2020 sports calendar: Coronavirus-impacted schedules

The following is a list of global sports leagues and events that have been impacted by the coronavirus crisis and the estimated start or resumed dates from the respective leagues. This list and the dates are subject to change.


NBA: Unknown

WNBA: Season won’t begin on time, originally scheduled for May 15

Euroleague and Euro Cup: CANCELLED


NFL opener: Sept. 10

NFL first Sunday: Sept. 13

NCAAF: Week 0, Aug. 29

NCAAF: Week 1, Sept. 5

CFL: Week 1, September

XFL: Canceled


MLB: Opening Day, July


NHL: Unknown


MLS: Postponed until at least late June

EPL: Returns June 17
Status: DATE SET

Champions League: TBD

La Liga: Returns June 11
Status: DATE SET

Bundesliga: Business as usual for Bayern

Serie A: Returns June 20

Euro 2020: Moved to 2021

Copa America: Moved to 2021

NWSL: Challenge Cup, June 27
Status: DATE SET

*Full schedule here



UFC 250: June 6
Status: DATE SET

*Full schedule here


Top Rank: Wilder vs. Fury III, early October

*Full schedule here


ATP/WTA: Tour resumes July 13

US Open: Aug. 31-Sept. 13

French Open: Sept. 20-Oct. 4

Wimbledon: Will return in 2021


PGA: Tour resumes mid-June

LPGA: Tour resumes mid-July

PGA: PGA Championship, Aug. 6-9

PGA: FedEx Cup, Aug. 13-Sept. 7

PGA: U.S. Open, Sept. 17-20

Ryder Cup: Sept. 25-27
Status: DATE SET

The Masters: Nov. 12-15

European Tour: TBD

Open Championship: Will return in 2021



The Preakness: TBD

Belmont Stakes: June 20
Status: Shorter distance

Kentucky Derby: Sept. 5

Breeders’ Cup: Nov. 6-7


NASCAR: Season started May 17


Formula One: Season starts July 5

IndyCar: Season starts June 6

IndyCar: Indianapolis 500, Aug. 23


AFL: Season resumes June 11


Tour de France: Will run Aug. 29-Sept. 20


Summer Games: Rescheduled for July 23-Aug. 8. 2021


World Series of Poker: Targeting fall

Boston Marathon: CANCELED

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Former NFL Player Antonio Cromartie Must Pay $336,000 per Year to Support 8 of His 14 Kids

Antonio Cromartie is a former NFL pro who has received a great deal of attention over the years for his football skills, but even more for his messy personal life. Cromartie is notorious for fathering over a dozen children with many women.

Even though he is happily married these days, he still has to pay a hefty chunk of money each month in child support. Cromartie has a sense of humor about his large family and even though he has a lot of commitments, he has managed to maintain his lavish lifestyle. 

How did Antonio Cromartie become famous?

Antonio Cromartie was born in Florida in 1984. He began playing football in high school, showing promise at an early age. He accepted an athletic scholarship from Florida State University, joining the football team and getting involved in track as well.

Cromartie proved himself to be an elite athlete, and in 2006, he signed with the San Diego Chargers. He played for the Chargers for nearly four years before being traded to the New York Jets. 

For the second half of his football career, Cromartie bounced around between teams. He played with the Jets until 2013 before being released and then signing with the Arizona Cardinals in 2014.

That year proved to be a big one for Cromartie, and he ended up making the Pro Bowl only a few months after signing with the Cardinals. In 2015, he signed with the Jets yet again but only stayed with the team for a year before being released and signing with the Indianapolis Colts. He was released in late 2016, and after a year out of the game, he announced his retirement in early 2018.

Antonio Cromartie has 14 kids

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Antonio Cromartie’s football career is certainly noteworthy, but not nearly as interesting as the tangled web of his private life. In 2010, Cromartie confirmed his marriage to Terricka Cason, but by that time, he already had a slew of children by as many as seven other women, according to Heavy. While the details of his relationships with those women have never been fully revealed, reports suggest that Cromartie’s wife gets along well with his other baby mamas.

Cromartie has so many children, in fact, that he sometimes struggles to remember all of their names — as he revealed on a 2010 episode of the show Hard Knocks. He also has trouble getting them all together for family events, which stands to reason, due to their wildly varying ages and schedules.

