Alison Hammond reveals she hung out with the Kardashians after gatecrashing glitzy party with Richard Arnold – The Sun

ALISON Hammond has revealed how she gatecrashed a glitzy party with Richard Arnold to hang out with the Kardashians.

The 45-year-old TV personality – known for her stints on Big Brother, This Morning and Celebs Go Dating – told security at the high-profile bash she was a big deal in the UK.

Telling the hilarious story on Scott Mills’ Radio 1 show yesterday, Alison explained that she blagged her way in with her co-star Richard Arnold before cosying up to Kris Jenner.

Explaining the bizarre night, Alison said: “We were outside a party, we couldn’t get in, cause obviously we weren’t on the list, so I just went up to the security with my bossy self and said, Listen I’m not being funny, I’m a bit of a big thing back in the UK’,” she recalled.

“Richard is literally squirming like, ‘Oh my God this is some embarrassing’ and then for some reason about three women from England was going ‘Alison! Alison!’. He then saw these women shouting at me and was like, ‘Alright then, go in’.”

She continued: “Me and Richard got into this party, we were living it up – there was drinks, and then over on the right hand side were the Kardashians. I was like, ‘oh my gosh!’

“They were in like a little pen so you couldn’t even get to them, but I was like I’m Alison Hammond, I’ve got to be able to get to the Kardashians.

“So I literally went up to the pen and there were all these security guys and I went, ‘Guys, guys you really need to let me in.’ I just pulled out the big guns I said, ‘Listen, me and Kris are really good friends’ – I’ve never met her in my life – so then I waved at Kris and she waved back as if she knew me! So he let me into the pen!

“Richard came into the pen, we took pictures, we were laughing, joking and I was one of the Kardashians!”

Alison added: “That was one of my favourite parties because it was such a blag.”

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Cardi B Admits She 'Sucks It In' When Modeling a Tiny String Bikini

So refreshing! Cardi B knows how to keep it real when it comes to body confidence and expectations — and we are so here for it.

When showing off her toned physique in a tiny black string bikini on Tuesday, May 26, the rapper admitted that she is, in fact, sucking in her stomach. And honestly, who hasn’t been there?

The Best Celebrity Beach Bodies of 2020: Stars Lookin’ Fabulous in Trendy Bikinis and Swimsuits

“I suck the s–t out my stomach for this pic so appreciated,” she wrote in the caption, accompanying a pic of herself posing on a float wearing lace-up Jessica Rich stilettos and an itty bitty swimsuit.

But that’s not all! She then shared an Instagram Video on Wednesday, in which she walked towards the camera in the bikini with her tummy sucked in. Then, when she turns to the side to show off her profile she lets her stomach go. She captioned this incredibly relatable clip, “Suck it in life.”



Suck it in life .

A post shared byCardi B (@iamcardib) on

Many fans flocked to the comments to celebrate her candidness, including Jersey Shore’s Jenni ‘JWoww’ Farley. “Best thing I’ve seen all year 😂😂🙌🏼🙌🏼,” she wrote.

“Same here sis!!! 😂,” commented actress Antonique Smith. “Thank you for the honesty! 😂🙌🏾❤️.”

Not only was this bikini modeling a chance for the 27-year-old to be real with people, but it also proved to be a great opportunity to show off her new ink

All of the Most Artistic Graphic Celebrity Tattoos

On Friday, May 22, the Hustlers actress took to her Instagram Story to flaunt her new, extensive, colorful back tattoo.

“Okay guys! Soooo here it is! It took me several months but I’m finally finished. This is my back tattoo! It goes from the top of my back to the middle of my thigh,” she explained of the detailed flower and butterfly design.

The artist, Jamie Schene, also shared the video, writing, “It was an awesome project and a crazy experience. Thanks for the dedication, strength, and hospitality.”

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Katie Price reveals she wanted to stay married to Peter Andre and insists she never cheated on him – The Sun

KATIE Price has revealed she wanted to stay married to Peter Andre but false cheating allegations wrecked their relationship.

