Former NFL Player Antonio Cromartie Must Pay $336,000 per Year to Support 8 of His 14 Kids

Antonio Cromartie is a former NFL pro who has received a great deal of attention over the years for his football skills, but even more for his messy personal life. Cromartie is notorious for fathering over a dozen children with many women.

Even though he is happily married these days, he still has to pay a hefty chunk of money each month in child support. Cromartie has a sense of humor about his large family and even though he has a lot of commitments, he has managed to maintain his lavish lifestyle. 

How did Antonio Cromartie become famous?

Antonio Cromartie was born in Florida in 1984. He began playing football in high school, showing promise at an early age. He accepted an athletic scholarship from Florida State University, joining the football team and getting involved in track as well.

Cromartie proved himself to be an elite athlete, and in 2006, he signed with the San Diego Chargers. He played for the Chargers for nearly four years before being traded to the New York Jets. 

For the second half of his football career, Cromartie bounced around between teams. He played with the Jets until 2013 before being released and then signing with the Arizona Cardinals in 2014.

That year proved to be a big one for Cromartie, and he ended up making the Pro Bowl only a few months after signing with the Cardinals. In 2015, he signed with the Jets yet again but only stayed with the team for a year before being released and signing with the Indianapolis Colts. He was released in late 2016, and after a year out of the game, he announced his retirement in early 2018.

Antonio Cromartie has 14 kids

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Antonio Cromartie’s football career is certainly noteworthy, but not nearly as interesting as the tangled web of his private life. In 2010, Cromartie confirmed his marriage to Terricka Cason, but by that time, he already had a slew of children by as many as seven other women, according to Heavy. While the details of his relationships with those women have never been fully revealed, reports suggest that Cromartie’s wife gets along well with his other baby mamas.

Cromartie has so many children, in fact, that he sometimes struggles to remember all of their names — as he revealed on a 2010 episode of the show Hard Knocks. He also has trouble getting them all together for family events, which stands to reason, due to their wildly varying ages and schedules.

What is surprising, however, is that some of Cromartie’s children with his wife were conceived after Cromartie underwent a vasectomy. According to experts, vasectomies are normally a very effective form of birth control, however, “they aren’t perfect” and can fail on some occasions. 

Antonio Cromartie’s hefty child support bill

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One child can be very expensive — therefore, 14 of them would cost a fortune. Even though Antonio Cromartie has a net worth of around $10 million, he shells out a good portion of that every year in child support. In 2010, reports from Bleach Report claimed that Cromartie actually received an advance of $500,000 from his then-team, the New York Jets, so that he could pay what he owed in back child support. 

At that time, it was estimated that Cromartie was paying $336,000 per year for his eight children — so he probably pays double that these days, for 14 children and a higher cost of living.

In spite of the expense and stress that comes with having so many children, Cromartie prides himself on being a hands-on father. The former NFL pro has stated that he would describe himself as “loving, very hands-on, and a little strict. Like, ‘you need to be here, you gotta be here, you gotta do this a certain way.’” 

It is clear that Cromartie has no regrets about his large family, even if it is a lot to maintain. 

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Chelsea star Antonio Rudiger toughest XI he has ever faced including Cristiano Ronaldo and ‘best ever’ Lionel Messi – The Sun

CHELSEA star Antonio Rudiger has named his best XI of stars he has faced during his career – reserving special praise for the "best ever", Lionel Messi.

The German defender, 27, spoke to Sky Sports with the Premier League still on lockdown.

And he named a host of Premier League rivals, including two current Liverpool players.

But when asked who he believed to be the greatest player of all-time, Rudiger aimed to settle the debate by claiming it would be Messi for him.

Blues star Rudiger told Sky Sports: "If I had to pick one it would be Messi.

"Is he the best ever? I didn’t see Pele or Diego Maradona playing because that was not my time, so it’s Messi.’"

Check out what he had to say on every player in his best XI…

GOALKEEPER – Manuel Neuer

"There were some times, around 2014, where he was unbeatable. He was the goalkeeper.

"There are a lot of good goalkeepers, I played with Alisson at Roma, he's a beast, and I've played with Marc-Andre ter Stegen and Bernd Leno.

"There are a lot of good goalkeepers, but I pick Neuer.

"In the 2014 World Cup against Algeria, I was watching from home and he was unbeatable, he was almost playing like a defender, clearing up the long balls Algeria put over the defence.

"He took everything and I was shocked."

RIGHT-BACK – Aaron Wan-Bissaka

"This guy is hard to beat, with his tackles – his sliding tackle is amazing.

"He is progressing very well, and I like him very much."

CENTRE-BACK – Sergio Ramos

"Everyone knows why, this guy knows how to do his job in defence and is also very important at offensive set pieces.

"He is a commanding defender and a great anywhere."

CENTRE-BACK – Virgil van Dijk

"In the last two years he's shown he is definitely one of the best, even maybe the best at the moment. He is a beast.

"You always look up to those kind of players because these two centre-backs are, at the moment, the best centre-back, so of course you can learn something from them.

"Everyone has their own style of playing, but you can learn from them."

LEFT-BACK – Andrew Robertson

"This guy doesn't stop running, he is active the whole time, going forward and backwards.

"He is very good at crossing and overall, both defensively and offensively, he is doing a very good job."

CENTRE-MID – Andres Iniesta

"The vision he had for football was massive, I'd never seen anything like it.

"His combination game was top class."

CENTRE-MID – N'Golo Kante

"The guy is everywhere, and he loves to tackle.

"These kind of players look for the contest, they find it and they win it, that is impressive, especially when you consider what kind of guy he is.


CENTRE-MID – Kevin De Bruyne

"I played against him in Germany.

"In those days, it was hell to play against Wolfsburg because they were a really tough side with good quality players, and of course he was the best in that team.

"He has everything; his crossing, passing, the way he shoots on his left and right foot and his technical ability – he is really, really good."

RIGHT-WING – Lionel Messi

"The next two stand out, they are in a different world, they are different quality.

"When you're playing against Messi, the feeling you have is that it's just up to him, if he is in a good mood or is having a good day you cannot stop him.

"That is my honest opinion."

LEFT-WING – Cristiano Ronaldo

"The same applies with Ronaldo. They have two different ways of playing, one to try and score goals and the other is enjoying his football.

"If I had to pick one it would be Messi. Is he the best ever? I didn't see Pele or Diego Maradona playing because that was not my time, so it's Messi."

STRIKER – Sergio Aguero

"For me, he is a top striker. He's small, compact and a goalscorer who scores for fun.

"He's the type of striker that if you give him an inch that's enough, it's tough to mark him.

"For a big defender, his centre of gravity is very low and it's difficult because of his good movement."

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