What is surprising, however, is that some of Cromartie’s children with his wife were conceived after Cromartie underwent a vasectomy. According to experts, vasectomies are normally a very effective form of birth control, however, “they aren’t perfect” and can fail on some occasions. 

Antonio Cromartie’s hefty child support bill

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One child can be very expensive — therefore, 14 of them would cost a fortune. Even though Antonio Cromartie has a net worth of around $10 million, he shells out a good portion of that every year in child support. In 2010, reports from Bleach Report claimed that Cromartie actually received an advance of $500,000 from his then-team, the New York Jets, so that he could pay what he owed in back child support. 

At that time, it was estimated that Cromartie was paying $336,000 per year for his eight children — so he probably pays double that these days, for 14 children and a higher cost of living.

In spite of the expense and stress that comes with having so many children, Cromartie prides himself on being a hands-on father. The former NFL pro has stated that he would describe himself as “loving, very hands-on, and a little strict. Like, ‘you need to be here, you gotta be here, you gotta do this a certain way.’” 

It is clear that Cromartie has no regrets about his large family, even if it is a lot to maintain. 

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NFL Players DeAndre Baker, Quinton Dunbar Surrender To Police On Armed Robbery Charges

New York Giants cornerback DeAndre Baker and Seattle Seahawks cornerback Quinton Dunbar turned themselves in to police in Florida on Saturday.

Both men face four counts of armed robbery with a firearm. Baker also faces four counts of aggravated assault related to an alleged incident at a party Wednesday night in Miramar, Fla. Arrest warrants were issued on Thursday for Baker, 22, and Dunbar, 27.

“Reports are correct that Deandre turned himself in this morning,” Baker’s attorney, Bradford Cohen, posted to Instagram on Saturday. “I am a believer in the system and that if everything works the matter will be appropriately resolved.”

Dunbar’s lawyer, Michael Grieco, said his client surrendered to authorities in Miramar, Fla., on Saturday afternoon, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

Attorneys for both men on Friday said that witnesses have signed affidavits maintaining that the two NFL players took no part in the alleged armed robbery. Cohen said Saturday that police had treated Baker fairly but that there was more to the story than authorities had been told.

“Both my client and I have felt @miramarpd and the Detective working the case, were accommodating and went out of their way to assure Mr Bakers privacy during this hard time,” Cohen’s statement further read. “That is not just lip service, it is fact, and we appreciate it. This is my 23rd year in practice defending those who I feel are wrongly charged or wrongly treated. That doesn’t mean that all police officers are bad or all are good. We all have jobs to do and I believe we all do them to the best of our ability. Police reports are just that, reports of what was told to them or said to them. Court is what we use to then examine those reports, investigate those claims and allow the Defendant an opportunity to confront the evidence. Don’t rush to judgment.”

Baker was drafted by the Giants in the first round (30th overall) out of Georgia in 2019. He had 61 tackles, two tackles for loss and eight pass defenses in 16 games (15 starts) as a rookie.

Dunbar was acquired by the Seahawks from the Washington Redskins in March in exchange for a 2020 fifth-round pick. He entered the NFL with Washington as an undrafted free agent in 2015 and has 150 tackles and nine interceptions in 58 career games (25 starts). Last season, he recorded a career-high four interceptions in 11 games.

―Field Level Media


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The NFL Will Start to Use Fake Crowd Sounds During Fox Sports Broadcasts of Games

An NFL player scores a touchdown and the crowd goes wild! So to speak. With the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic shutting down almost all professional sports leagues for the past few months, networks dedicated to covering sports have been in a dilemma. How do they responsibly cover sports if the leagues do end up restarting? With some fake crowd noises and virtual images of fans, at least over at Fox Sports.

Fox Sports announcer Joe Buck confirmed today that the NFL broadcasts on his network will use recordings of crowd noises and doctored images of fans in the stands to fill up the empty stadiums should the league restart games.

Buck revealed these plans in an interview with Andy Cohen on the Sirius XM show Radio Andy. He called these tactics a “done deal” as Fox Sports preps for an NFL season that may have to play to empty stadiums due to the pandemic.

“I think Fox and these networks have to put crowd noise under us to make it as normal a viewing experience at home,” Buck said. “I know they’ll do it.”