The 41-year-old insists she was always faithful to first husband Peter, 47, whom she was married to for four years and shares children Junior, 14, and Princess, 12, with.

In an interview with New!, Katie discusses her past marriages to Pete, Alex Reid and Kieran Hayler.

Focusing on Pete, she said: "We had the issues with Pete. I was accused of getting off with a guy and someone told hims that a paper had pictures of it.

"I was like 'I haven't!' It's been 10 years and the so-called pictures have never come out. Why? Because it didn't happen. So that was the split.

"I would have stayed married to the first one. I believe in getting married and staying with them forever."

While their romantic relationship is long since over, Katie said she is getting on better with Pete than she has in years.

She said: "It's the first time I've got on with Pete for years. I'm just not holding grudges with anyone anymore."

The former couple met on I'm A Celebrity in 2004 and quickly became romantically involved.

Their £1.75million fairytale wedding a year later took place at Highclere Castle in Berkshire – where Downton Abbey is filmed.

Katie arrived in a horse-drawn carriage and wore a princess gown with a 7-metre train.

Last week Peter reportedly "vowed" to support Katie and has even been "teaming up" with her other ex Kieran.

The singer reached out to Kieran, who shares Bunny and Jett with his ex wife, after Katie pledged to turn her life around following a stint in rehab clinic The Priory.

Katie opened up about her difficult year during which she turned to drugs and booze to cope with the deaths of her animals and her mum's terminal illness.

She has moved into a rented home around the corner from Pete after her "mucky mansion" was too dilapidated to return to.

Sources revealed Pete has put a plan in place to make sure Katie is kept on the straight and narrow whilst she takes care of disabled son Harvey alone during lockdown.

They told New! magazine: "Obviously they want to make sure their kids are happy at a time like this, but they also have a vested interest in Katie.

"They still care about her and want to make sure she’s keeping safe and not struggling after her Priory stint.

"They’ve been talking loads about making sure she knows they’re there for her if she’s feeling vulnerable."

The Sun Online revealed Katie is so committed to staying sober she’s doing monthly drug tests.

The reality star is voluntarily undergoing checks to prove she’s free of all drugs after her stint at rehab facility The Priory.

Her rep confirmed that Katie wants to do the tests to "build trust" with Peter and Kieran – the fathers of four of her children.

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Sofia Richie looks glum as she hangs with pals during ‘break’ from troubled boyfriend Scott Disick – The Sun

SOFIA Richie couldn't muster a smile even as she spent time with friends on Thursday as she takes a break from her relationship with Scott Disick.

The 21-year-old model was pictured keeping it casual in cycling shorts and a loose white tee, as she appeared to talk into her smartwatch.

Her friend, also in exercise leggings and a sports bra, looked ready for a day of activity before the pair headed out, without their mandatory masks.

Pals close to Sofia recently alleged that Sofia and Scott had decided to take "a break" as the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star focuses on his mental health.

The pair have decided to give Scott time to "get better and focus on work," but sources close to the former couple have revealed that Sofia, 21, has told him he "has to prove himself."

A source tells Us Weekly: “Scott and Sofia are on a break until Scott straightens himself out more.

“Scott is in an OK place right now and is trying to get better and focus on work, but he has to prove himself.”

The pair began dating in 2018, after Scott ended his long-term romance with Kourtney Kardashian, the mother of his three children.

Scott shocked fans when he checked in to rehab and then returned early, after an alleged privacy breach.

A source close to the 36-year-old previously confirmed to The Sun that he was undergoing treatment for a substance abuse issue at a facility.

Sofia and Scott haven't been seen together since.

The source said: "He voluntarily checked himself in, because he knew he needed help."

However, he checked out on May 4 amid claims his privacy was breached in the Colorado treatment center.

