'90 Day Fiancé': Babygirl Lisa Says Usman Umar Wants an Annulment

90 Day Fiancé couple Babygirl Lisa Hamme and Usman Umar seem to have reached a point of no return. The two have always been an odd couple. Hamme is a 52-year-old from York, Pennsylvania. Umar is 30 and an aspiring musician in Nigeria. Their time together in Nigeria was fraught with jealousy from Hamme over Umar’s women fans, as well as Hamme’s domineering personality. Now, Hamme is claiming that Umar used her and TLC, and that he’s seeking an annulment. 

Babygirl Lisa Hamme says Usman Umar used her 

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90 Day Fiancé star Babygirl Lisa Hamme has been a controversial figure on the show. Fans have noticed that she seems to want to tell Umar exactly what he can and cannot do not only in his private life, but also with his musical career. 

To make matters worse, Hamme admitted to calling Umar the n-word during their private time together. She has also been caught utilizing racial slurs and homophobic epithets on social media. 

Now, she’s saying that Usman Umar used both her and TLC. During an Instagram live with her promoter, Rocco Straz, Hamme said, “To everyone listening here, it’s very apparent that I am a victim of a romance scam. My husband has used TLC, his family, his friends, people around the world. And I’m going to apologize to everyone here. I did not know that my husband, Sojaboy, was that desperate to become a singer that he would use me and his family and friends. And TLC, the show.”

She added, “He blocked me on all platforms so I don’t know what’s going on and that’s the sad part because everyone comes and tells me what’s going on. … I cannot believe Sojaboy is gonna try and come off as a saint. This man had nothing when I met him, nothing. … He used me and my daughter, telling us that he loved us, that we were the only people that mattered in his life, that he would love me until the day I die.”

Is Usman Umar seeking an annulment?

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Babygirl Lisa Hamme has since claimed that her 90 Day Fiancé husband is finished with their relationship and seeking an annulment. She told Straz that Umar has been holding the papers over her head.

“Well I’m here to make an announcement. It definitely looks like I got scammed by Sojaboy. … And Usman has had annulment papers in his hands. Tonight’s the last show, but I guess he wanted to remain silent. But he definitely used me. He definitely scammed me,” she claimed.

“He said if I go on my platform and apologize he’d stay with me, and that he’s doing me a favor. And that doesn’t sit well with me,” Hamme went on to add. 

This news might not come as a big surprise to fans of the show, who witnessed Umar struggle to contend with Hamme’s frequent and aggressive demands. 

‘90 Day Fiancé’ fans react

It seems like many 90 Day Fiancé fans weren’t too impressed by what Babygirl Lisa had to say about Usman Umar. 

One Redditor commented, “I don’t understand why this rocco dude is trying to make Usman seem like the ill tempered rage monster when we’ve only seen Lisa act out that way. If he’s pissed off, then it’s understandable. She is a racist piece of sh*t who didn’t shy away from letting that side of her be known through numerous weekly social media meltdowns. She can drive a monk crazy, that one.”

“You both used each other. But which sane guy would really wanna put up with growling like a caged beast everyday? Nothing she does is attractive or makes you wanna live with her. She made sure Usman had no real intentions, by putting him on blast for the smallest shit. He was a big celeb at the start, but now he wants a divorce — he’s just local talent, lmao,” wrote another.

Another commenter joked, “Wait! You mean she actually thought this guy was in it for anything other than the visa?! I’m not sure what she smokes in his hookah, but I want some! Come to think of it, whatever he smoked to make being around her palatable, might be good stuff too!”

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