Buck added that the faux fan noises and images will be used to make the games “a normal viewing experience at home.”

Under the CDC’s recommendations during the coronavirus pandemic, public gatherings of more than 10 people are barred, which prevents the NFL from filling up stadiums with fans wanting to attend games. There is no confirmation yet on whether the NFL plans to hold its 101st season of the National Football League, which is scheduled to begin on September 10. The NFL and college football are currently in their offseasons, but the NFL conducted its annual draft in April. Meanwhile it moved its offseason program to the virtual realm and is still not letting teams return to facilities.

If the NFL were to restart its season come September, that will be the most eerie season of professional football we’ll see. Virtually-inserted crowd noises and fan images probably won’t make up for the fact that those stadiums really are empty, and trying to pretend they’re not will only be more bizarre. Is football so dependent on crowds anyways? It’s not like WrestleMania, which has morphed into a David Lynch film ever since deciding to hold matches without a crowd.

But Buck is confident that it won’t trip up viewers, adding, “I think whoever’s going to be at that control is going to have to be really good at their job and be realistic with how a crowd would react, depending on what just happened on the field, so it’s really important.”

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NFL schedule 2020 analysis: Who has the hardest and easiest matchups?

Welcome to the time of year when every optimistic NFL fan sees a route to get a beloved team into the playoffs.

And every pessimistic one can’t believe the bad luck of the draw to see their beloved team dealt such a brutal schedule.

There are countless ways to judge a schedule, including opponents’ winning percentage last year, opponents’ projected winning percentage this year, home/road splits, difficult back-to-back stretches and bye week timing.

Here is The Post’s analysis of which teams drew the hardest and easiest schedules for 2020:

Hardest Schedule

Tom Brady leaves the AFC East and still the Jets have the NFL’s toughest schedule? That’s a bad break.

Once every 12 years the Jets (and the rest of the division) simultaneously face the entire NFC and AFC West divisions, which means a lot of airline mileage and stiff competition.

The Jets have two games in Los Angeles (Chargers and Rams) and visit one of the NFL’s toughest road venues against the Seahawks. Both Super Bowl participants (at Chiefs, home for 49ers) are on the schedule.

While the Patriots should take a step back, the Dolphins and Bills are on the rise. Five of last year’s top-10 offenses and six of the top-10 defenses lie in wait.

Jets opponents had a .533 winning percentage last season – second-highest to the Patriots – and are projected to have a .527 winning percentage in 2020, which is third-highest based on over/unders from William Hill Sportsbook.

Easiest Schedule

Any way you slice it, the Ravens should coast: Their opponents’ 2019 winning percentage (.438) is the lowest and their opponents projected 2020 winning percentage (.494) is tied for the third-lowest.

The rival Browns and Steelers are huge question marks, and two games against the rookie-quarterback-led Bengals give the Ravens five against the handful of worst teams in the NFL (Giants, Redskins, Jaguars).

Top teams are not supposed to have easy schedules based on the formula to match up defending division champions against one another, but the Ravens draw the Chiefs and Titans at home, and their visit to the Patriots is much less intimidating without Brady.

The AFC North, NFC East and AFC South — accounting for 14 of the 16 games — are mediocre or worse compared to other divisions. The schedule is a boon to the Ravens in the chase for the AFC’s No. 1 seed and only bye in the new playoff format.

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NFL Draft 2020 first round features record-high ratings

Sports fans were hungry and the NFL gave them plenty to consume.

The first round of the 2020 NFL Draft on Thursday delivered record-high numbers for the league, despite being confined to a makeshift broadcast delivered from basements and living rooms around the country due to the coronavirus pandemic, which has shut down most sports worldwide.

According to the NFL, an average audience of over 15.6 million viewers tuned in to the Draft across ABC, ESPN, NFL Network, ESPN Deportes, and digital channels, trouncing the previous high of 12.4 million viewers in 2014. Viewership peaked at 19.6 million from 8:45-9 PM ET.

The all-virtual draft centered around commissioner Roger Goodell announcing picks from his Westchester basement, while also providing a glimpse into the living rooms and improvised draft headquarters of prospects and team personnel. Including reporters, the league used 181 feeds from around the country.