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Is Ashley Olsen Married? She Sparked Rumors by Wearing a Wedding Ring

There’s plenty of strain on marriages due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) scare, and it looks like Mary-Kate Olsen is the latest in the spotlight for her impending divorce. Mary-Kate has been with her husband, Olivier Sarkozy, for five years. Now, it looks like she’s looking for an emergency order to have her divorce go through during these difficult times.

All eyes are on Mary-Kate — but what about Ashley? Is the fashionable twin married? And if she’s not, is she seeing anyone? It seems Ashley’s actually been in a longterm relationship for years, and she even sparked marriage rumors with a ring. Here’s what happened.

Mary-Kate Olsen requested an emergency order for her divorce

RELATED: Why Mary-Kate Olsen’s Abrupt Divorce Is a Sign Things Could Get Ugly

Mary-Kate has been with Sarkozy for years — and while they’ve never had any public scandals, their massive age difference was never ignored. Now, it looks like the 33-year-old is ready to move on from the 50-year-old Frenchman. And it seems Mary-Kate’s been looking for a divorce since April 2020.

Divorce is getting tricky with the current pandemic, though. While Mary-Kate signed a petition for divorce on April 17, New York state isn’t accepting divorce filings currently. Instead of waiting it out, this has led Mary-Kate to ask for an emergency order to get the divorce processed. And it seems the emergency filing may also have something to do with her housing situation.

While she was living with Sarkozy in New York City, he terminated the lease on the place they shared. Now, it seems she may be evicted by May 18 — but a divorce petition could buy her some time. The petition would halt Sarkozy from having the ability to force her out, though this, of course, still feels like a temporary fix to the unstable situation.

Ashley Olsen has been seeing Louis Eisner since 2017

While Mary-Kate’s impending divorce is currently under a microscope, many are also curious about Ashley. While Ashley doesn’t appear to be married, she has been seeing 31-year-old artist Louis Eisner since 2017. Distractify reports the two met through high school friends, and they were friends long before they ever got romantic. The happy couple also reportedly lives together currently.

It seems Ashley likes to keep her personal life close to the chest, too. “It’s not that they are trying to keep their relationship on the down low, Louis just doesn’t like the spotlight — even less so than Ashley,” a source claimed. But the source also noted that the two are “very much in love” despite keeping their romance away from the tabloids.

Because Ashley and Eisner are private folks, it’s difficult to say how serious they are about their relationship. But the source noted that Eisner “packed up his art studio in Mexico City and his place in Los Angeles to go with her so they can see each other more,” so that’s promising.

Ashley cause marriage rumors to swirl with a ring

Could Ashley and Eisner actually be married without telling the public? Considering how much they like their privacy, it’s possible. And they’ve ignited marriage rumors in the past.

Back in July 2019, The Blast reported a photo taken of Eisner and Ashley when they were out and about showed a wedding band on Ashley’s finger. The black band was on her left finger as the duo walked to dinner in the Pacific Palisades. As for Eisner, the camera couldn’t get a shot of his hand, so it was unclear as to whether he was also wearing a ring.

We’re not sure if Ashley will come forward with more details about her relationship, especially since Mary-Kate’s split is getting so much attention. We’ll have to wait and see what the future holds for both Mary-Kate and Ashley!

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Coronation Street’s Jack P Shepherd shares rare clip of daughter Nyla, 10, as she works out to Joe Wicks – The Sun

JACK P Shepherd has shared a rare clip of his daughter Nyla doing a Joe Wicks PE workout.

The 32-year-old – who plays David Platt on Coronation Street – filmed his 10-year-old doing lunges in the living room on Wednesday.

He joked in the caption, "You're not John Wick?" referring to the Keanu Reeves action hero.

Jack shares Nyla and his son Reuben with his ex-fiancee Lauren Shippey, who he split from in 2017 after 15 years of dating.

The actor also gave fans a glimpse into how he's keeping Nyla and Reuben entertained during coronavirus lockdown.

