50 Cent claims having ‘constant sex’ kills coronavirus – The Sun

RAPPER 50 Cent has joked that having 'constant sex' can help with the symptoms of coronavirus.

50 Cent, real name Curtis James Jackson III, took to Instagram earlier today to share his thoughts about how people can survive the current pandemic.

Sharing a picture of his television screen which showed a breaking news bulletin reading "Constant sex kills coronavirus," the 44-year-old decided to lighten the mood on social media.

He captioned the post: "oh ok we gonna be alright, @youngma so live got ya b***h over there doing things. LOL. #abcforlife #THEKING #bransoncognac."

He was referring to the two other images he shared of a sex toy from fellow rapper Young M.A.'s range.

Young M.A. was quick to comment on the post and wrote: "Shopyoungma.com Go get that ladies!!"

And many of 50 Cent's 25.4 million followers were keen to share their thoughts too.

One excited fan wrote: "Best news I’ve seen all day!!!" while another added: "You are hilarious."

A third person simply commented: "What a legend this guy is."

The star's light-hearted joke comes as the global death toll reached more than 4,900 with 135,000 confirmed cases of Covid-19.

Up to 10,000 people could have the virus at the moment in the UK – and won't know it, experts predicted.


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