Rounds 2 and 3 of the 2020 NFL Draft begins at 7 PM ET on Friday, with rounds 4-7 on Saturday afternoon. It will once again be broadcast on all the same outlets.

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Virtual NFL Draft Tackles Record 15.6 Million Viewers

NFL Network, ESPN and ABC telecasts shatter prior draft record by 26%

Facts are so often stranger than fiction: The truth can be so terrible that we struggle to believe it, or so joyous and full of life that we’re inspired or moved. The past decade has seen a boom in the documentary space as streaming platforms have invested in their production and proliferated their distribution opportunities. So many docs that could have made this list, from those that have inspired public policy changes to others that captured gorgeous slices of life often overlooked, and even a few that pushed the visual boundaries of what’s possible in non-fiction storytelling. Here are a handful of the best documentaries from the previous decade:

  • 10. “Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry”   Alison Klayman’s documentary may have been many Americans’ introduction to Ai Weiwei, the outspoken artist (whose work has found a devoted following on social media) and whose voice that the Chinese government has threatened to silence more than once. Not only does Klayman’s extensive film retrace many of the highlights in the artist’s career; she also uses his story as a case study of the pressures artists in China face when standing up to the country’s authoritarian government.

  • 9. “The Invisible War”   Years ahead of the #MeToo movement, director Kirby Dick and co-writer Amy Ziering burst open the topic of sexual assault in the military with their painfully honest and eye-opening documentary. In “The Invisible War,” multiple members of the armed forces detail how they were assaulted or raped by fellow soldiers or commanders and how they felt victimized a second time by the army’s failure to take action. In addition to picking up an Oscar nomination, the documentary was so effective in its mission to raise awareness of the issue that the Pentagon responded by overhauling how it investigates and oversees cases of sexual assault.

  • 8. “O.J.: Made in America”   You can argue over whether Ezra Edelman’s multi-part episodic documentary qualifies as television show or a film (the Academy gave it a Best Documentary Oscar before creating new rules that would make it ineligible), but Ezra Edelman’s comprehensive look at the rise and astronomical fall of one of pop culture’s most celebrated athletes was a riveting event for many viewers. In addition to rare archival footage and numerous interviews, Edelman’s film also put O.J. Simpson’s life into historical context, connecting the dots as to why the sports star would often play down his blackness to appeal to white audiences in the 1970s and examining the various responses to the “trial of the century” in the 1990s.

  • 7. “Hale County This Morning, This Evening”   Skipping conventional storytelling approaches like using a narrator or including a series of talking-heads interviews, RaMell Ross chose a nonlinear route for his feature debut. Through evocative footage and observational shots, Ross creates a portrait of the black community of Hale County, Alabama, that’s like few other documentaries. His camera is more of a free-floating spirit through the area, quietly observing the nuances between different groups and individuals at the intersection of race and class. Even with its experimental nature, “Hale County This Morning, This Evening” earned an Oscar nomination.

  • 6. “This is Not a Film”   Forbidden by the Iranian government from making a movie, directors Jafar Panahi and Mojtaba Mirtahmasb record Panahi on an iPhone as he’s stuck at home under house arrest. At its core, the documentary is a protest film, a tool for discussing the limitations of persecuting artists in the country while defying the government’s orders by making a documentary. Politics aside, “This is Not a Film” also has a very day-in-the-life quality as it follows Panahi through stories about his previous works while as he prepares to stage future projects within the confines of his home.

  • 5. “Dawson City: Frozen Time”   In 1976, the small northern town of Dawson City unearthed an unlikely treasure trove of rare silent films in various states of decay. Decades later, Bill Morrison artfully composed fragments of these movies with other archival material and photos to tell the story of this town in a remote part of Alaska and the number of famous (or infamous) souls passed through it over its history. The found silent-movie footage from nitrate prints that survived the area’s harsh winters underground vary in their state of decomposition, but Morrison incorporates these so-called damaged works into the narrative.

  • 4. “I Am Not Your Negro”   Raoul Peck connects an unfinished James Baldwin novel about the murders of three of his friends who were leaders of the civil rights movement — Medgar Evers, Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr. — to the present-day protests of Black Lives Matter in a visceral documentary narrated by Samuel L. Jackson. Incorporating interview footage and letters, Peck conjures up Baldwin’s insightful voice to echo the works of years ago, a haunting reminder of how far equality has yet to go in the struggle against racial discrimination.