He shared a clip of his kids waiting with their eyes closed as an intricate Lego puzzle of the Taj Majal was set down in front of them.

Nyla gasped, "Wow! while Reuben asked, "Can we play with it?"

Jack replied mock-sternly: "No, because it's 6,000 pieces. It's not a toy, it's not a toy. It's not for you! Hands off!"

Jack began dating current girlfriend Hanni Treweek several months after splitting with Lauren.

Last week, he joked that he and Hanni "almost split up" over the stress of filming their Love Actually spoof video.

He enlisted girlfriend Hanni in helping him film the short viral and behind the scenes it was less polished.

Speaking on his podcast the Sofa Cinema Club, Jack said: "I put the Love Actually Hugh Grant dance out on all the socials, it was very funny.

"I nearly split up with my girlfriend in the process though. It's hard. As she's got to be in it, she's the secretary at the end that catches me doing the dancing.

"And, yeah, I was being a director and losing my temper a bit about cues and timing. I proper did. I was there doing it and going, 'No, you come in on this bit,' and I'm doing the crab dance [laughs]. It was funny."

The actor put on a suit and grooved around his house to Jump (For My Love) by The Pointer Sisters – just like Hugh Grant's charismatic leader, helpfully also called David.

Just like in the original, he started out with some light bum-shaking with his back to the camera, before letting loose all over No.10 – or in this case, Jack's Manchester home.

Performing the same moves made famous in the Richard Curtis classic, he even ended up being interrupted by his assistant, played by Hanni.

Posting the video, Jack referred to his podcast, writing: "Wanted to recreate this Hugh Grant dance from love actually, a film we covered on the @sofacinemaclub.

Last month, Jack gave Corrie viewers a look inside the Manchester home he shares with Hanni – which actually does have a prime-ministerial vibe.

The actor previously lived with co-star Colson Smith and their musician mate Freddie Bolt in a £300,000 flat in Manchester.


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Mum of four reveals how she got £157 Waitrose shop for just £24

Bargain hunting is great at the best of times, but it’s even better when you get a good deal on the fancy stuff.

Louise, 40, has made yellow sticker finding a fine art, and has managed to shave hundreds off the price of her weekly shop.

As well as this, she and her husband Mark, 42, make the best of meal prepping and planning to make what they do find on offer go even further.

Louise, a prison officer, and Mark, 42, a police officer, are both key workers so their kids have been self-isolating with their other parents during the lockdown. This has made things hard, but they’re determined to make the most of it.

The couple, from Kent, have been making each meal last as long as possible under the lockdown, and have even managed to find yellow sticker shops during the time.

‘Lockdown is hard as we are both key workers, so we haven’t seen our four children since before the lockdown to keep them safe,’ Louise told money-saving community

During the extra time they’ve had during all this, their shopping hacks have certainly had time to flourish, though.

Louise managed to bag a Waitrose shop worth £157 for just £24 by being in the shop right after they put out the yellow stickered deals.

‘I managed to get a yellow sticker shop in Waitrose because I happened to be there at the right time!’ said Louise.

‘Because of the panic buying, shops had ordered more and now it’s slowed down and not so many are going to the shops, there are a lot of reduced items.’

It’s not panic buying that Louise and Mark are doing, though. They have two large freezers, so when they bag their bargains they stick the ingredients in there and then have everything they need when they make meals.

As well as that, prepping food has been a big help for them to save time in their busy lifestyles.

‘My top tips are meal planning, as it saves a fortune,’ Louise says.

‘Some weeks I don’t really have to shop at all. Make an inventory of what you have and use that to create meals.’

Louise runs a Facebook group called Slow Cooker Recipes for the Opinionated, and adds that the tips from other group members is instrumental in helping her make healthy and purse-friendly meals in batches.

‘Make a large chilli, for instance, bulked out with cheap items like baked beans and tinned tomatoes and then portion and freeze,’ Louise says.

‘It can be used for things like jacket potato topping, tacos, Mexican bake and burritos.’

