Jarlath Óg Burns, Aidan Nugent, Rory Grugan and Niall Grimley all contributing to their haul on Saturday evening.

The visit of Roscommon to the Athletic Grounds next Sunday looks like a potential promotion decider. Armagh will be looking to finish the job in their final two games, but right now resemble a side ready to make a step up to the top tier.

Will Buckley departure rock Kerry?

For what was supposedly a quiet weekend for Gaelic football, seismic news emerged on Saturday afternoon of selector Donie Buckley leaving the Kerry senior football backroom team.

Having spent six years with Mayo before linking up with Peter Keane, the Castleisland native is widely regarded as one of the top defensive coaches in the country.

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