  • 3. “The Grand Bizarre”   At no point is there a singular character to follow or voice-over narration to guide us. Instead, Jodie Mack’s dazzling stop-motion animated documentary just washes over its audiences with a fury of colors, patterns and textures of materials from around the world. This inventive documentary explores heady themes of globalization, mass production, cultural identity, travel, commerce and connectivity through the journey of several fabric swatches as they traipse around the world in immaculately arranged configurations, accompanied by Mack’s playfully evocative score. Borders and barriers fall away as the materials come to life.

  • 2. “Cameraperson”   Kirsten Johnson steps out from behind the camera to become the subject of her own moving documentary about her work and life outside the frame. Her memoir-doc includes home movies of her family alongside a number of movies she shot throughout her career, including “Derrida,” “Fahrenheit 9/11,” “Happy Valley,” “Citizenfour” and “Very Semi-Serious.” It’s a delicate balance between the Johnson audiences have come to know through her work and the person whose life exists outside the camera that’s taken her to all these corners of the world.

  • 1. “The Act of Killing”   Shocking. Stomach-churning. Joshua Oppenheimer and an anonymous co-director uncover the humanity and the monstrosity behind some of the men who led death squads during Indonesia’s war against Communists. Using the guise of creating an extravagant movie about the men’s life stories, “The Act of Killing” gets its subjects to reveal dark secrets and dredge memories so awful, it makes them physically ill. They may never face the consequences for their actions, but this wildly fascinating and disturbing documentary captures perhaps one of the strangest confessions ever on film.

  • Decade in Review: “The Grand Bizarre” and “Cameraperson” rank among the highlights of the decade

    Facts are so often stranger than fiction: The truth can be so terrible that we struggle to believe it, or so joyous and full of life that we’re inspired or moved. The past decade has seen a boom in the documentary space as streaming platforms have invested in their production and proliferated their distribution opportunities. So many docs that could have made this list, from those that have inspired public policy changes to others that captured gorgeous slices of life often overlooked, and even a few that pushed the visual boundaries of what’s possible in non-fiction storytelling. Here are a handful of the best documentaries from the previous decade:

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    NFL Mock Draft 6.0: Giants, Jets hold line, Tua Tagovailoa drops

    It’s here. Finally.

    A live sporting event of sorts to take our minds off this pandemic.

    High drama, compelling theater, tears and cheers for all those collegiate stars whose dreams come true.

    The Serby Mock 6.0 does not include trades, features a Tua Tagovailoa fall and a surprise landing spot when all is said and done with the first virtual draft on Thursday night.

    Let the run on offensive tackles and wide receivers begin, and don’t forget to boo Roger Goodell:

    1. Cincinnati Bengals — Joe Burrow (QB, LSU)

    Now everyone in the AFC North except the Steelers has its young franchise quarterback. Riverfront Joe, The Pride of Athens, Ohio.

    2. Washington Redskins — Chase Young (DE, Ohio State)

    At least Giants fans who are disconsolate over losing the Week 16 Chase Young Bowl won’t have to endure him hugging Goodell — BOOOO! — on stage. A double-digit sacker for HC Ron Rivera and DC Jack Del Rio.

    3. Detroit Lions — Jeff Odukah (CB, Ohio State)

    GM Bob Quinn is eager to trade down. DT Derrick Brown and Isaiah Simmons are in the conversation. A bluechip bookend to Desmond Trufant to replace Darius Slay.

    4. New York Giants — Jedrick Wills, (OT, Alabama)

    The Nick Saban NFL player factory delivers a Hog Mollie mauler to Dave Gettleman, even after some frightening Zoom glitches that nearly had him accidentally drafting Justin Herbert.

    5. Miami Dolphins — Andrew Thomas (OT, Georgia)

    Is this who they covet in a trade with the Lions? He can be their LT for the next decade for their QB of the Future.

    6. Los Angeles Chargers — Justin Herbert (QB, Oregon)

    HC Anthony Lynn may be enamored with Tyrod Taylor, but why pass on a QB of the Future?