They’ve managed to make myriad meals from their hauls, from prawn dishes to homemade humous and sausage rolls.

Despite all the uncertainty of the lockdown, if you can find out what time your local supermarket reduces their products and time your shop accordingly, you could be eating like kings and queens in no time.

Do you have a savings tip to share? Get in touch at [email protected]

Share your views in the comments below.

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Mother tells of moment she found stabbed son and daughter dying on bed

EXCLUSIVE: ‘I saw them covered in blood and started screaming what have you done to them?’: Heartbroken mother tells of gut-wrenching moment she found son, three, and daughter, one, dying on the bed after being ‘stabbed to death by shop worker father’

  • Nishanthani Kumar could hear one of her children vomiting in another room 
  • She went to see what was wrong and found both of her children bleeding 
  • Man said he had to save the children and was scared someone would get him
  • Mother lashed out and the knife fell out of his hand before he passed out 

The heartbroken mother of two children believed to have been stabbed to death by their father has told of the horrifying moment she discovered their blood-soaked bodies.

Nishanthani Kumar sobbed hysterically as she recalled how she stormed into a bedroom to discover her two young children lying on a bed drenched in blood as their suspected killer knelt over them with a large kitchen knife in his hand.

Her husband Nithin Kumar, 40, is in hospital under police guard with critical stab wounds after the alleged attempted murder-suicide at the family home in Ilford, east London at 5.30pm on Sunday.

Nishanthani Kumar and Nithin Kumar pictured (left) with their son Nigish and, right, Nigish and his sister Pabinya are pictured 

Speaking to MailOnline today, Mrs Kumar wailed: ‘I was in the bathroom and could hear one of my children vomiting. I rushed into the bedroom and when I saw them covered in blood, just started screaming. I was shouting ‘what have you done to them, what has happened?

She said the man was just ‘kneeling over them with a crazed look in his eye and didn’t say a word. I couldn’t understand what was going on.’

MailOnline can reveal the names of the Kumars’ children as daughter Pabinya, one, who died in the couple’s flat in Ilford, East London and son Nigish, three-and-a-half who died later in a major trauma centre.

Mrs Kumar, who is known as Nisa, wept as she recalled the devastating events of Sunday afternoon, revealing that when she saw realised that her beloved children had been stabbed her ‘mother’s instincts kicked in.’

She cried: ‘I rushed to the fridge to get some ice because I could see that my son had a deep cut to his neck. Blood was gushing out of it. I ran back into the bedroom and started applying the ice to his neck. He was barely able to breathe and was wheezing heavily.

Nithin Kumar (pictured) is in a critical condition in hospital after a one-year-old and three-year-old died last night 

‘My daughter was not moving at all. There was blood all around her. All I could think about was how to save them.’

The distraught mother then ran into the bathroom to dial 999 as the suspect leaped off the bed and chased after her.

She said: ‘I thought he was going to attack me too, so I lashed out and the knife fell out of his hand. I then ran out of the bathroom screaming to the 999 operator that they needed to send an ambulance quickly because my children had been stabbed.’

As she returned to be with her dying children, she said the killer then emerged from the bathroom with blood spouting out of his neck. He then slumped on the bed beside.

Recounting his haunting words, she told MailOnline: ‘He kept on saying ‘I’m sorry, I’m scared that they are going to kill me and might do something to the children. He was speaking like a mad man and was going on about ‘how they are going to get him’ and that he ‘had to save the children’. I couldn’t make sense of what he was saying. And then he just passed out.’

Police, pictured at the scene today, are now conducting a murder investigation – but said all three people knew each other

Pictured: Teddy bears in a window at the scene as police investigate the deaths of a three-year-old boy and one-year-old girl who were stabbed in an alleged attempted murder-suicide 

Mrs Kumar, 35, believes that the man had some kind of ‘psychotic episode’ even though he did not have any history of mental illness.