    7. Carolina Panthers — Isaiah Simmons (LB/S, Clemson)

    The Matt Rhule Era begins with the dynamic Swiss Army knife who replaces retired Luke Kuechly … and just about anyone else the rookie HC asks him to.

    8. Arizona Cardinals — Derrick Brown (DT, Auburn)

    Let’s see how well the Seahawks and 49ers can run on a triumvirate featuring Jordan Phillips and Corey Peters.

    9. Jacksonville Jaguars — C.J. Henderson (CB, Florida)

    The Falcons will be calling, but Jalen Ramsey and A.J. Bouye are gone.

    10. Cleveland Browns — Mekhi Becton (OT, Louisville)

    If legendary former Browns LT Joe Thomas is confident O-line coach Bill Callahan can get the most out of this agile, mobile and hostile 6-foot-7¹/₂, 364-pounder, and let Baker Mayfield hide behind a bookend for RT Jack Conklin and let Nick Chubb run behind him.

    11. New York Jets — Tristan Wirfs (OT, Iowa)

    If Hawkeyes coach Kirk Ferentz is confident this freakish 6-5, 322-pounder can handle left tackle, Joe Douglas will gladly believe him to keep his promise to Sam Darnold’s parents to protect him.

    12. Las Vegas Raiders — CeeDee Lamb (WR, Oklahoma)

    Jon Gruden might have to be restrained from taking Tua, but GM Mike Mayock picks a charismatic yards-after-catch monster who can give Derek Carr much-needed help and make everyone forget the Antonio Brown fiasco.

    13. San Francisco 49ers — Henry Ruggs III (WR, Alabama)

    Think about Kyle Shanahan inserting a 4.27 burner like this as the perfect complement to Deebo Samuel.

    14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers — Josh Jones (OT, Houston)

    Bruce Arians is desperate enough to protect Tom Brady so he can throw to Rob Gronkowski again that he reaches for a blocker with the most experience to plug the right side.

    Submit questions on your favorite New York teams to be answered in an upcoming mailbag

    15. Denver Broncos — Jerry Jeudy (WR, Alabama)

    John Elway lands his complement to Courtland Sutton after red flags surface about Jeudy’s knee.

    16. Atlanta Falcons — Javon Kinlaw (DT, South Carolina)

    A massive, violent powerhouse who slides only because of past knee tendinitis.

    17. Dallas Cowboys — Justin Jefferson (WR, LSU)

    A high-character toy in the slot for Dak Prescott to make life easier on Amari Cooper and Michael Gallup … and Zeke.

    18. Miami Dolphins — Tua Tagovailoa (QB, Alabama)

    Will he drop this far? Really? If owner Stephen Ross signs off on the medicals, if he listens to Nick Saban and fears missing out on a left-handed Drew Brees, perhaps he can pull the trigger here and validate the Tank For Tua movement knowing that he can redshirt behind Ryan Fitzpatrick.

    19. Las Vegas Raiders — A.J. Terrell (CB, Clemson)

    Mayock loves Dabo Swinney’s players the way Gettleman loves Hog Mollies, and a bookend for Trayvon Mullen upgrades his 25th-ranked pass defense.

    20. Jacksonville Jaguars — K’Lavon Chaisson (LB, LSU)

    A pass-rush prospect who can replace Yannick Ngakoue once he is traded.

    21. Philadelphia Eagles — Brandon Aiyuk (WR, Arizona State)

    DeSean Jackson is 33, Alshon Jeffery’s days appear numbered and Carson Wentz needs an explosive, young, 6-1, 208-pound playmaker with 4.5 speed and 40-inch vertical leap who averaged an insane 10.9 yards after catch.

    22. Minnesota Vikings — Jaylon Johnson (CB, Utah State)

    Mike Zimmer craves a 6-foot, 195-pound corner to replenish his depleted secondary with Aaron Rodgers and Matthew Stafford on the schedule.

    23. New England Patriots — Cesar Ruiz (C/G, Michigan)

    Quality insurance for C David Andrews, who missed 2019 with a blood clot in his lungs, and G Joe Thuney, who could be traded to the Dolphins.

    24. New Orleans Saints — Kenneth Murray (LB, Oklahoma)

    Sean Payton missed out on Jamie Collins and lost A.J. Klein, so this high-character, 6-2, 241-pound sideline-to-sideline defender makes sense.

    25. Minnesota Vikings — Austin Jackson (OT, USC)

    Riley Reiff needs to move to guard, so here’s a new LT for Kirk Cousins.

    26. Miami Dolphins — Xavier McKinney (S, Alabama)

    Another Saban favorite with the instincts and versatility to fill the void left by the trade of Minkah Fitzpatrick.

    27. Seattle Seahawks — Yetur Gross-Matos, (DE, Penn State)

    Jadeveon Clowney remains in limbo, and Pete Carroll can never have enough young pass-rushers with length.

    28. Baltimore Ravens — Patrick Queen (LB, LSU)

    Undersized at 6-1, 227 pounds, but Plays Like A Raven enough for Wink Martindale to be his replacement for C.J. Mosley.

    29. Tennessee Titans — Isaiah Wilson (OT, Georgia)

    Colleague Zach Braziller vouches for the smashmouth Brooklyn giant (6-6¹/₂, 350 pounds) to replace Conklin and clear the way for Derrick Henry.

    30. Green Bay Packers — Jordan Love (QB, Utah State)

    Aaron Rodgers can teach this project to be patient, but he’ll get his receiver in the second round.

    31. San Francisco 49ers — Ross Blacklock (DT, TCU)

    A trade out of the round is possible because GM John Lynch’s next pick is No. 156, but here’s an interior disruptor to replace DeForest Buckner.

    32. Kansas Chiefs — Jeff Gladney (CB, TCU)

    Brett Veach and Andy Reid can use a feisty 5-10 corner because Kendall Fuller left for the Redskins and Bashaud Breeland is signed for just one year.

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    NFL and Masked Singer star Rob Gronkowski confuses Judy Garland with Judge Judy on Watch What Happens Live – The Sun

    YIKES! NFL and Masked Singer star Rob Gronkowski confused Judy Garland with Judge Judy Sheindlin on Monday night's episode of Watch What Happens Live.

    Bravo boss, Andy Cohen, had to explain to him the difference between the two women.

    During a We Quiz Each Other segment, actress Cheri Oteri asked the retired pro football player who was Judy Garland's daughter.

    However, the 30-year-old football analyst was a little confused as to who Judy Garland was.

    He told Andy and Cheri: "This is a tough question. Is Judy what's her last name, is this Judge Judy we're talking about?"

    Andy, who couldn't keep a straight face, explained that he was wrong. He said: "No, she's a famous singer from yesteryear."

    Rob, who was still confused, responded: "I'm a little outdated so that's a problem right there so I'll go with Lisa Minnelli."

    Fortunately, he got that right.

    Rob also failed to answer who played the main characters on Sex and the City.

    He gave up and responded: "Jen, Susie, Shakira and Penelope!"

    His failed answers had both Andy and Cheri cracking up and criticizing him for not knowing basic pop culture facts.

    Gronk also dived a little into what it felt like to be in The Masked Singer – after he was revealed to be the White Tiger.

    He told Andy: "I had the opportunity to go on Masked Singer – I got to learn new dance movies and how to sing a little and I put it together.

    "And then you get to do it in front of a crowd with just being free because you're under a mask, no one has any clue who it is.

    "My favorite time was just going out there, letting it go and performing on stage and singing. It was such a thrill, man."

    Most fans online had predicted the NFL star was under the ferocious feline costume all season and judges Robin Thicke, 43, and Jenny McCarthy, 47, agreed with their guesses.

    The Blurred Lines singer praised the Pats player – who he said is "one of the best" football tight ends in history.

    When asked by host Nick Cannon, 39, why he decided to go on the show, the retired football player confessed:

    “I’ve always liked performing and wanted to come out here and give it my all and learn to dance and sing to entertain the crowd.

    “I enjoyed every performance for you guys and I’ve had the best time on this show.”

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    Day 40 without sports 😭: It’s NFL draft week! Here are four key story lines.

    We're 40 days in now, folks. Forty days without NBA and NHL playoff games, or Major League Baseball, or spring football practices or March Madness.

    But this week, at least, we still have a marquee event to look forward to.

    Though arenas and stadiums remain empty, the NFL draft will go on as scheduled beginning Thursday night, with additional action to follow Friday and Saturday. It will be the second virtual draft in as many weeks after the WNBA televised its own draft last Friday.