She said: ‘He was a kind, gentle man and very softly spoken. None of this makes any sense. Now everything has been lost.’

The grieving mother shared her favourite picture of her children with MailOnline, taken last September on Pabinya’s first birthday.

She said: ‘This is how I want to remember them. Smiling, happy and playing together. We’d had a beautiful day and all the family came over to celebrate. Pabinya got all these wonderful presents and Nigish was also very excited because he was helping her to open them.

Nithin Kumar, 40, is pictured with his wife Nisa and their one-year-old daughter and three-year-old son who were both killed in the horrific incident in Ilford, east London

‘But I keep seeing them on that bed, covered in blood and Nigish fighting to breathe. I can’t sleep at night because that image keeps coming to my mind. It’s like being in the worst nightmare imaginable. There are no words to describe what I am going through. I don’t understand why God has punished me like this.’

The Kumars wed in 2012 in their native country of Sri Lanka in a traditional arranged marriage. Mr Kumar has been in Britain since 1999 with his wife joining him in 2015. Both their children were born in the UK.

Mr Kumar is currently battling for his life in an East London hospital while his wife is staying with her sister Rajani in West London.

There has been a steady flow of mourners from the local Sri Lankan community visiting to pay their respects.

Mrs Kumar sobbed that despite the anger she feels she has been regularly calling the hospital to get an update on her husband’s condition.

As she attempts to come to terms with her devastating loss, she cried: ‘I don’t know how I feel about him at the moment, but I do want to know if he is going to live or not. I’ve lost my children and now I could also become a widow.

‘When I came to join my husband in Britain, I thought we were going to be happy. There is nothing that can express the shock and sorrow I feel. My children were my life. Sometimes I wish that I had killed been too because then I would not have to go through this kind of pain.’


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She Was A 93-Year-Old "Firecracker" Who Loved Fast Cars And Bingo Before She Died Of The Coronavirus

Ruth Harrington on her 93rd birthday.

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Sally Yablonsky knows what strangers might think when they hear her mother was 93-years-old when she died of the coronavirus. That she was old, that maybe it was her time, that her best years were behind her. But to Sally, and others who loved Ruth Harrington, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Ruth was a “firecracker,” they say, who loved to speed down roadways and drop into Bingo games, who lived alone on a large plot of land in Vestal in upstate New York and could outwalk her own daughter. Sally always thought she would live to 100.

“My mother was a very healthy 93-year-old, she wasn’t frail in any way,” Sally said. “She lived on her own, she still drove. Til the morning they took her, she was very healthy. And that was just the shock, because by the time she arrived to the E.R. that morning, she had died within 30 hours of arriving at the hospital.”

Ruth died on March 24, the second fatality in Broome County, which has now seen 12 people die of complications from COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus. The day before, she had been complaining of chills and Sally, thinking her mother had the flu or something similar, urged her to stay away from the hospital, worried she could contract the virus there.

“I tried to stress to her, ‘Mom, stay home, whatever you have, you’ll get through this,’” Sally said. It was still the early days of the crisis and she couldn’t believe it might be COVID-19.

But Ruth pressed a medical alarm on her wristband in the early morning of March 23. Even then, she seemed okay, moving rugs for EMTs as they brought a stretcher into her home. “This wasn’t a dying woman,” Sally said.

When the EMTs pulled up to Ruth’s home, Sally was waiting in the driveway. “I stood up on the back fender of the ambulance to look in at her and I was waving at her,” she said. “Little did I know that would be the last time I ever saw her alive.”

  • Harrington in an undated photo from her youth.

    In 1953, Ruth and her husband got married and moved into a homestead he inherited from his family, and spent years remodeling and fixing up the old rickety farmhouse and caring for its hundreds of acres. Sally’s sister Judy was born in 1954, and Sally was born five years later.

    Ruth was a meticulous keeper of the home — every night the plate setting had to be just right, the pot roast or spaghetti and meatballs cooked to perfection. When Sally was a kid, Ruth took up bowling and kept at it for 40 years. She joined an all women’s league and, according to her longtime friend Rita Nier, bowled an average of around 150, 160. “That’s pretty good,” Rita said.

    Later, she became obsessed with Bingo and played at least once a week, her last game coming just about two weeks before she died. She loved the game so much that for one birthday, Sally made her a cake and stuck a card in it that read: “How do you get an 84-year-old woman to say the F word? Have somebody yell Bingo.” Rita thinks it was her love of numbers that drove her passion for the game — when they would go out to dinner, no matter the size of the group, it was always Ruth who divided up the check.

    It’s not that there weren’t hard times. Ruth’s oldest, Bill, served as an infantry medic during the Vietnam War, taking part in the brutal Battle of Hamburger Hill. Sally remembers her mother watching the news, getting increasingly upset. “She wore her emotions on her sleeve,” Sally said. Bill died, suddenly, in 2018, and Ruth went through the pain of losing a child. “For a long time, it was, you know, ‘it’s been 64 days since Bill died,’ or ‘72 days since Bill died.’ She remembered, she counted all the time,” Rita said.

    Still, Ruth stuck to her routine. She was an early riser, and spent her mornings with a cup of tea and her iPad, reading the Press and Sun Bulletin, a newspaper from nearby Binghamton. She would play Sudoku and word scrambles. Sally called her every day, between 7 and 8am. “She was always busy,” Sally said. She would get into bed around 11pm — but get up around midnight to check her lottery numbers and play a game of solitaire on her iPad.

    Ruth’s life is made up of the memories she made with family and friends — seeing Ringo Starr, just two years ago, with his all-star band; going to see April the Giraffe, with Sally, at a nearby animal park, when the world became obsessed with watching a livestream of the animal’s impending delivery of a little calf; the cards she would send her three kids, five grandchildren, six great grandchildren, and many nieces and nephews for every occasion, not just Christmas and birthdays, but Halloween, Thanksgiving, and St Patrick’s Day, too.

    That’s why it doesn’t make sense that this vibrant woman — who burned rubber speeding out of her daughter’s driveway just a couple months ago, such was her love of fast driving — is gone.

    On March 27, three days after she died, Ruth’s ashes were laid to rest at a plot next to her husband. That was the same day that her husband was buried, in 2006, and it also was their wedding anniversary. Sally sees poetry in that. Ruth had bought herself a sleek black tombstone back in the ‘90s “and we picked out a beautiful black — she would call it sexy — urn” to sit next to it, Sally said.

    Yablonsky’s view of her mother’s funeral from her car.

    Since they had been in contact with Ruth, Sally and her son had been court ordered into quarantine, but got special permission to drive to the cemetery and attend the brief ceremony. Watching from her car, Sally remembered how she used to tease her mom that one day she would deliver her eulogy, just as she did for her dad. “I always told my mom, at her eulogy, I would start ‘Before we begin.’ And then I would say, ‘I said B4 — she would be yelling Bingo right now!’ I tried to have a little bit of a sense of humor the day we buried her, but nobody else found it funny.”

    “I used to tease her that I was going to do that, and she would always say, ‘Oh Sal!’”

    Sally is furious at the demonstrators who are emerging in cities around the country to protest the lockdowns meant to protect people from the spread of COVID-19. “I really am angry with people who are protesting stay-at-home orders, because I just feel that if they have lived through anything that I have lived in the last month….,”she said. “Sure they have the right to protest but, you know, please don’t be stupid for yourself, for your family. I see people having their children protest. That’s not fair to those kids. They don’t know the dangers of this. I really pray for these people because I hope that those families don’t have to endure what my family has gone through.”

    “It’s not just taking out feeble elderly people. My mother was not feeble. My mother was full of life two days before she died from this.”