    We'll have tons of content this week to get you ready for Thursday's proceedings, including a live mock draft with reporters from around USA TODAY Sports Network today at 1 p.m. ET. (Check it out on our Facebook page or YouTube.)

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    In the meantime, here are four of the key story lines we'll be monitoring through the start of the draft and beyond.

    1. Tua watch: Perhaps no prospect will come to define this year's draft more than Tua Tagovailoa, the once-presumptive No. 1 overall pick who is now arguably the biggest question mark in this class. It's entirely possible that a team could trade up into the top five and try to nab him before the Los Angeles Chargers and Miami Dolphins get on the clock. It's also possible the Alabama quarterback's injury history could scare teams away, and lead to a precipitous fall.

    Our most recent mock draft has Tagovailoa going fifth to the Dolphins, but keep your eyes peeled on draft night. If history has taught us anything, it's that NFL decision-makers are quick to fall in love with quarterbacks when they need one — and not afraid to give up significant assets to go get their guy.

    2. The post-Brady era begins in New England: The Patriots have drafted as well as anyone over the past two decades, but there will be even more pressure on them this year to get it right. With Tom Brady now in Tampa, they'll probably need to bring in some sort of offensive help — and perhaps even another quarterback to compete with Jarrett Stidham and Brian Hoyer.

    Bill Belichick always seems to have a trick or two up his proverbial sleeve, so don't be surprised if he makes a draft-day trade or two to help add a few more pieces. And keep an eye on the third round, when the Patriots will have three picks in a short span: Nos. 87, 98 and 100 overall.

    3. Deal or no deal? Last year's draft was a trade bonanza, with a total of 38 deals being struck over the event's three days, according to NFL.com — including six in the first round alone. Will 2020 bring more of the same? 

    It will be interesting to see whether the unorthodox nature of the pre-draft process plays a role here. Will there be less consensus on prospects than usual, because of the absence of pro days and private workouts? Or more?

    4. A brave new (boo-less) world: Yes, there will be no boo birds when commissioner Roger Goodell announces each pick. And that won't be the only weird part of this year's virtual draft. General managers and coaches will be monitoring the event from basements and kitchen tables. Draftees will be interviewed remotely after they're picked. The whole thing will probably feel a little strange. The question is: How strange?

    Sports video of the day

    Regardless of whether you were able to catch the first two episodes of "The Last Dance" last night, it's worth taking a few minutes here to relive Michael Jordan's epic playoff performance on this date 34 years ago. His 63 points against the Celtics that night remain a single-game playoff record.

    On this day in sports

    1912: The Boston Red Sox play their first regular-season game at Fenway Park, while Tiger Stadium opens in Detroit.  

    1916: The Chicago Cubs play their first regular-season game at the friendly confines of Wrigley Field. 

    1939: Ted Williams records his first MLB hit. 

    1958: The Montreal Canadiens capture their third straight Stanley Cup.

    1996: Keyshawn Johnson is selected with the first pick in the NFL draft.  

    2002: The expansion Houston Texans select David Carr with the first pick in the NFL draft.  

    2008: Danica Patrick makes history by winning the Indy Japan 300.

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    PEYTON MANNING TO BURROW: Feel free to break my rookie (INT) record

    Sports on TV

    NFL: 1989 NFL draft, first round. For those who are itching to catch this year's draft, why not turn back the clock 31 years to 1989? The Dallas Cowboys selected Troy Aikman at No. 1. Pretty good pick. 8 p.m. ET, ESPN2.

    Olympics: Michael Phelps, 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics. A 1 1/2-hour special will showcase Phelps' Olympic-record eight gold medals at the Beijing Games i. 8:30 p.m. ET, NBC Sports Network.

    Sports we're missing

    NBA and NHL playoffs


    • Cleveland Indians @ Boston Red Sox
    • New York Yankees @ Detroit Tigers
    • Tampa Bay Rays @ Houston Astros
    • Seattle Mariners @ Minnesota Twins
    • Cincinnati Reds @ St. Louis Cardinals
    • Kansas City Royals @ Chicago White Sox
    • Baltimore Orioles @ Los Angeles Angels

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