    After her mother died, Sally started a GoFundMe — she takes the donations and buys food from local restaurants that are suffering, and then has the food delivered to health care workers, police departments, ambulance crews, county sheriffs’ offices, the funeral director’s office, and a nursing home. Using Ruth’s initials, she called it Hugs for RAH RAH RAH, and has raised $12,900 so far, well beyond what she imagined. “That’s really helped my heart heal,” she said.

    About five days after her mother died, Sally left her home late at night to go get the mail. “As I was walking down my driveway, I had two shadows of myself walking down. Now they’re short and heavy like me but I had two shadows and I got like a little, oh, I got a chill in my spine.” When she got home, she told her husband and son what had happened — and her son said he always sees two shadows, because of the way their floodlights are set up. But Sally saw something different. “I had a life lesson — my mom is by my side. I might not see her, but she’s always by my side.”

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Rachel McAdams Once Said She Felt Haunted by Regina George From 'Mean Girls'

Even Rachel McAdams has felt personally victimized by Regina George.

It’s no secret that the actress has had many notable movie roles throughout her career, but the one that she’s undoubtedly known the most for is playing Regina George in the 2004 film Mean Girls.

While playing the well-known mean girl, McAdams delivered some of the most amazing one-liners we’re still reciting to this day, making the character one of the most iconic movie villains ever to grace the big screen.

But despite Mean Girls launching her career, starring as the infamous Regina George has somewhat haunted McAdams throughout the years.

McAdams admits that playing Regina George has followed her

Playing Regina George made quite an impact on McAdams.

Though it’s been years since the actress played the ultimate Queen Bee in the 2004 comedy Mean Girls, she previously admitted that she hasn’t been able to break away from this character, despite landing a ton of significant roles in her career.

In 2018, McAdams confessed to the New York Times (via Teen Vogue) that she’s still somewhat defined by her early 2000s character, which she surprisingly looks at as more of a blessing than a curse.

“Does Regina George haunt me every day? She does have that quality,” the actress told the outlet. “I have to thank Regina George for giving me some longevity. I’m forever grateful to Tina Fey and Mark Waters. I remember when I read [the script for Mean Girls], I called my agent right away and said, ‘I will play any part in this, please, please, please.’ I was at the beginning of my career, and it was a lofty thing out there, that I really, really, really wanted to do. I’m always looking for larger-than-life characters, which is probably why I like playing villains. They get away with so much.”

While McAdams is known for the many other films she’s starred in throughout the years — like The Notebook and The Time Traveler’s Wife — her performance as the leader of The Plastics was critically acclaimed and skyrocketed her career as an actress.

Not only that, but her oh-so-quotable one-liners in Mean Girls undoubtedly defined an entire generation, and are still relevant, relatable, and famous today.

The actress is interested in reprising her “Mean Girls” role

Though playing Regina George has followed McAdams these last 16 years, she would still love to reprise this iconic role if the opportunity ever presented itself.

During the “Heroes of Health: COVID-19” live stream on Apr. 18, The Notebook star revealed that she’s definitely interested in playing her iconic character again in a modern-day Mean Girls film.

“It would be fun to play Regina George later in her life and see where life took her!” McAdams said.

The actress has even theorized that she sees her character with “a few babies who are plotting your demise in the womb.”

Although a Mean Girls sequel was released in 2011 on ABC Family, that film did not include any of the original cast members, expect Tim Meadows, who played Principal Duvall.

But just like McAdams, other members of the OG cast have voiced their interest in reprising their roles in another Mean Girls film.

In fact, Lindsay Lohan, who played Cady Heron, said during a recent appearance on Lights Out With David Spade, I wanted to come back with a Mean Girls 2 with the same cast, work with Tina Fey, and the whole crew again. That was really what I wanted, I was excited to do that. But that’s all in their hands, really.”

Though Tina Fey is currently working on a film adaption of the Mean Girls musical, there’s no word on whether the original cast will part of the project.

But even if the cast doesn’t come together for a sequel, we’re certain that it’s only a matter of time before they reunite again!

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